Intense Love Ending: Three Pairs of CPs’ Happy Ending

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The Chinese drama Intense Love had its finale in the sweetness of the heroine Su Jinbei and the hero Zhou Shiyun.

Intense Love Ending

Intense Love Ending

Zhou Shiyun, played by Ding Yuxi, is a surgeon with superb medical skills. Not only is he handsome, but he also has a good family background. He is the perfect boyfriend in the hearts of many girls. However, Zhou Shiyun has a cold personality and is not good at getting along with others. Although there were many suitors around him, he ignored them all.

Su Jinbei, played by Zhang Yuxi, is a popular young star, with stunning looks and outstanding acting skills. She has always been the focus of everyone's attention. Although there are many people who like Su Jinbei, she has never been attracted to anyone and has always remained single. It was not until she met Zhou Shiyun that her life changed.

Su Jinbei unexpectedly learned that she had already been betrothed as a child and was very angry, and Zhou Shiyun also disliked it.

But that day two mutually exclusive people were about to meet, because it was an engagement banquet held by two families, but neither of them was in a hurry to go to the banquet. One was busy filming and the other was busy with surgery, but because Su Jinbei had a car accident on the road, accidentally arriving at the hospital where Zhou Shiyun was staying.

In the daze, Su Jinbei kissed Zhou Shiyun. Zhou Shiyun was also confused by this inexplicable kiss. After Su Jinbei woke up, she was very shy when she recalled what happened last night. At the same time, she knew that yesterday the doctor was her fiancé. Suddenly, Su Jinbei became very curious about Zhou Shiyun, so she started the mode of women chasing men.

The Ending of Su Jinbei and Zhou Shiyun

In the constant interaction, Zhou Shiyun also fell in love with Su Jinbei, who looked cold, but was actually as passionate as fire. The two people kept spreading sweets while getting along, and in the end they successfully got together.

In the last few episodes, Zhou Shiyun first came to ask Su Jinbei for forgiveness, and then naturally proposed marriage. Snowy day proposal, two people kissed each other sweetly.

When dreaming, Zhou Shiyun also dreamed about what it would be like if two people knew each other when they were in school. However, some viewers complained, saying that the two of them looked really ugly when they were in school. With short hair and bangs, Zhang Yuxi's appearance also became unattractive. Ding Yuxi looked too mature. But luckily it was just that one clip.

Then something happened. Su Jinbei thought she was pregnant, and the two of them made all kinds of preparations and were careful. In the end, the test revealed that she was not pregnant.

The Ending of Xiao Yuansong and Wu Di

After hearing that Zhou Shiyun proposed to Su Jinbei, Xiao Yuansong was also planning to propose. However, the shrewd and capable Wu Di interrupted him, and the two went directly to the Civil Affairs Bureau to register.

But how do you describe Xiao Yuansong's expression?

Although we all know that this expression appears in the plot because he was too surprised to learn the news, so he acted a bit dumbfounded. But Xiao Yuansong's expression made people feel that he was not happy to get married.

Putting this aside, the two of them are still very sweet. Xiao Yuansong also wanted to have a baby before Su Jinbei and Zhou Shiyun, so that he could take the lead.

The Ending of Xu Jiawei and Zhou Suying

Xu Jiawei directly signed himself to Zhou Suying and confessed his love at the place where the two were dating for the first time.

In the last episode, Xu Jiawei invited Zhou Suying to the mall where they had visited together. Zhou Suying was confused, but she saw Xu Jiawei holding a lot of balloons and walking towards her with a smile.

Everyone gathered around, and Xu Jiawei did not shy away. He took off his mask and prepared to sign a fifty-year contract with Suying, and they would never be separated.

Zhou Suying smiled happily, she finally got the love that belonged to her.

However, it's still a bit disappointing not to see the Zhou family's parents' reaction to their relationship. Many netizens are curious about how will the eldest brother of the Zhou family, who has always disliked the entertainment industry, react when he learns about the relationship between his younger sister and Xu Jiawei?

In fact, when the little sister Zhou Suying first appeared, many netizens didn't like her. It was obvious that she was spoiled and was a naughty child. The previous styling was also unflattering. But after entering the relationship line, the little girl is obviously much more cute and well-behaved, and her appearance is much better.

Gao Zitong Ending

From the beginning to the end, Gao Zitong never stops, she once used Thirty-Six Stratagems to destroy the heroine's career and relationship. She experienced a series of plots of being slapped in the face and became the driving force behind countless episodes.

She is the only character in this drama who is considered a villain.

Finally, she said goodbye to Xu Jiawei, whom she once liked, and said that she would go abroad to further her studies and become a better actress.

The Ending of the Dean and His Wife

The ending of Intense Love Chinese drama also has a sentimental part, that is, the Dean and his wife.

The hospital dean was an interesting person from beginning to end. His double standard between Zhou Shiyun and Xiao Yuansong also made many viewers laugh.

He and his wife also have a very deep relationship. But it is a pity that his wife passed away in the end.

It was precisely because of the death of the dean's wife that reminded Zhou Shiyun to seize the person in front of him and got married to Su Jinbei.

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