Review of Unforgettable Love Ending: A Sweet Family of Three

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In "Unforgettable Love", there are three couples that end up together. After all, it is a sweet drama, Mr. He and Dr. Qin are destined to have a big reunion.

Unforgettable Love Ending:A Sweet Family of Three

He Qiaoyan and Qin Yiyue

He Qiaoyan and Qin Yiyue work together to find out the truth of the car accident and He Qiaoyan recovers the lost memory. When all the truth comes out, He Qiaoyan finally breaks through the psychological barrier and kisses Qin Yiyue affectionately.

With He Qiaoyan's support, Qin Yiyue decides to study in Germany.

At the end of the story, Qin Yiyue's long-awaited wedding is successfully staged. Xiao Bao becomes the most eye-catching "emcee" , while Yang Ruowei and Wen Gu are the bridesmaid and groomsmen.


Wen Gu and Yang Ruowei

Yang Ruowei and Wen Gu also enter into a sweet and passionate love.

And their relationship is supported by Wen Gu's father.

In itself, Yang Ruowei is very good, not because of money to be with Wen Gu. And Wen Gu is not really really a love wanderer. Under the inspiration of Yang Ruowei, it is very commendable to be able to reform.

Ning Fang and Lin Wei

Ning Fang, who has been secretly in love with Qin Yiyue, has also waited for his lover. She is Lin Wei, the golden girl of the Lin Group.

They starts out as a relationship between a doctor and a patient. Later, Ning Fang really thinks of Lin Wei and asks her to give up her fear and anxiety and bravely pursue her favorite design major.

At Qin Yiyue's wedding, Ning Fang catches the bridal bouquet. Wen Gu feels that he is alone, so he asked Ning Fang to give it to him and Yang Ruowei.

At this time, Ning Fang takes the bridal bouquet and walks towards Lin Wei, who comes in a hurry.

Ning Fang and Lin Wei

Sweet drama is like this, chasing love, full of yearning and expectation for a better life.

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