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Even though it's been more than ten years since my exuberant youth, when I come across a sweet school drama, I still can't help but click in and watch it. Today, I would like to introduce you to the Chinese drama Forever Love.

Forever Love review

This is a small budget web drama produced by "Penguin Factory" (Tencent), adapted from the novel of the same name by Su Guang Tong. This small web drama has almost no outstanding actors, and the most popular one should be Zhang Yanyan, who plays the heroine's mother. After all, the role of the eldest princess in Nirvana in Fire/List of Langya was also very popular.

Chinese Drama Forever Love Review

How about Forever Love?

If I have to give a score, it will be about 6/10. It's so sweet, but there are still many problems with the logic and plot.

Youth and campus love are the two most beautiful things.

Because time is gone forever, because in campus love there is only your love and my wish, without worldliness and the stench of money.

So those days of wandering in the sea of books on campus, those moments of laughing and playing with classmates, those ignorant and cautious feelings, all make people who have gone through youth miss them very much.

For this reason, the campus drama Forever Love immediately captured the hearts of the audience.

Plot: What is the Play About?

It's the story that you know the ending of in the first episode. It opens with the hero and heroine getting married and going back together to the place where the story began six years ago.

Jiang Zhenghan

The male lead, played by Wang Anyu, is a bad boy in the eyes of his teachers and classmates.

How bad is he?

He has done the following:

Be late for class, skip class and sneak into Internet cafes, wear the school uniform of his previous school and stand out from the rest of the class, even break the lock of the teacher's office, pretend to be a high-achieving student from an important university as a tutor, and so on.

Xia Linxi

The heroine Xia Linxi, played by Xiang Hanzhi, is no longer the usual silly, sweet, and class-dragging student in school dramas.

On the contrary, she tops the class in every exam. She is a top student, class president, and an excellent "child from another family", as many parents say, and she is pretty, too.

Isn't the character design of a female curve wrecker + bad boy very interesting? So the male lead is more than a curve wrecker?

Young Hearts Gradually Approach

With the original intention of helping the poor student improve, the curve wrecker Xia Linxi starts to contact and follow Jiang Zhenghan.

She soon finds out that the bad boy is actually a hidden curve wrecker. He seems to be ignorant, but he is very good at computer programming. The money he earns from helping other people level games in the Internet cafe is used to help the employees who were laid off after his father's factory closed down. He is brave and responsible, and has a sense of responsibility that an 18-year-old should not have.

As a result, the two young hearts began to grow closer. They study together, make progress together, and agree to go to the best university together.

But if it develops like this, it will definitely become a puppy love plot of high school students that cannot pass the trial in China. So the screenwriter makes Jiang Zhenghan's family get into trouble and he is forced to drop out of school.

No explanation, no farewell, Jiang Zhenghan's sudden departure makes Xia Linxi feel resentful.

At the high school graduation party, she drinks some wine, vaguely sees the longed-for Jiang Zhenghan again, and vaguely feels that he has kissed her.

Fortunately, Xia Linxi is very resourceful even when she is drunk. She pulls one of Jiang Zhenghan's buttons to show herself that all this is not a dream.

This first kiss marks the end of their high school career.

The Crazy First Love in College

Entering the university in a blink of an eye, when Xia Linxi thinks that she and Jiang Zhenghan would no longer have any intersection, Jiang Zhenghan arrives at the same university and is admitted as a computer master.

He fulfills his agreement with the girl, and with the help of his friends and his relentless pursuit, the two officially begin their crazy first love.

It would be too cliché to say that university is all about love and love.

At the university, Jiang Zhenghan is the big star who attracts people's attention, every day in the hard work of his career.

Xia Linxi is also working hard to become a better version of herself, learning programming for Jiang Zhenghan, exuding the self-confidence that comes from her efforts, and of course, the rancid smell of love.

Excellent people are always easy to be coveted.

The emotional line of this drama is also quite rich. One unrequited love after the other puts Xia Linxi stand at the top of the biological chain.

And when Xia Linxi and Jiang Zhenghan identify each other, there will be no one else in their eyes. When they meet suitors, they will cut through the confusion quickly, without any sloppiness or ambiguity.

This kind of two-way rushing, firm love is really good.

Of course, life is not all good.

Jiang Zhenghan was framed for leaking company data and lost his job, and was even questioned about his character.

Xia Linxi's mother came out to break up the lovebirds and so on...

But all these only make them more determined to love each other.

Not Enough

High school campus > University time > Entrepreneurial workplace.

In fact, there are many good spots about the university that can be filmed, but the drama hastily passed by. In the later stages, the focus is mainly on the workplace business. Perhaps because it is essentially a campus drama, this part is shot very ideally, although everyone knows that starting a business cannot be that easy.

The following plot feels a bit out of place, not as delicate as before.

All in all, Forever Love is a good youthful sweet inspirational drama. There are laughs and tears, and one flaw cannot obscure the splendor of the jade.

Love in the Drama

The characters in the play are also well formed, with distinctive personalities, and each has his or her own growth and shining points.

When the hero and heroine encounter other people's pursuit, the plot is handled more directly. There is no misunderstanding and hypocrisy, and there is no hesitating to speak but stopping to let the other one guess, but to speak clearly and directly. What kind of feelings will be the kind of confession.

And both sides will not interfere too much in each other's lives. They will help each other, support each other, and be the strongest support for each other. Of course, the other side will also live up to this trust.

This is an understanding based on respect, which is rare in gender relations. Respect is very important.

Good love is about mutual appreciation and mutual growth. Both of them must work hard to make the future and themselves happier and better.

This is the concept of love that this drama Forever Love conveys.

She is not on the sidelines to support his majesty, and he is not on the sidelines to increase her height. A love that is equal and evenly matched will make people feel comfortable watching, and will make people yearn for it, even if they can't get it.

More on Characters and Plot

Actors and dramas always complement each other.

Image fit is often more important than the looks and fame in many cases. It is very lucky to play the right character at the right age, and it is also easy on the audience's eyes.

The best thing about them is that they don't have too many traps in acting, and they really listen, see, and feel. So the footage presented is very sincere and moving, very natural.

In addition, the picture quality of this drama should also be praised. There are no annoying filters, and even the pores are clearly visible.

Watching these youthful young people acting out their love and hate on screen, as if I have returned to the age of 18 all of a sudden. Watching them from school uniforms to wedding dresses, as if we have never missed these.

This is probably one of the main reasons why this show is so popular.

Forever Love Ending

The Ending of Jiang Zhenghan and Xia Linxi

In the last episode 28, after Xia Linxi returns from abroad, Jiang Zhenghan drives her back to her hometown to propose marriage. The two successfully register and receive the certificate, and Jiang Zhenghan also gives Xia Linxi the jade bracelet that his parents have left to their daughter-in-law.

On the day of the wedding, Zhang Huaiwu acts as the master of ceremonies and happily tells everyone about the romantic encounter between Jiang Zhenghan and Xia Linxi. But on the way, Chen Yichuan receives a call that there is a bug in the company's software. Jiang Zhenghan and Xia Linxi test the security data directly at the wedding scene.

Jiang Zhenghan is grateful to Xia Linxi for sharing joys and sorrows with him on the wedding day, and also looks forward to walking hand in hand from the age of eighteen when they met to the age of eighty in the future.

The Ending of Gu Xiaoman and Chen Yichuan

Chen Yichuan and Gu Xiaoman get married.

In the episode 28, Gu Xiaoman sits on the sofa with a serious face, Chen Yichuan thinks he has made a mistake, and is worried that Gu Xiaoman will tell him to break up. Gu Xiaoman tells Chen Yichuan that he has indeed made a "mistake". Gu Xiaoman is pregnant, and Chen Yichuan is very happy.

Chen Yichuan hurries to tell Xia Linxi and Jiang Zhenghan about this, showing off to them that he is going to be a father.

Xu Zhili and Chu Qiuyan Ending

In the last episode, Jiang Zhenghan takes Xia Linxi to try on the wedding dress, not realising that the famous wedding dress shop is owned by Xu Zhili.

In order to win back Chu Qiuyan, Xu Zhili voluntarily quits the software industry and switches to the wedding business, and the two also get married.

Chu Qiuyan asks Xu Zhili to arrange Jiang Zhenghan's wedding well, as she sees it as making up for the wrong Xu Zhili has done before.

Shen Wenyue and Zhang Huaiwu Ending

Shen Wenyue and Zhang Huaiwu are together.

Zhang Huaiwu is the master of ceremonies at the wedding of Jiang Zhenghan and Xia Linxi.

Forever Love Quote

Jiang Zhenghan's tantalizing words:

"Jiang Zhenghan temporarily borrowed RMB 20,000 from Xia Linxi, promised to repay it in five years, and paid another 50,000 in interest, a wedding ring, a marriage certificate, and a real estate certificate."

"This is the deed of sale of my body, with the person and money, all for you!"

"I owe too much, and I can't pay it off. I will pay you myself!" And so on.

There are also many lines that are well written. Although they are pep talks, integrated into the scene at the time, they make people very encouraged and moved.

For example:

The road that seems the hardest is the closest.

Where there is shadow, there must be light.

Even if your qualifications are poor, don't give up on yourself.

Many choices on the road of life are more difficult than the university entrance examination.


Life is tiring enough, we are too tired to look back.

If you don't find some happiness in small sweet dramas, perhaps many youth stories belonging to you, to me, to him, will gradually become like the bones buried in the green hills or in the desert, disappearing and being forgotten.

That is not good.

Beauty should be passed on. Ha ha. This Chinese drama Forever Love makes me happy, and I'm willing willing to praise it.

I know it is just a small sweet drama with many flaws, but I still like its innocence and sweetness, just like a cup of hot milk tea in winter.

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