Review of The Blue Whisper: a Domineering Female Fairy Falls in Love With a Simple Young Merman

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The Chinese drama The Blue Whisper was already very popular before its broadcast. After all, the two leading actors are very famous and good-looking.

What? Acting? Plot? In the fans' view, all these have to take a back seat.

Chinese drama The Blue Whisper

So what exactly is The Blue Whisper about? Is it worth watching?

Ji Yunhe, a Yuling master(who conquer and educate monsters), has been controlled by the valley master with poison since childhood. She dreams of escaping at all costs to find freedom.

To this end, she decides to use the merman Chang Yi who was sent into the valley.

But Changyi's innocence and pure kindness gradually warmed Ji Yunhe's heart, and the two eventually developed from natural enemies to lovers.


However, fate dictates that although the two love each other deeply, they have to hurt each other, and go their separate ways.

Fortunately, despite the hardships, both of them have grown up. With the help of many friends, they finally reunited.

At this time, Ning Qing and Shun De intended to destroy the world for their own selfish desires.

Chang Yi and Ji Yunhe choose to shoulder the responsibility together and return peace to the world. 

They finally get together.

Ji Yunhe and Chang Yi

Ji Yunhe, played by Di Li Re Ba, is the strong side in the plot.

She is an elite in the world of the immortals.

In order to get rid of control to regain freedom, she decided to complete the task of training the merman for Shun De.

And the merman Chang Yi played by Ren Jialun knows nothing about the world on shore.

He was naive and ignorant, and was approached by Ji Yunhe without any defense.

Ji Yunhe showed her concern and care for Chang Yi, with sweet words, gentleness, buying him delicious food, giving him elixir...

chang yi and ji yunhe

Although it is clear that Ji Yunhe is approaching Chang Yi with a purpose, and everything she does is just to complete the task, the drama of such a domineering female president falling in love with him is still very sweet.

Just because everything comes with a purpose, so when two people fall in love, after Chang Yi finds Ji Yunhe's innocence and deception, there will be great reversals and twists and turns...

After all, look at the "villain" Chang Yi said to Ji Yunhe -

"Apart from me, there is no place for you at the end of the earth, at the end of the world."

Although the love scene can be predicted how wonderful, the whole drama does not have any love-struck person.

Ji Yunhe cheated for freedom. In the end, she left Wan Hua Valley, all of which were loyal to her heart.

And Chang Yi is also growing. He can cut off the tail for love, or can fight Wan Hua Valley and Ning Qing for his clan.

Just because they are two of a kind, in the end, they can join hands to fight against the world, grow together, and save the common people together.

chang yi marry yunhe

Great Love

The sublime part of this drama is that all of them chose to sacrifice their ego to achieve great love.

Li Shu and Xue Sanyue

When he learned that Shun De manipulated the Yu Ling Masters and the disciples of the Immortal Mansion to attack Beiyuan, Li Shu, who had been hesitant and reluctant to part with Xue Sanyue, finally made up his mind to fetch the heavenly fire.

Although taking out the fire, he was burned by the fire.

li shu die by fire

He only had time to look at Xue Sanyue, then ashes.

I have to mention that the Xue Sanyue's crying was really infectious.

Luo Jinsang, Ji Chengyu, Kong Ming

When Ji Chengyu was controlled by Shun De and tried to stab Kong Ming with his sword, Kong Ming's eyes were full of disbelief, and he even forgot to resist.

At the critical moment, Luo Jinsang(Luo Luo) transformed into her original form and flew over through people, blocking a fatal blow for him.

Luo Luo said that she wanted to save Yunhe first, but thought Kong Ming was stupid, so she came to save him first.

luo luo die

While Kong Ming was drowning in the sadness of Luo Luo's death, an arrow shot from hiding attacked him. This time in front of him was Ji Chengyu.

Just because of his call, Ji Chengyu regained his consciousness for a moment and blocked the next blow. His soul flew away, leaving only the tiger puppet.

Fortunately, Luo Luo did not die.

Lin Haoqing

In order to protect Tian Jun(the Emperor of Heaven), Ji Yunhe stabbed Lin Haoqing with her sword.

And even if he was manipulated, it was impossible for Lin Haoqing to hurt Ji Yunhe.

lin haoqing die

When he jumped off the cliff, Ji Yunhe finally remembered how good Lin Haoqing treated her when she was as "A Ji".

The Ending of Ji Yunhe and Chang Yi

Ever since Ji Yunhe was frozen in the volcano, Chang Yi traveled to the mortal world.

He remembered the wish Ji Yunhe made on the day they got married - she wanted to be an ordinary couple with Chang Yi in her next life.

After the demonic energy disappeared, Ji Yunhe came out to meet Chang Yi.

Two people sitting on the cliff overlooking the sea, there were endless love words.

The ending of Ji Yunhe and Chang Yi

Ji Yunhe suddenly proposed to compete with Chang Yi in swimming, and the two jumped down and swam in the sea to their heart's content.

Ji Yunhe, as a nine-tailed fox, actually had a fish tail.

Some people say that this is the power of pearl. But the pearl can only let her not afraid of water, can't grow a fish tail. Otherwise Chang Yi doesn't have to wait until Tian Jun treats him with bodhi fruit to restore his tail, right?

Therefore, Ji Yunhe may not have come out, but only Chang Yi imagined it, what do you think?


It's just like printed out of the same mold as other costume idol dramas, there are also many plots to complain:

A variety of sci-fi scenes,
The male and female protagonists pretend to be crazy and stupid in order to show sweet,
Fashionable makeup,
Exaggerated skin filter. . .

At last

The Chinese drama The Blue Whisper has a happy ending.

Chang Yi wakee up under the effect of Bodhi fruit.

Shun De and Zhu Yan were eliminated together.

Luo Luo blocked the arrow for Kong Ming but did not die.

Fei Lian and Lei Ze rebuilt their immortal bones.

Li Shu returned to meet Xue Sanyue again.

Lin Haoqing was not dead, but his legs were disabled.

Ji Yunhe returned again.

Beiyuan prospered under the governance of Qing Yao.

The Han Shuang Poison in the Wan Hua Valley also became a thing of the past.

The great world, finally returned to peace.

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