Perfect and Casual Review: Sweetness of the Contrasting Personalities

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Perfect and Casual, you know the character of the male protagonist from the title of this Chinese drama. He is a person who pursues perfection in everything. But the heroine is a girl who can do anything with a buddha-like mindset.

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Based on the novel of the same name, the drama tells the love story between Zhang Sinian, a perfect statistics professor, and Yun Shu, a senior female student who is about to graduate.

If these two people want to be together, they will definitely go through a lot of trials and tribulations in the process. Because they are basically people of two worlds.

But why are they able to love each other?

Because companionship is the most affectionate confession, companionship is love.

Perfect-and-Casual-companionship is love

Zhang Sinian

Why does Zhang Sinian like Yun Shu?

Zhang Sinian is a very cold person. With Yun Shu's company, he will be very warm.

It is often said that if a person is too perfect, then he will appear a little impersonal and will not have too many friends around. Most of the time, they would rather be alone in their lives, because they can do everything by themselves, so they don't need the help of others.

zhang-sinian in Perfect and Casual

The hero Zhang Sinian in the TV series is such a person. He is not only handsome, but also highly intelligent. Although his emotional intelligence is not high, he can still solve many things that he encounters in life, and the most important thing is that he is also a university teacher.

One of the plots of his class is very interesting.

He was talking about mathematics, and his one student dissed him:

"Learning these difficult mathematics is useless and may not be used in the future. Now learning mathematics in class is a waste of time. It is better for him to team up with friends to make money by playing games to come true. "

But Zhang Sinian said to him:

 "If you don't learn mathematics, you and your friends will have to rely on abacus to play games in the future."

Simple and direct. That's how he is, to convince people with reason.

But he took good care of Yun Shu. Because one girl embarrassed Yun Shu and did not let her sit in the empty seat in front, Zhang Sinian said to that student a sentence similar to "Your bag is beautiful, but it is on the wrong place. Desk is for study, not for bag show.", directly let Yun Shu sit in the front row.

let Yun Shu sit in the front row

Zhang Sinian is like this, he is simple, gentle, and he feels that he will be very specific when he recognizes a person.

Moreover, Yun Shu's "stupidity" (kindness) makes him feel very warm, so warm that he wants to protect her well. He began to stop thinking about the world in "cold" terms.

Yun Shu

Yun Shu is a very buddha-like girl, is a very easy-going and simple person.

yun shu in Perfect and Casual

Yun Shu and Zhang Sinian are two completely different personalities. She doesn't need to be too good at anything, she'll be fine anyway.

Her Buddha nature gives Zhang Sinian a warm feeling. Because he is no longer so demanding of himself, he has learned to live simply as he pleases.

"Why did I marry him, in addition to love, probably because of...", "My Mr. Zhang tolerates all my willfulness, sensitivity and cowardice. In front of him, I don't have to pretend to be happy, I will always be true. He gave me the peace of mind."

zhang He gave me the peace of mind

Zhang Sinian gave Yun Shu the greatest comfort. He is a strict person, but he will change for Yun Shu, and he doesn't care so much.

The beginning between them started with a "contract". Yun Shu promised to marry Zhang Sinian as his wife for one year, and they slowly got to know each other during the cohabitation time.

The two people realized each other's goodness, and slowly became a better version of themselves for each other.


Interpretation between them:

Good love is not too early or too late, just in time to meet you.

Good love is not too early or too late

They have more awareness because of each other's existence. Because they gave each other a kind of heart world. The heroine can't do what she doesn't want to do, and the hero just does it for her, because it's no big deal for him.

Although the heroine is very buddha-like, she has her own favorite thing - painting. She is also able to do her best.

In the absence of the male protagonist, she has her own work that she can enjoy and things that she can do well. When the two of them are together, they can be sweet and affectionate again.

This is:

One person can live well, two people can live happily.

two people can live happily

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