About Us

With the advancement of technology and the further development of the Internet, we are able to choose more movies and TV shows from around the world to watch than ever before. However, this brings a new set of problems. Which ones should we watch? Which ones do I really like or are worth watching? Sometimes, it's frustrating sitting through a 50-episode drama, either in the middle or at the end, only to find out that it's not worth your time.

That's why I decided to start CNVIX.

This is a blog where I write my personal reviews of Chinese dramas and movies to share with readers. I hope that my reviews will help them make a more informed decision as to whether they should continue watching a certain drama under considering. Choosing the wrong show to watch, even if it's free, is still an annoying waste of time.

I hope this blog will grow over time and help more readers.

Interesting questions, interesting ideas. Happy reading, and share your thoughts in the comment section of each post!