Review of Immortal Samsara Bad Ending: The Passing of Deep Love

In the finale of Immortal Samsara, Ying Yuan sacrificed himself in order to maintain the life of the Three Realms. Yan Dan also died for love.

Ying Yuan and Yan Dan's three different lives of love ended in tragedy.

Immortal Samsara Ending cover

Immortal Samsara is adapted from the novel of the same name by Su Mo, telling the twists and turns of thousand-year love between Ying Yuan and Yan Dan.

The two people who love each other are deeply affectionate, but they cannot stay with each other.

Twists and turns, sadness, sacrifice, great love.

The ending of Ying Yuan and Yan Dan

In the last episode 59 of Immortal Samsara,

Xuan Ye was deeply moved by Ying Yuan's words and changed his perception. Ying Yuan helped him extend his life, and he finally understood the meaning of longevity.

Only when there is an end, there is love and cherish.

Xuan Ye and Ran Qing left hand in hand, and Ying Yuan said goodbye to his parents with tears in his eyes. He vowed to be family with them in the next life.

Xuan Ye and Ran Qing left hand in hand

Huan Qin used divine power to eliminate the boundary between the heavenly and demonic realms, and restart the immortal-demon war. Ying Yuan continued to stay in the Moxiang and fight with him. Yan Dan and Yu Mo hurried to help fight against Huan Qin.

Ying Yuan fight huan qing

Ying Yuan had long been prepared to die together with Huan Qin. He asked Yu Mo to take Yan Dan away, but Yan Dan was resolutely unwilling. Ying Yuan forcibly drove them away.

Yan Dan and yu mo help

Yan Dan didn't want to lose Ying Yuan, so she entered the Moxiang again despite the danger, but was severely injured by Huan Qin.

Ying Yuan came to the rescue in time and killed Huan Qin.

Yan Dan vowed never to be separated from Ying Yuan again.

Yan Dan vowed never to be separated from Ying Yuan again

The bloodline of Shura in Ying Yuan’ body suddenly broke out. He was in agony and strangled Yan Tan who came to help.

ying yuan strangled Yan Tan

Ying Yuan seemed to hear Yan Dan's call, thinking of the past that he and Yan Dan clung to each other in the heavenly and mortal realms. He forced himself to calm down.

Yan Dan hugged Ying Yuan tightly and promised to guard him in the future.

Yan Dan promised to guard

"In the future, I will be your guardian, as long as you remember me, as long as you will always be with me."

Ying Yuan: "From beginning to end, my love for you has never changed."

Because of the bloodline of Shura, Ying Yuan wanted to sacrifice himself and use his Yuan Shen(primordial shen/spirit ) to turn into a boundary to guard the peace of the three realms.

The immortals tried hard to persuade him, but Ying Yuan told them to wait for the Emperor to wake up and re -control the overall situation, and asked them to tell the emperor to abolish the rule of “no love” in the heavenly realm.

Yan Dan bitterly begged Ying Yuan to give up the idea of sacrifice.

But Ying Yuan had already made up his mind. Because,

"Yan Dan, I must guard this world. Because the Three Realms are there, you are there."

guard world
ying yuan die in Immortal Samsara

Yan Tan was inconsolable.

"Ying Yuan, I'm here to accompany you."

Yan Dan, unable to live, also destroyed her own Yuan Shen, dying for love.

yan dan die in Immortal Samsara

From that day, the Three Realms recovered peace and harmony.

Ying Yuan and Yan Dan's love

Many people think that this finale is very advanced. Ying Yuan perished not only for the sake of the Three Realms, but also for the people he loves.

Yan Tan once again plucked out the heart for love, but unfortunately this time Ying Yuan will not know.

She really made her promise, "You guard the world, I guard you."

Ying Yuan and Yan Dan's love is too engraved in the heart, unforgettable. In heaven and mortal world, they can never escape the word “love”, and they have sacrificed too much for each other.

ying yuan and yan dan complete love in Immortal Samsara

So as audiences, we really want to give them a complete happy ending, but there are always many uncomfortable life.

Corresponding to Ying Yuan and Yan Dan, their ultimate choice is the embodiment of love. The final regretful ending does not erase their love.

ying yuan in Immortal Samsara

Heart aches for Ying Yuan,

When he refused to admit his love in order to protect Yan Dan,
When he wiped his lover's memories in his own hands,
When he let go of responsibility as Tang Zhou for love,

When he said "I regret it" in Diya,
When he met Xuan Ye and Ran Qing and learned that he was "born of love",
When he died for the world and the love of his life.

yan dan in Immortal Samsara

Heart aches for Yan Dan,

When she plucked heart for love of first time,
When she couldn't forget her love for nine hundred years,
When she fell in love with Tang Zhou again when she became Bai Piaoliang,

When she finally learned to love and understood Ying Yuan,
When she plucked heart to save her lover again,
When she was willing to give up her love for the Three Realms,
When she finally died for Ying Yuan.

At last

The ending of Chinese drama Immortal Samsara is sad, the love is complete, and that is enough.

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