Tears In Heaven Chinese Dream Ending: Tortuous Process and Happy Ending

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Although the three couples in "Tears In Heaven" were heartbroken and frustrated during the process, fortunately, they all have perfect endings.

Du Xiaosu and Lei Yuzheng


In the finale of "Tears In Heaven", Du Xiaosu and Lei Yuzheng were together. After all the setbacks, the two finally reaped a happy and fulfilling ending. The audience who liked this pair were very happy for them, although Du Xiaosu and Lei Yuzheng in the original book was not together, but the TV series made up for this regret.

In the play, Du Xiaosu’s boyfriend at the beginning is Shao Zhengrong. The two have a very good feelings and are very stable. They have begun to talk about marriage, but after Shao Zhengrong took Du Xiaosu to see his mother, she began to oppose their relationship. Because Shao Zhengrong’s mother was hurt by Du Xiaosu’s father when she was young, so she didn’t want her son to be with Du Xiaosu. Du Xiaosu had no choice but to break up with Shao Zhengrong. As a result, he died in an accident.

After that, Du Xiaosu was immersed in sadness. Lei Yuzheng and Shao Zhengrong were good friends. He knew about Du Xiaosu and Shao Zhengrong before. Therefore, after Shao Zhengrong died, Lei Yuzheng helped Du Xiaosu when she needed help. Several times, the relationship between the two people has been brought closer. In the process of getting along, Lei Yuzheng's previous misunderstanding of Du Xiaosu was removed, and they gradually fell in love with each other.

Lin Xiangyuan

After Lin Xiangyuan really got the power position, he did not become as happy as he imagined, but added endless troubles.

In fact, what Lin Xiangyuan really wanted was everyone's recognition and approval, and affirmed . After he gained power, he would only gain disdain and contempt.

After Lei Yuzheng was released from prison, although he collected Lin Xiangyuan's criminal evidence, he did not take it out to bring him down, but gave him a chance.

Lin Xiangyuan also realized that he could not eat inside and out. Yutian company was the foundation of his own existence. When Yutian company faced the acquisition storm, he did not collude with the villain, and made a decisive decision.

In the end, Lin Xiangyuan washed his heart and soul, completely clean, obtained the forgiveness of the male protagonist Lei Yuzheng, and gained Jiang Fanlu's sincerity. After the formal wedding with Jiang Fanlu, in order to find peace of mind and no longer feel guilty, he finally chose to surrender himself and assume his responsibilities.

Zou Siqi

Zou Siqi began to self-reflection after being teased by Shangguan, and recognized the situation, knowing that an "honest person" like He Qunfei is the most suitable for her.

In the end, Zou Siqi went uncharacteristically and no longer asked He Qunfei to "have a car and a house". She just wanted to be content with him happily.

So in the finale, Zou Siqi took the initiative to propose to He Qunfei and became engaged to He Qunfei.

Three couples "finally married"


In this way, the two couples Lin Xiangyuan and Jiang Fanlu, He Qunfei and Zou Siqi finally married together under the witness of best man Lei Yuzheng and bridesmaid Du Xiaosu. The scene was very moving.

With many assists, the male protagonist, Lei Yuzheng, his brain finally "opened up", and he began to pursue Du Xiaosu in a fancy way. Finally, the two people on the small island had "sweet love", standing on the beach, fancy "hugging kiss", the story This is the end.


There is no explanation at the end of the story. Du Xiaosu eventually stay with Lei Yuzheng to live a happy life together, or chose to go abroad for further study, but it is certain that the two finally came together happily, "lovers finally become a couple", the ending is perfect!


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