Review of Love Between Fairy and Devil: Familiar Routine, but More Sincere

I really didn't expect Love Between Fairy and Devil to be so popular. It has occupied the hot searches on various platforms for a long time: Weibo, Douyin, Xiaohongshu...

cang lan jue review Love Between Fairy and Devil

(Chinese name: Cang Lan Jue, "Cang" and "Lan" from the two protagonists names "Dongfang Qingcang" and "Xiao Lanhua".)

The live broadcast of the two protagonists has soared the number of viewers, and the bullet comments is full of traces of the audience's excitement. There are even many people to being a drama queen, learning from Lord Moon Supreme's domineering and chunibyo performance.

The Douban score has also achieved a good score of 7.9 points from 6.9 points just launched, more than 520 thousands people rated.

cang lan jue rate

In fact, when saw the male and female starring lineup of Love Between Fairy and Devil firstly, many people rejected it in their hearts.

One is the face paralyzed "ugly man" in costume drama who was ridiculed for a year last year, and the other has been evaluated as a "little silly or daring girl" in drama since her debut. Both of them have been ridiculed for their acting skills.

And the first few episodes of Love Between Fairy and Devil also gathered a variety of routines:

The blood feud between the previous generations/races,
The overlord/devil VS silly sweet/little flower,
Body swapping,
Heroic rescue of beauty,
Crazy chasing the heroine,
Two men chase one woman, the second male lead is the most affectionate,

Love Between Fairy and-Devil-hot

From these points of view, it seems that this drama should never become a explosion with a good reputation.

So what exactly makes it out of the circle? And what exactly makes it hot?

Love Between Fairy and Devil Trailer

1. An oriental fantasy drama with a high conception

This drama talks about oriental fantasy, traditional culture.

Talks about causality and fate, karma and compassion.

Talks about great love, paranoia and relief.

Talks about the divinity of ordinary people, peace and anti-war.

Talks about love that surpasses life, loyalty to death.

Talks about the loyalty that crosses two ethnic groups, the courage to dare to oppose the Tao of Heaven.

"It is my destiny to save the people, not yours!"

"But saving you is my mission."

cang-lan-jue love is an armor

Love Between Fairy and Devil is really a high-minded oriental fantasy drama.

When the whole world is talking about love as a weakness and love as a sacrifice, Love Between Fairy and Devil tells us that love is an armor, not a burden.

Love is equal respect, never shirk in the face of responsibility. It is not necessary to give up each other for the sake of the world, it is not necessary to do harm to each other in the name of doing good to each other.

Love can also be perfect in the face of responsibility. Be honest and responsible, neither let down the people nor you. They bear all costs for love.

Because of being in love, the strong become gentle and the weak become tough.

2. Appropriate casting

The male protagonist, Dongfang Qingcang, is a big devil who has no feelings for cultivating ancient occult techniques.

cang lan jue-Dongfang Qingcang

Because he was plucked out of love silk, unfeeling, so he mastered the use of the peerless spell Karma Fire and became the strongest in the Three Realms.

The actor Wang Hedi is a flight attendant major. He is tall and straight, with long legs. Standing there can give people a sense of pressure.

He also gave full play to the temperament of his beautiful villain, which is very in line with the male protagonist's devil persona. The slanted upward eyebrows and the corners of his mouth tilted unconsciously, just show his arrogant.

The heroine, a little orchid spirit with some defects.

cang lan jue-a little orchid spirit

Low in supernatural power, innocent and simple, she is a diligent laborer in Shuiyuntian (the immortal fairy realm), responsible for the management of Destiny Book.

Sweet, cute, innocent, simple...

These Yu Shuxin's own temperaments are best placed on a little orchid spirit with "damaged root, not very smart".

3. Solid script, excellent skills

The director used a lot of skills, cleverly avoided the lack of actors' acting and unpleasant persona, and made the plot lively and interesting.

In the play, Xiao Lanhua(Little Orchid) finally met the person she liked. She carried flowers and wanted to win the favor of the man in the most beautiful and fairy state.

The heroine showed the throbbing of a young girl, making an appearance with a gentle, charming and amazing demeanor.

Immediately afterwards, she was hung firmly on the vine, which made people burst to laugh.

xiao lanhua-hung firmly on the vine

This kind of plot arrangement breaks the "exaggeration" of the actions and expressions, and makes the character more likeable.

The director tried his best to exaggerate the character creation.

Dongfang Qingcang infinitely elevated the coldness and domineering of the immortal in ordinary Xianxia drama to a level of disgust that would definitely be beaten to death in reality.

Crazy way to appear.

dongfang qingcang-come out

Hearing the domineering words, every girl was moved to “call the police”.

all are mine

While his demeanor is noble and elegant, he also has the aura of looking down on the world.

dongfang qingcang -king

Every gesture conveys the aura of "I'm expensive, you don’t deserve".

I'm expensive

However, the contrast in the plot makes the man change from a king to a bking(show-off) in performance.

Look at the introduction scene.

On one second, the eyes were sharp, the tone was elongated, the posture was ready.

The next second, it was a sneeze by the insensitive female lead forced to interrupt. 


Dongfang Qingcang, a name that combines domineering and charismatic, is unfortunately also heard as Dongfang Qiang (Qiang, means strong, which was very common for name in China, and it will look very rustic and low when used on awesome people).

Dongfang Qingcang and Xiao Lanhua are emotionally connected because of the concentric mantra.

Therefore, when discussing matters in the solemn hall, Dongfang Qingcang who was still domineering before suddenly couldn't bear to laugh.

dongfang qingcang couldn't bear to laugh

The dignified Yuezun(Moon Supreme) was so embarrassed.

In this setting, the more exaggerated and extreme their actions, the more people can't help laughing.

It is this kind of unpleasant persona in a reasonable plot, the logic can complete the self-satisfaction, and it also adds a lot of comedy effects.

Dongfang Qingcang was cast a concentric spell by Xiao Lanhua.

Even though his purpose was to let Xiao Lanhua help him repair the destiny book of the Chidi woman in order to find a way to unseal the 100,000 soldiers, he was forced to be gentle and considerate in his behavior, and accompanied Xiao Lanhua to protect her comprehensively. .

Therefore, he always expressed his requirements in a commanding tone with a sinister and maddening expression.

Look at his arrogant words:

"Benzuo(the title used by a powerful or noble person to address himself.) does not allow anyone to hurt you.

From now on, you are mine.

Without the permission, do not leave the sight of Benzuo. "

 you are mine

The true meaning of every sentence of Dongfang Qingcang is selfish.

But to a girl, every word sounds like love words: "Eh? Did this guy fall in love with me?"

Another example.

A second ago, Dongfang Qingcang was still acting cold. How can the safety of life be tied to a little flower fairy?

The next second, Xiao Lanhua burst into tears, and Dongfang Qingcang also followed the cry.

Not only that, there is a a more in-depth bond between the two.

Before Xiao Lanhua waked up, Dongfang Qingcang urged her to repair the destiny book.

Xiao Lanhua got up on the wrong side of the bed, so she casually ordered: "If you are idle and bored, go to the flower room and count the flowers!"

Faced with such unreasonable demands, a normal person of course chooses to refuse.

But then, his body was completely out of his control, and more than 8,000 flowers were counted one by one.

Why is the drama Love Between Fairy and Devil so lovable?

The main creator has been strengthening the skills of dislocation.

The male and female protagonists are never in the same channel, both living in their own logic. This creates a lot of natural and effective laughs, and also creates ambiguous and sweetness.

The character of Dongfang Qingcang is actually a deconstruction of the past image of the boss.

He did all the strong behaviors of a boss, but he didn't look greasy because he was not aware of it.

There are many tricks in the play.

For example,

He killed the opponent with a blank expression.

Only a tilted of head, a wave of hand, not much action,, but the taste of madness, cool, handsome and tyrannical appeared immediately, plus some small expressions with a crooked mouth, could also make the acting become vivid.

dongfang qingcang killed the opponent with a blank expression

A good script, good technique, can completely save a not-so-good performance.

4. Qualified aesthetics

The most enjoyable thing about this drama is the special effects.

Whether it is the spell effect launched by the character or the picture background, are beautiful.

beautiful picture

The third male and the second male enter the painting fairyland to drink and chat. The picture here is beautiful, really as in the painting, the aesthetic is very advanced.

In the mortal world, Yunmengze, Tang Dynasty costumes changed the beauty of the characters in a way.


The decoration and fan are also very delicate and attentive in the details.

5. Excellent musical taste

The right music can add a lot to a drama.

The song "Jue Ai" is simply born for Love Between Fairy and Devil, giving people a grand oriental beauty. This is the right OST for the Oriental fantasy drama!

There is grand momentum and survival righteousness, and there is no hesitation to be persistent in love. Not a single lyric is wasted, and every sentence fits the plot perfectly.

Love Between Fairy and Devil OST

The first time this song appeared in the drama was when Dongfang Qingcang took Xiao Lanhua to ride the dragon.

When the flying dragon broke through the sea of clouds, the sky was full of colorful clouds, Xiao Lanhua smiled from the heart. Dongfang Qingcang kept staring at her.

There is also the famous scene of dialogue with the previous Yuezun, accompanied by "Jue Ai": "turned into a sharp sword, stabbed at me."

The previous Yuezun only dared to look at his child tenderly when he was about to die. Who could not be moved to tears by the emotion of father and son? 

"Unspeakable regret,

too late...”

The worst part of crying is when the dream is broken. He knelt down in the wind and sand, flustered not knowing how to embrace his dying lover.

"Waiting for the moment when the sky is falling apart,

When it collapses and shatters, open your eyes,

Nowhere to put the soul,

just land..."

The world is collapsing, we are in love.

This song is matched with Love Between Fairy and Devil, the whole pattern is opened.

Dependent origination and causation, contingent cessation and fruition, all unrepentant thoughts are all false thoughts. Such a powerful sense of destiny!

There are also "Bi An", "Cang Lan Qi", "Shi Yi", etc. with the same effect. Whenever the music plays, it can always make people immersed in it with the plot.

At last

The word "sincere" can be seen from all aspects in Love Between Fairy and Devil, which may also be the biggest reason why this drama can be recognized by the audience.

In short, Love Between Fairy and Devil is worth it.

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