Review of The Killer Is Also Romantic: Funny Wuxia Short Drama Like Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Happy Ending

Recently, there is a "three-no" Chinese Wuxia drama - no well -known actors, no many funds, and no publicity, which brings a trace of surprise to many netizens. They call it: the Chinese costume version of "Mr. & Mrs. Smith".

The Killer Is Also Romantic chinese drama

That's right, it is The Killer Is Also Romantic(Chinese name: Nian Nian Wu Ming).

So what magic does it have?

The Killer Is Also Romantic is a small cost web drama, with a total of 18 episodes, about 10 minutes each. The whole drama is only the time of a movie.

The Killer Is Also Romantic:a Wuxia drama

At the beginning, I thought it was a Wuxia drama,

After watching it for 5 minutes, it turned out to be a sweet drama,

Watch another 5 minutes, this is a funny drama?

The Killer Is Also Romantic: a sweet drama

A short drama with several faces? Let's look further down!

Yan Wuming

The male lead, Yan Wuming, is a gentle and kind-hearted doctor in Hualing City.

Yan Wuming doctor

He not only treats the poor without charging medical fees, but also can take the initiative to help the old lady on the road who spilled flowers all over the place.

It's just ... Is this a doctor?

dark guard commander of the court

Yes, the doctor is just his cover. His real identity is the dark guard commander of the court. In the event of incident, the killing is decisive, no one is left alive.

Si Xiaonian

The female lead, Si Xiaonian, is a wealthy and good-looking, gentle and decent owner of Sinian workshop.

gentle Si Xiaonian

However, such a dress, such skills and means ...

Si xiaonian dangerous work in the Jianghu

That's right, her hidden identity is a dart woman who does the dangerous work in the Jianghu.

In short, both male and female leads are A(powerful characters) but to pretend to be O(weak characters).

Plot Pace

From the introduction of the characters background to the two people fell in love at first sight,

Then decided to secretly hide their identities to stay together for a lifetime,

To the wedding ceremony, bridal chamber.

This smooth rhythm only took a total of 30 minutes.

The two have misunderstandings, a disagreement on the fight, to see the house are going to be demolished,

as a result, the battlefield is changed to the bed.

The next day, it was dawn, the bed collapsed.

From misunderstanding to reconciliation, it only took 20 minutes.

After receiving the same task, Yan Wuming and Si Xiaonian recognized each other's hidden identity.

Not surprisingly, this last task is really to the rhythm of the accident.

In one night, a loving couple met on the battleground and fought for their lives.

a loving couple met on the battleground

You assassinate, I protect, you cut me, I stab you, both injured.

From suspicion and temptation, to a showdown, a fight, and finally a reconciliation, there is no shortage of plots, and it all happens in the same episode!

This progress, is not a rocket ride?

However, The Killer Is Also Romantic, as a member of the short drama, the fast pace is indeed its most conspicuous advantage.

But the reason why it was able to get a high score of 7.0 in the same genre with a failing average,

is much more than just a fast pace!

Character setting

The Killer Is Also Romantic is actually similar to the Mr. & Mrs. Smith in terms of setting.

But compared to Mr. & Mrs. Smith, which explores the theme of marriage itch with gunfire, The Killer Is Also Romantic uses some small ingenuity to make the story funny.

At the beginning, the two had a guilty conscience. The screenwriter used the information difference about their identities to create laughs, and the unexpected counter plot later was also particularly funny.

The two people received the same task on their wedding day. After the task was completed, they were ready to put on the wedding clothes, but as soon as they look up, "Hi, you are also in ah?"

This is not concealable, to create a misunderstanding, right?

As a result, the two actually made the three bows(Chinese ancient wedding ceremony) in place!

When got home, they suddenly remembered that the equipment on body was not unloaded.

Then how to do? When in the bed, jingle bell bang throwing weapons is very harmonious.

Emotional depiction

Even in this high -density rhythm, the emotional line is still not add “cheap industrial sugar”, smooth and sincere, super good sweet.

In addition to this pair of A couple automatically turned on the speed, in the length of this drama, the screenwriter even had time to draw another pair of pure love secondary couple.

Cute little follower + innocent cute girl.

Cute little follower + innocent cute girl

And this pair of CP is not a tool person, it has an exclusive complete story line.

From the episode content level, The Killer Is Also Romantic is so rich that it is not like a short drama.

Other points to watch

It is worth mentioning that the handling of the martial arts scenes between Xiaonian and Wuming is also quite real.

Fist to flesh and weapons collision, there is no sense of perfunctory meaning.

The costume is also very exquisite, film-like picture, full of atmosphere.

The Killer Is Also Romantic ending

In the end of last episode 18 of The Killer Is Also Romantic, Yan Wuming and Si Xiaonian live in seclusion in the mountains, along with Si Bao'er and Wen Fang. They live an ordinary life together.

Yan Wuming and Si Xiaonian live in seclusion in the mountains

At last

In the final analysis, as long as you put your heart into it, even if it's just a small production, the audience will be able to feel the sincerity.

The director did not disregard the logic because it was a short drama.

On the contrary, whether from the plot, or costumes, and even fight scenes, you can see the intention.

Really do, funny and sweet.

This is why the small but beautiful, short but exquisite drama is increasingly liked by the audience, right?

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