Review of Love Like The Galaxy: Love, Family, Country, Righteousness

The Chinese drama Love Like The Galaxy is also one of the recent hit dramas.

Love Like The Galaxy review

The play is divided into two parts, which respectively talk about two different themes.

The first half focuses on the internal conflicts of the family, while the second part is about national enmity and family hatred.

The whole drama runs through the line of family affection, love, righteousness and patriotism.

1. Home, Parents, Expectations, Change

"Parents can't be your support for a lifetime. Only your own determination, you can not be afraid of ‘mountain falling and sea going dry’. No matter when and where you are, like the big trees to stand on their own."

Cheng Shaoshang

The heroine Cheng Shaoshang is a girl who was "abandoned" by her parents since childhood and abused by her clan members. It is very difficult to grow into adulthood, with the risk of losing life many times, so she has a cold and vengeful nature.

When his parents returned after many years, Cheng Shaoshang was finally taken back to Cheng Mansion.

Her parents want to make up for lost time, but don't know how to mend the rift.

Cheng Shaoshang finally waited for her parents to return and thought she would be blessed by them from now on, but she was pushed into the abyss by her mother again and again.

The family line of this drama is heart-wrenching, often making people feel an indescribable anger.

Maybe many people also have similarly hated relatives.

Cheng Shaoshang has been a left-behind child for fifteen years. Originally, she thought that her mother would come back to help her, no longer aggrieved. But the mother was indifferent, critical, and disliked her again and again.

When Cheng Shaoshang's maid and her cousin's maid had a dispute over a book case, her mother, Xiao Yuanyi favored the maid of Yangyang, fearing that she would lose face. At the Lantern Festival, Xiao Yuanyi took Yangyang to buy a headgear but ignored her daughter's envious gaze. In front of people, Xiao Yuanyi always belittled Cheng Shaoshang and praised Yangyang.

Cheng Shaoshang said: "Instead of trying to please those who have a prejudice against you, it is better to simply expect less from others, be better to yourself, and live a more comfortable life."

Cheng Shaoshang life

Xiao Yuanyi is a second married woman.

Earlier, the Xiao was a big family. Later, because of the downfall, Xiao Yuanyi married Cheng Shi, who was a farmer at the time. She is brave, resourceful, perspicacious, and righteous. With her help, Cheng Shi also made many military exploits.

Xiao Yuanyi

But even so, Xiao Yuanyi was not welcome in the Cheng family.

Over the years, Xiao Yuanyi has been out on the battlefield, training her female soldiers and army, with the bright and clear of a female general.

Xiao Yuanyi understands the hard work of a woman fighting the battlefield and running the army, so she has repeatedly hoped that her daughter can be knowledgeable, well-behaved and sensible, and live in peace. So she projected this hope of hers on Cheng Shaoshang.

But when Xiao Yuanyi returned fifteen years later, she found that Cheng Shaoshang had become different from what she imagined. She had a kind of anger that hated iron not becoming steel, and even once wanted to forcibly change Cheng Shaoshang back by the way of training soldiers.

But family affection is different from military training, often the more force the more counterproductive.

The third aunt once commented on Xiao Yuanyi: "You are a person who pays attention to fairness, and often wrongs your children for this fairness."

Five years of time, Cheng Shaoshang experienced all the love and hatred, which finally matured her. She finally grew into the smart and decent appearance that the society and her parents wanted, but she was no longer happy.

The price of growth is that we become stronger and fearless, but our hearts are as dead as ashes?

price of growth

In the play, the aunt said something to Yangyang, which also made people cry:

"Don't put your head down in shame when you hear someone criticize your mother.

What we get from our parents is not just body, but character.

If your parents are well behaved, you learn and follow them. If they are lacking, you take it as a warning. "

2. Men and Women, Love, World

"If the man is like the scorching sun, then the woman is like a sky full of stars. There is no one who is higher or who is lower. It is the complementation of the two that makes this magnificent world."

There are three people who like Cheng Shaoshang in the play, Lou Yao, Yuan Shen and Ling Buyi.

The first love, Lou Yao, is of course a "warm man", but he is easy to compromise with the environment and pressure. In the end, he missed the heroine.

Lou Yao

Yuan Shen has always had a crush on the heroine, but he is a master of sharp tongue. He has a little spat with Cheng Shaoshang every day, obviously caring, but what he spit out is a "needle" heart. In the end, one step is wrong, but the good fate is missed.

Yuan Shen

The male protagonist Ling Buyi has a forbearance and mature personality.

He has a blood feud, and is not close to women in the battlefield all the year round. He is strict to the army, cruel to the enemy.

However, after meeting Cheng Shaoshang a few times, he knew that his heart was hers in this life.

He gave her all his tenderness. Either the hero saves the beauty at the critical moment, or he is on the way to protect her...

Ling Buyi and Cheng Shaoshang-laugh

Even if the status are very different, even if Cheng Shaoshang's mother told the emperor about her daughter's many shortcomings, saying that her daughter was not worthy of General Ling, as a way to refuse the marriage.

When Cheng Shaoshang asked Ling Buyi: Do you still want to marry me like this?

In front of all the royal family members, he said firmly and loudly: "In my eyes, she is innocent and courageous, and she is the one who can walk side by side with me best. In this life, I will not marry anyone but her."

In their relationship since then, they showed their single-mindedness in love. They were able to see good in each other, and were willing to change for each other.

Their feelings are progressive. They also show an equal view of love in the step-by-step growth, and there is no longer a distinction between them.

Ling Buyi and Cheng Shaoshang love

The indifferent Ling Buyi has learned to love, to take the initiative to fight for what he wants, and to re-invigorate the warmth and sunshine buried deep under his revenge.

The maverick Cheng Shaoshang has learned to think in a different position, be considerate of others, understand the preciousness of family and lover, and understand that marriage is not a tool to escape the bondage of family.

In the play, Cheng Shaoshang finally chose to reunite with Ling Buyi, which was the first time in her life that she truly faced the love in her heart. At that moment, they truly completed this love practice.

3. Country, Righteousness

In addition to family affection and love, there is also national righteousness in the play.

"If the king treats me with a national warrior, I will repay him with a national warrior."

The hero and heroine have a strong belief in family and country.

The play says: "Since ancient times, under this starry sky, those famous generals and strategists who have crossed the world, their names are also shining in the bright galaxy."

family and country

At last

In short, Love Like The Galaxy is worth watching.

The Galaxy is brilliant because of everyone, and Moonrise is perfect because of everyone!

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