Review of You Complete Me Ending: The Power of Love

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The ending of You Complete Me is that Lin Wo and Gao Shan finally get together and get married.

Lin Wo and Gao Shan finally get together and get married

The drama ties the workplace and love lines together in a double line, while adding a "light suspense" element to it.

In the past, the plot of sweet dramas that the audience watched were all about the overbearing president falling in love with the positive Cinderella.

But this time is different.

Gao Shan looks wise and handsome, thoughtful and dark, in fact, he has always been haunted by the truth of his father's death.

To revenge, he deliberately approached Lin Wo, but he did not expect to fall in love with her in the end.

A difficult love affair has unfolded.

A difficult love

Gao Shan and Lin Wo

Gao Shan never concealed his purpose from beginning to end, saying "to destroy her life like he destroyed my life", and even said to Lin Wo many times, "No matter what I say, never believe me."

The high energy reversal of the dangerous lover plus the workplace heart attack scheme, make netizens call it "exciting".

never believe me

Different from the silly sweet characters in the previous sweet dramas, Lin Wo is a smart, kind, and brave headhunter.

In the opening episode, after finding her boyfriend cheating on her, she resolutely taught the scumbag, which let the audience feel particularly comfortable.

Gao Shan and Lin Wo are battling each other and are deeply attracted to each other.

Gao Shan and Lin Wo attracted

Originally, Gao Shan, who had a cold personality and acted resolutely, changed his style after meeting Lin Wo.

In order to gain Lin Wo's attention and resolve the conflict between them, he pretended to be sick, just to get Lin Wo's concern, and to shorten the distance between them.

His childish side will only be shown in front of Lin Wo. Whenever he sees Lin Wo, he will not be arrogant, and he just wants to show weakness, pretend to be pitiful.

Gao Shan really cares about Lin Wo, so he can't help retreating in front of his beloved woman, just to get more attention from Lin Wo.

A man can't help but become childish in front of you, it's just that he loves you deeply.

Gao Shan really loves Lin Wo to the core.

He is willing to let go of hatred and possessiveness, just hoping that Lin Wo can be happy.

Due to a misunderstanding between the two, Lin Wo suffered from sleepwalking. Gao Shan did not tell Lin Wo the truth in order to explain his innocence, but chose to leave.

In his opinion, perhaps only after he left, Lin Wo could forget the pain and start over.

In Gao Shan's heart, love doesn't necessarily have to own, just hope she can be happy, even if he is just watching from a distance.

In the ending of last episode,

Lin Wo went to the fountain to look for the coin, and Gao Shan came up and handed her it.

Lin Wo took the coin away and ignored Gao Shan. She was angry that he had left her two years ago.

lin wo angry

Gao Shan said that he has always been there - the biggest fan of Lin Wo, "Mr. Deep Sea Crocodile", is just him.

And he assured that this was the last secret.

Then Lin Wo agreed to Gao Shan's proposal.

gao shan and lin wo end

Su Yuan and Wu Dongna

Wu Dongna agreed to Su Yuan's proposal and got pregnant.

This CP pair Su Yuan and Wu Dongna are also very interesting.

gao shan and lin wo end

Su Yuan is a rich playboy.

He thinks he has endless money to spend, so his attitude towards relationships is extremely unserious at first.

But he is also a kind-hearted and righteous person, so his popularity is still good.

Wu Dongna is an extremely well-connected and able woman.

No matter what happened, she was always calm and unhurried. In her dictionary there is no matter that cannot be settled.

Wu Dongna naturally wouldn't like a playboy like Su Yuan, so the two initially didn't get along well.

But Su Yuan found that he had met true love, and he thought Wu Dongna was the one who deserved his sincerity.

Since then, Su Yuan has really changed his attitude towards life and relationships, turning into a good man who is devoted to his feelings.

Not only did he admit to everyone that he only loved Wu Dongna, but also in order to prove his sincerity, he was willing to refuse all assistance from his parents, just to prove to Wu Dongna that he could be independent and give her happiness only by himself.

This determination and loyalty is what a man who loves you deeply can't help but do, and is giving you a full sense of security.

Su Yuan's heart is not bad, only because he was blindfolded by material factors in the past, so he was unwilling to believe that there was true love in the world. During that time, he was in a state of game life.

It was not until he met his true love, Wu Dongna, that he began to review his past life of not being serious.

In the process of getting along with Su Yuan, Wu Dongna also discovered that this superficial playboy actually had a cute and sincere side.

Su Yuan's sense of justice also gradually touched Wu Dongna's heart.

Eventually, they were attracted to each other's merits. Wu Dongna accepted Su Yuan's love confession.


True love can't be concealed.

Even you cover your mouth not to say, love will also burst out from the eyes.

Gao Shan and Lin Wo kiss love

Life is not short, not long, there must be a sincere companion, then the rest of life will be full of meaning.

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