Sweet First Love Ending

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The ending of Sweet First Love Chinese drama is that Su Muyun successfully proposes to Su Nianfeng at the robotics competition award ceremony, and later successfully gets the marriage certificate and prepares for the honeymoon.

Sweet First Love Ending

The ending of Su Muyun and Su Nianfeng

When Zhuo Yifeng(Su Nianfeng) was seven years old, she witnessed the death of her parents in a car accident, and was so devastated that she got selective amnesia and forgot about the experience.

She was orphaned by her parents on their deathbed to her best friend Su Zijian's family and grew up with Su Muyun, who was two years younger.

In the final episode, Su Nianfeng learns that her parents' death is related to the Ouyang Group and quits the Thomas drug experiment and hands in her resignation to Ouyang Yu.

Su Nianfeng returns to the Su family and apologizes to Su Zijian and his wife. Su's mother says that as long as Su Nianfeng is happy, they are content. She also ridicules her son for being a good son-in-law.

A month later, Liu Zihui gives Su Nianfeng a delicate makeup to attend a technology award ceremony. Su Nianfeng feels that there is no need to be so grand. In fact, she does not yet know how important this day is.

At the award ceremony of the International Intelligent Robot Competition, Su Muyun, the winner of the Best Design Award, takes the stage to speak. He says on stage that Su Xiaoai robot was inspired by his lover, Su Nianfeng.

Su Nianfeng is moved by Su Muyun's speech of love.

Su Muyun holds hands and invites Su Nianfeng to the stage.

He says that he and Su Nianfeng have agreed to be together since they are seven years old, and it has been five thousand seven hundred and eighty-one days.

Su Muyun takes out his diamond ring and gets down on one knee to propose to Su Nianfeng.

The background of the two is a photo of the two together in bits and pieces. Su Nianfeng is moved to tears.

Su Nianfeng nods yes in the witness of many close friends and the audience. The two kisses sweetly together.

At the end of the episode, the two pack their bags and prepare for their honeymoon trip.

When Su Nianfeng sees that Su Muyun puts the marriage certificate in the suitcase, she laughed at him for being childish. Su Muyun says he just wants to let the world know that Su Nianfeng is his legal wife.

For them, life is like a journey, they will be happy together and run together to a better future.

The ending of Le Tiyin

With the help of Su Nianfeng, Le Tiyin finds the medicine that fits his condition very well and finally cures his illness.

In the last episode when Su Muyun proposed, Le Tiyin also went with flowers and blessings.

Su Nianfeng was surprised to see him. Because she did not know that Le Tiyin was cured.

It turns out that Su Muyun deliberately asked Le Tiyin to hide it from Su Nianfeng, wanting to give her a surprise on this day.

The ending of Liu Zihui and Lindi

Liu Zihui and Lin Di are together.

In the last episode, Liu Zihui watched a video of her best friend Su Nianfeng being proposed to and felt happy for her friend.

However, she received a call from her father asking her to meet a blind date at a hotel.

Liu Zihui spilled wine all over her date and left. Her father angrily chased her out and told her to go back and apologize.

Lin Di came over in his sports car and said he was Liu Zihui's boyfriend and helped her out. He then took Liu Zihui away in front of her father.

Liu Zihui thought that Lin Di was acting. However, Lin Di said that the sports car was his own family's and he had a driver's license.

Then Lin Di said that he really liked Liu Zihui and wanted to give her a warm home by his own efforts. Liu Zihui was touched by Lin Di.

After the two reconciled, they couldn't help but kiss on the road.

The ending of Ouyang Yu and Ouyang Qingxue

In the last episode, Ouyang Yu officially apologized for everything when Su Nianfeng left the company and secretly compensated all the shares of the company to Su Nianfeng.

When Ouyang Yu returned home, he saw Ouyang Qingxue with gauze on her face sitting in front of the dressing mirror.

Ouyang Qingxue's right side of her face was disfigured and she came to her senses, regretting that she had done so many wrong things and apologized to her brother.

Ouyang Yu told her that people would do wrong things in the life, but they had to be responsible for their mistakes, and that some things should be put down. He said he would always be there for Ouyang Qingxue.

The two went back to America together.

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