Review of Mysterious Love: Only Faith and Love Cannot Be Let Down

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Chinese drama Mysterious Love review

When Li Teng, a special force, was undercover in a gang (an organization of evil forces), he rescued a female student actor Ruan Nianchu who strayed into the gang while filming her graduation work.

After Li Teng's identity was discovered, the gang created an explosion. The heroine Ruan Nianchu escaped the catastrophe with the help of Li Teng and returned to her life, while Li Teng disappeared in this explosion.

5 years later, Ruan Nianchu has been unable to get out of this experience and misses Li Teng.

Li Teng was not dead, but seriously injured.

After he recovered from his injury, he was able to ensure the safety of the heroine's life. So he had the courage to start a second life reunion with Ruan Nianchu because of the coin chip.

Li Teng and Ruan Nianchu date

A touching love story began.


Mysterious Love Chinese drama takes the path of suspense + sweet.

Mysterious Love suspense-sweet

The hero and heroine "battle" by wits and courage in the crisis on all sides, and the strong-paced plots keeps reversing every episode.

Meet in one episode, get together in two episodes, and admit identity in three episodes.

The content that could have been told for more than ten episodes was condensed into three episodes, in which there are also various sub-lines interspersed with story of five years ago.

Li Teng and Ruan Nianchu date

The whole plot develops very quickly, without procrastination, and the hero and heroine are very likable.

The storyline of Mysterious Love is very simple. Although it is a small-budget drama, the filming effect is very good.

Li Teng and Ruan Nianchu

Judging from the word-of-mouth and audience feedback of Mysterious Love,

The actor Yu-Ning Tsao(Cao Youning), who plays the male protagonist Li Teng, not only has high face and acting value, but also makes fans scream as a groundhog every time he shows off his figure.

Li-Teng high face and acting value

The heroine Ruan Nianchu (played by Yu Yue) has a sweet temperament.

Since the two met, they continued to "sprinkle sugar", making fans sweet like drunk.

How can a cold man make himself interesting? And how to show great passion to his lover? Just look at Li Teng.

Li Teng and Ruan Nianchu sweet

When he approached the heroine just to complete the coin task and said "I don't want to see another He Lihua", his cold indifference confuses us.

When we saw that the wife of a comrade-in-arms became insane because her lover died on a mission, we understood Li Teng again. He didn't want Ruan Nianchu to face this in the future.

Love but can't. Love is a little "goblin", it is very tormenting.

Ruan Nianchu smile

But love is not in control after all.

The data of the criminal group Da En Group was accidentally taken away by Ruan Nianchu, and Li Teng appeared for this information. But when he got the data and needed to leave Ruan Nianchu, he didn't want to leave.

Every time Li Teng approached Ruan Nianchu, it would make people feel excited, and netizens would be inexplicably moved.

Li Teng and Ruan Nianchu sweet smile

Li Teng seems to have no flaws at all, his IQ is always online.

Ruan Nianchu participated in the troupe reunion, but Wa Sha and others had murderous intentions for her.

Ruan Nianchu quarreled with Li Teng, and was hijacked as soon as she returned to her room. Li Teng, who was locked outside, actually didn't know what was going on inside.

In most TV dramas, the hero at this time may turn around and leave after knocking on the door without a response. But Li Teng was different, he kicked the door directly with his foot.

Li Teng not only showed his status and ability as a boss, but also told everyone that his IQ is always online. Such a male protagonist is almost perfect.

In the play, in addition to Li Teng's perfect character, the heroine Ruan Nianchu persona is also very pleasing.

Ruan Nianchu

Mysterious Love has changed the character setting of the heroines in other sweet dramas, who are silly sweet and drop wisdom from time to time. Ruan Nianchu's IQ has never declined, which makes netizens comfortable.

Li Teng suddenly appeared, Ruan Nianchu was very happy at first. But she also knew that there seemed to be something wrong, Li Teng had something to hide from her.

Wa Sha tricked Ruan Nianchu and Li Teng into the hotel at the same time.

When Ruan Nianchu saw Li Teng and Wa Sha together, she didn't cry or make trouble, nor ran out frantically, but directly exposed Vasha's plan.

Because Ruan Nianchu knew that when Li Teng was undercover, Wa Sha, as a criminal of the Da En Group, liked Li Teng. Therefore, Wa Sha's actions at the moment mean nothing.

Between the two, Ruan Nianchu completely believed in Li Teng.

This kind of plot makes people happy to watch.

Netizens says that there is finally a drama in which the male protagonist does not have to madly explain misunderstandings.


Li Teng and Ruan Nianchu met because he was on an undercover mission, and he reappeared in front of Ruan Nianchu again because the coin signal appeared in the drama club, and he had to get the coin back.

coin in Mysterious Love

What exactly is the significance of a coin from Dahn's organization that is worth the risk of reappearing for Li Teng.

What does this organization have to do with his previous mission? Why did he have an accident?

Although Mysterious Love is a love drama, it has not forgotten its suspenseful nature. Beyond the emotional line, a mystery remains.

When Ruan Nianchu performed a drama downstairs, and upstairs sneaked into Wa Sha from Da En organization, and quietly exchanged the coin.

The reappearance of Da En organization makes the relationship between the CPs unpredictable.

In order to protect Ruan Nianchu, will Li Teng disappear again?


The fly in the ointment is that in order to echo the title of the drama, the male protagonist has to face a huge backlight every time he appears.

Li Teng backlight

Once or twice, you can still have the halo of a saint. But it becomes a little funny after more times.


Li Teng rescued Ruan Nianchu from To Li, and the two finally got married.

At the wedding scene, Ruan Nianchu asked Li Teng to promise her third wish before marrying him.

It turned out that Ruan Nianchu's third wish was to make Li Teng agree to her three wishes.

Li Teng agreed very simply. He said that he would only listen to Ruan Nianchu for the rest of his life.

Ruan Nianchu felt so happy that she took the initiative to kiss Li Teng.

Li Teng and Ruan Nianchu marry kiss

At last

After watching, you may have some questions that,

Do you still wait for your lover after 5 years of separation?

Is it reliable to test love with a coin?

Is the ending the end?

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