Review of Heroes Ending: the Light in the Eyes of the Tragic Heroes in Jianghu

Although the ending of Heroes seems to be complete, it is very sad.

Wang Xiaoshi and Wen Rou finally got together, as a pair of wandering Jianghu partners. But the other people, Su Mengzhen, Bai Choufei, Lei Chun, etc. are dead.

Chinese drama Heroes

Chinese drama Heroes, directed by Li Muge, who is good at shooting beautiful scenery and women, is adapted from Wen Ruian's wuxia novel and tells a gripping story:

A group of spirited young adults with a passion for wandering the Jianghu, and eventually because of the different ways to become enemies, love and kill each other.

A different kind of world

The opening of the drama pulls the audience into the "wuxia flavor" scene.

At silent night, a bunch of bonfires, a white-haired storyteller, is playing and singing a "hero".

The male lead, Wang Xiaoshi, leads a horse and says that the people in this song, some are old friends, some are enemies, and now they have all been turned into ashes.

A simple scene, it pulls us watchers into the cruel Jianghu with swords, bloody fights.

Heroes, fame and fortune are just floating clouds, and what remains at the end is just a horse, and a lonely man looking for a place to bury his bones.

The director shot a lot of pictures of the marketplace folklore, but also shot a lot of scenes of the mountains and water.

Let the audience watching this drama has a new understanding of Jianghu -

Under the rule of the imperial dynasty, even though the swordsman in jianghu are intellectual and brave, they must be restrained and can not do whatever they want.

But among these constraints, they have their own insistence and "resistance".

Their resistance and the imperial court seems to have reached a subtle consensus. The court needs to use them to hold each other in check and use them to do things.

It is said that Jianghu is like a dream, but this dream is also a lucid dream.

What is pleasing about this drama is that it does not exaggerate the main characters. How high their force value is, how obvious the contrast with the powerlessness in the face of the official.

In the final analysis, Heroes is a core tragic story.

Chinese wuxia drama Heroes ending

Bai Choufei ending

In the last episode 38 of Heroes, Wang Xiaoshi persuaded Bai Choufei to let go of his obsessions and not to make any more mistakes. Bai Choufei blamed Wang Xiaoshi, saying that back then in Xiliu town they made an appointment to go into the Jianghu together, but when they met Su Mengzhen in the capital city, Wang Xiaoshi became loyal to Su Mengzhen, forgetting their friendship, and now he came to kill him for Su Mengzhen.

If everything can start over, Wang Xiaoshi would rather never set foot in the capital city. But it's too late, everything can not go back. The good brothers who worship together with life and death toward this result: Bai Choufei wants to kill Su Mengzhen, now Wang Xiaoshi wants kill Bai Choufei. It is this Jianghu let their brotherhood become like this.

Wen Rou hurriedly came to see this, her heart was so painful.

Then Lei Chun and Su Mengzhen appeared. Wang Xiaoshi was particularly excited to see that Su Mengzhen was still alive. It turned out that the secret passage in the Jinfeng Xiyu Lou led to the Liufenban Tang, and Lei Chun took in Su Mengzhen.

Wang Xiaoshi thought Bai Choufei had killed Su Mengzhen, so he prepared to kill him to avenge Su Mengzhen. Now, Su Mengzhen is still alive, there is no need to revenge.

Wang Xiaoshi advised Bai Choufei to stop. But how can the proud and inferior Bai Choufei turn back?

Bai Choufei and Wang Xiaoshi pulled out their swords at the same time and went towards each other. But in the end, both of them stopped in time.

However, Bai Choufei raised his dagger and stabbed himself, to pay back his debt to everyone.

Bai Choufei stumbled to the highest point of Jinfeng Xiyu Lou. He looked at the prosperous capital city, and jumped down without any nostalgia. When he was dying, only Lei Mei went up to him. Lei Mei stood in front of Bai Choufei, thinking that once she thought the saddest thing was not to get the love from Bai Choufei, but now the saddest thing was Bai Choufei was unhappy.

Bai Choufei exhausted his last strength to let Lei Mei kill him. In order not to let Bai Choufei pain, Lei Mei held back tears, killed Bai Choufei with a sword.

Su Mengzhen ending

Su Mengzhen recalled that the happiest days of his life were the time when their three brothers were together, but unfortunately, now the past was over and can never be repeated. He entrusted his brothers in the gang to Wang Xiaoshi, told Lei Chun that he could not keep his promise, and asked Lei Chun to forget him to start a new life.

He then read out the code word agreed by him and Yang Wuxie. Everyone did not know what it meant, only Yang Wuxie tears, but still had to follow the previous agreement to kill Su Mengzhen.

Su Mengzhen, who was living on poison, was as withered. Seeing that Bai Chou Fei was died, he no longer wanted to live like a puppet.

Known as the first hero in the world, Su Mengzhen's ending is really regrettable.

Looking at his brother died in front of him, Wang Xiaoshi was heartbroken.

Su Mengzhen's death stunned Lei Chun sadly. After waking up, remembering the past with Su Mengzhen, she put on Su Mengzhen's favorite red clothes, and went to the sea in despair, jumping to the sea and dying.

Wang Xiaoshi ending

Wang Xiaoshi cremated Su Mengzhen and Bai Choufei together, as well as his Retaining Sword.

Wang Xiaoshi had the opportunity to take over the Jinfeng Xiyu Lou, plus the forces of the Elephant Trunk Tower, fully able to become the first major power in the Jianghu, but he was unwilling. He just wanted to be a free man who travels around.

Although Cai Jing was removed from office, but his power influenced the entire court, he can completely control remotely behind the scenes. Wang Xiaoshi knew in his heart that only the dead would calm it all down.

Wang Xiaoshi finally killed Cai Jing, and then continued to wander the Jianghu together with Wen Rou, Yang Wuxie, Zhu Xiaoyao and others.

In the end, Wang Xiaoshi realized what he had said to Wen Rou at the wedding night:

"Our future life is all written on your face. We will definitely find a place like that -

At dawn, we can see the distant mountains,
At dusk, we can see the sunset in the sky.

At night, the wilderness is full of stars,
During the daybreak, there is still a small crescent moon hanging in the sky!"

The heroes in Jianghu

Wang Xiaoshi

The description of Wang Xiaoshi by the wuxia novelist Wen Rui'an is hard to forget with just a few words:

"Young, handsome, ambitious and talented."
"He came from far away and was penniless."

He is naive and fearless, and his dream is to "set the world on fire" -

He wants to use his own power to influence more people to see injustice and thus spread great justice on earth.

The man is young and sincere, with a passionate heart.

He has passion, love and responsibility. The most important thing is that he is not confused, not "I am righteous that I am justified".

However, what happened later was not as he had hoped.

Did Wang Xiaoshi do his best? Yes, he tried his best.

But the ending is still tragic. He was originally to defend morality, but finally became a martyr.

Perhaps the root of the tragedy is that he knew he couldn't do it but still did it.

But it is because of this lonely courage that makes people feel that the tragedy is more tragic - they work hard to fight but are still swallowed by darkness.

However, it is also because of Wang Xiaoshi, he is like a light, making people feel that the Jianghu is not so bad.

Wang Xiaoshi is a hero in many people's hearts. Time has changed, but the original heart remains the same.

He is a typical young chivalrous hero, holding his idealist Jianghu in his heart.

Bai Choufei

The role of Bai Choufei is complex.

When he first appeared, he was dressed in white, lonely and proud, decisive and ambitious.

He never hides his ambition, but he acts openly and honestly, just as "a gentleman makes money in right way".

He is not treated well enough by the world, with anger and resentment rushed into the Jianghu, just to give himself a claim:

Don't discriminate against a poor young man.

His dream is status and power, and is that no one dares to despise and disobey him.

He and Wang Xiaoshi hit it off immediately and became the best friends.

After replacing Su Mengzhen in prison, facing the torture and death, Wang Xiaoshi is the only light in his heart, even more torture and temptation can not make him really give in.

Until, hearing the news of Wang Xiaoshi's death ......

In the end, he went to the darkness and turned against his friends, making people sigh.

However, many people can't hate this character.

An ordinary person suddenly became the deputy host, only in nominal because of indignant subordinates.

The brother's not so trusting, replacing in prison is not stopped, he is always not favored.

It can only blame fate,
Blame the wrong news that Wang Xiaoshi is dead.
Blame Lei Chun's mistaken belief that the lover killed her father.
Blame the people in this Jianghu almost all can not end well.

Su Mengzhen

Everyone knows that Su Mengzhen is a true hero.

A red suit fluttering, "Hongxiu" blade, murderous look, peerless.

He is a charismatic leader.

As the young master of the Jinfeng Xiyu Lou, he is in charge of half of the Jianghu. Under his leadership, the Jinfeng Xiyu Lou has gradually developed into the number one gang in the capital, defeating the rival gang named Liufenban Tang.

He was bold and ambitious.

In the Bitter Water Shop, in the face of many strong enemies, he only brought a few subordinates, but he was able to get his own territory without hurt and then left.

He is a man who knows when to eat humble pie and when to hold his head high.

When Wang Xiaoshi and Bai Choufei were arrested and imprisoned, he was able to bow his head and beg for mercy from the Ministry of Justice for the sake of his friends' freedom.

However, he has been suffering from various terminal diseases since childhood. Although his status is honorable and he holds great power, he does not know when he will die.

With the most famous beautiful sword, he is covered with a poignant murderous look.

He is the guardian of this Jianghu, a red beacon of not quite blinding but gentle and long-lasting light in a human world full of blood and filth.

However, he finally turned against his brothers, his lover became an enemy, with a crippled body to deal with the affairs of the Jianghu.

Maybe let his subordinate stab himself with a blade to end his life is the greatest relief for him!

Di Feijing

This is how Su Mengzhen introduced Di Feijing:

If you have no friends, please find Di Feijing, he will be your friend.
If you don't have a bosom friend, please find Di Feijing, he will become your best friend for life.

It seems that nothing is said, but it seems that you already understand what kind of person Di Feijing is.

He has wisdom and courage, is extremely stable person.

He is not out of line, not indulgent, and it is not even too much to say that he is the most trustworthy and dependable person in the Jianghu of Heroes.

He is also the best family, is a small boat that will never sink in the stormy Jianghu, is a calm but warm light in the field of fame and fortune.

Zhu Xiaoyao

Zhu Xiaoyao is generous and charming.

Fortunately, there is Su Mengzhen to fulfill her loyalty and also her freedom. Zhu Xiaoyao finally has a friend that she does not need to look up to and follow orders.

After being hurt by the betrayal of Bai Choufei, she has no resentment at all. This open-mindedness and strong faith makes people feel that Zhu Xiaoyao is the best wonder woman in Heroes.

Lei Chun

The role of Lei Chun in the drama is not outstanding, but the actress Meng Ziyi performed a few moving points.

When she first appeared, Lei Chun was dressed in white, the beauty standing in the world, the wind blew off the veil, really beautiful.

beautiful Lei Chun

She does not know martial arts, but she has a delicate mind, with a soft appearance to maneuver between several major groups.

Meng Ziyi performed another kind of darkness behind the gentle, both simple and ruthless!

Later a series of heartbreaking encounters put her on the opposite side of the protagonists.

The old men

A quick glimpse, a few words, they constitute a generation of Jianghu, the remnants of the reflection of all the old years of the waves.

Xue Xishen is the end of ordinary heroes subject to the constraints of the people and fall in times.

Su Zhemu is the soul of the previous generation of heroes.

Hua Wuzhong is the loyalty and belonging.

Wo Fuzi and Cha Hua is the love and commitment, fulfillment and dilemma.

Their hurried figures outlined is also a generation of Jianghu.

At last

The whole drama Heroes has a beginning and an end. For each person's whereabouts, there is an explanation.

The pattern of the Jianghu reshuffle. Everyone seems so small in the Jianghu. All is ultimately a dream.

The world of Jianghu is unpredictable, there will always be new forces rising, and there will always be old forces declining.

But there is more than one kind of Jianghu, and it should not be defined. Where there is someone, there is Jianghu, as Wang Xiaoshi said:

"Two people together is also a Jianghu."

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