Review of You Are My Hero Ending: Love, Happiness, Responsibility, Guardianship, Perfection

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In the ending of You Are My Hero, Xing Kelei successfully proposed to Mi Ka, the two who understood and guarded each other finally got married.

Xing Kelei successfully proposed to Mi Ka

Although there are many emotional lines in this drama, it is not weak in conveying positive energy. Many plots in it show the work of special police and doctors, so that the audience can understand the danger and hardship of their work. No matter what kind of accident occurs, there will be special police and doctors to rescue them in time, which also conveys a strong sense of security.

Xing Kelei and Mi Ka

The drama mainly tells the story between the two of them. The encounter between the two is very fateful. The cute medical student was robbed and rescued by the handsome SWAT guy. Many viewers know that there must be a story between the two when they see this, but the two were still separated for two years.

cute medical student was robbed and rescued by the handsome SWAT guy

Mi Ka has always been thinking about the special policeman who saved her two years ago, but she did not know that Xing Kelei was the special policeman of that year. And Xing Kelei recognized Mi Ka as soon as she saw her. Because of Mi Ka's feelings for the SWAT officer, she kept avoiding Xing Kelei's pursuit. It was not until after a rescue activity that Xing Kelei confessed to Mi Ka through the bear pendant. The two people officially got together and started a sweet love life.

The love between Xing Kelei and Mi Ka is the envy of many people, and they both treat their feelings rationally. Mi Ka has always been surrounded by Xing Kelei's favor. The two appreciate and encourage each other, are willing to give and cherish each other.

appreciate and encourage each other

There is a rare and valuable concept of love in Xing Kebei and Mi Ka, and that is persistence. In love, there will be many conflicts, but as long as the heart is firm, no matter how big the difficulties are, they can be solved.

The ending of Xing Kelei and Mi Ka in last episode 40 of You Are My Hero

Mi Ka followed Xing Kelei to the training base and saw the familiar scene, as if the images of Xing Kelei's special training were still vivid in her mind. Xing Kelei took Mi Ka to the building for rappel. They recalled the heartwarming moments of the special training meeting and solved some misunderstandings.

Xing Kelei asked Mi Ka to take a look at the downstairs. Mi Ka was pleasantly surprised to see that the grass downstairs was covered with balloons and flowers, with "米医生嫁给我吧(Dr. Mi marry me)" written on it. She was very moved..

Dr. Mi marry me

Xing Kelei took out the ring and confessed his love to Mi Ka affectionately. Although nothing good ever happened when the two of them met, Xing Kelei felt that it was the luckiest thing for him to meet Mi Ka.

Mi Ka didn't speak, but went forward and kissed Xing Kelei, replacing the answer with action.

Mi Ka kissed Xing Kelei

Shu Wenbo and Ruan Qingxia

The deputy squadron commander of the Tigers Commando is a man who talks less and does more, and is almost dull-witted. His mind is like a computer program, always doing things strictly and according to the rules.  Superficially impersonal, but in fact rich inside, he loves his work and life as a special police officer. In the process of interacting with Ruan Qingxia, he pays great attention to the sense of proportion.

Ruan Qingxia met the "straight man" Shu Wenbo

When Ruan Qingxia met the "straight man" Shu Wenbo, She was mad at him at first. Later, She was attracted by his tall and mighty appearance and straight personality. With the assistance of Mi Ka, the long journey of women chasing men began.

Unfortunately, Shu Wenbo is too slow to deal with feelings. He clearly likes Ruan Qingxia, but to pretend that he doesn't care. Ruan Qingxia has already given up, but a sudden earthquake happened. Shu Wenbo and Ruan Qingxia came to the disaster area as rescuers and media reporters respectively. They had the opportunity to get along with each other further, and their relationship also improved.

Ruan Qingxia thought this was the beginning of their love, but after returning home, Shu Wenbo's attitude towards her changed back to the way it was before. Fortunately, Ruan Qingxia did not give up, and launched a more violent offensive with the assistance of the people around her. In the end, the two finally came together.

the two finally came together

Shu Wenbo and Ruan Qingxia are really a pair of happy lovers, bringing a lot of laughs to everyone.

In the last episode of You Are My Hero, Ruan Qingxia was pregnant, and Shuang Wenbo happily hugged her.

Ruan Qingxia was pregnant

Shao Yuhan and Xing Keyao

Shao Yuhan is a cutting-edge neurosurgery talent, and Xing Keyao is a businesswoman who runs medical equipment. The seemingly unrelated couple has an unexplainable past.

The two were each other's first love and they got together since college. After graduation, they had an appointment to go to the same hospital, but Xing Keyao's father forced her to take over the family business. Xing Keyao couldn't resist her father and chose to go abroad in desperation. Shao Yuhan found it difficult to accept. After the quarrel, the two broke up.

Later, Xing Keyao returned to China because of the family business, and met Shao Yuhan while participating in a medical seminar. Shao Yuhan accidentally got into Xing Keyao's car by mistake.

sat down to chat like old friends

The two sat down to chat like old friends reunited after a long absence, hiding the the past love in their hearts. Separating for many years, both of them still knew each other's preferences very well. Shao Yuhan still kept the car before and the watch given by Xing Keyao.

Unforgettable old feelings, the two still came together, but this time they both became cautious, for fear of saying the wrong words or doing the wrong things to repeat the mistakes of the past.

After getting along slowly for a long time, the two finally got back the feeling they had in the past, and recalled every bit of when they were in college. With Xing Keyao's domineering confession, Shao Yuhan finally got rid of the knot in his heart, reconciled with Xing Keyao as before, becoming the most important person to each other.

becoming the most important person to each other

In the last episode, Xing Keyao and Shao Yuhan also got engaged. When choosing a wedding gift for Yi Qian, Shao Yuhan suddenly proposed to Xing Keyao to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get the marriage certificate tomorrow, and Xing Keyao agreed.


Xing Kebei and Mi Ka are a kind of love that comes from knowing and loving each other after suffering together. They started with a heroic rescue, but their love began with their past experiences, their respect and support for each other's beliefs in life, their understanding and trust. The two love each other tacitly, and after breaking the shackles in their hearts, they love each other truly and passionately. This kind of feeling is really beautiful.

Xing Kebei and Mi Ka love

It's a pity that Xing Kelei and Mi Ka didn't hold a wedding. However, some viewers say that this is the best ending, plain and warm. Xing Kelei and Mi Ka will surely grow old happily in their time and space.

Shu Wenbo and Ruan Qingxia are more romantic in fairy tales, while Shao Yuhan and Xing Keyao are more like soulmates in love, which is very much in line with the current urban crowd's rational and mature attitude towards marriage and love.

Although the love between the three couples is different, they all make people feel the beauty of love.

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