Review of Forever and Ever: The Past Love Continues Today, Happy Ending

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The Chinese drama Forever and Ever is adapted from the online novel Yi Sheng Yi Shi Mei Ren Gu by Mo Bao Fei Bao. It is a sequel to the ancient TV series One and Only, a modern-day chapter.

Review of Forever and Ever

The same characters, Zhou Shengchen and Shi Yi, have the same deep love, but with a different ending.

The tragic ending of One and Only earned enough tears from the audience: Zhou Shengchen was wrongfully and tragically killed, and Shi Yi died for love.

Forever and Ever is also starring Ren Jialun and Bai Lu. It tells the love story of returnee chemistry professor Zhou Shengchen and voice actor Shi Yi. They hit it off at the airport and develop a tacit understanding by getting along little by little. Their relationship gradually warms up and finally they get together.

Although there are some connected details between the two dramas, the latter is a new modern story after all. If you haven't watched One and Only, it doesn't affect you to watch Forever and Ever directly, it's just that you may not be able to understand some of the hints and echoes.

This drama has obvious advantages and disadvantages, so those who like it can't put it down, and those who hate it will run away.

Chinese Drama Forever and Ever Review

Zhou Shengchen and Shi Yi's Love

In Forever and Ever, Zhou Shengchen and Shi Yi love each other very sweetly and romantically. Although there are many obstacles and troubles around, none of them affect their feelings for each other.

They are willing to change and pay for each other, carefully remembering each other's hobbies and habits. Love each other in respect and care about each other in trust.

No matter in ancient or modern times, Zhou Shengchen is a lonely person, and only Shi Yi's love heals him.

I still remember that in One and Only, before Shi Yi jumped off the city wall, she said with tears: Zhou Shengchen, I'm coming to marry you, in the next life, you will marry me first instead!

From the time they meet at the airport to the phone engagement, their emotional relationship develop rapidly, which forms a contrasting contrast with One and Only.

It can only be said that the director is really good at this, the efficiency of delivering sugar win many audiences' hearts!

In this life, Zhou Shengchen is always waiting for Shi Yi, waiting for her to get off work, waiting for her to turn off the lights and go to sleep.

In this life, Shi Yi is a voice actor who relies on her voice to make a living, and is no longer one who has been unable to speak for years. All the regrets of the past have been repaid in this life.

Our returnee professor, Zhou Shengchen, is also a straight man in science and engineering who uses the method of research and experimentation to fall in love. In order to know more about Shi Yi, he will carefully observe her daily routine, accurate to the kind of numbers.

He would wait for her downstairs where Shi Yi worked, so hungry that he would eat the hamburger that Uncle Lin handed over to him, not forgetting to save face: "Eating on time is responsible for your own body." Yes yes yes, you are a professor, everything you say is scientifically sound.

After the engagement, he wants to talk to Shi Yi on the phone, but he has to schedule a call at a certain time to ensure that he can get in touch accurately.

For saying good morning, good afternoon, and good night like doing a research report, Shi Yi's mother finds it incredible, teasing her daughter: "Aren't you bored together? Isn't it rigid to make three calls every day on time?" With eyes full of stars, Shi Yi says: "No, I think he is very serious about me."


Shi Yi thinks that Zhou Shengchen is good everywhere. It's true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Zhou Shengchen and Shi Yi seem to have changed, but neither of them seems to have changed.

Zhou Shengchen is still the one who has national righteousness in mind. Shi Yi is still the one who understands and considers him, she can know his ambition even if he doesn't tell her.

What moved me was the conversation between Zhou Shengchen and his younger brother.

The younger brother asked him: "You only like doing research, why did you come back?"

Zhou Shengchen replied: "The nation needs manufacturing, so I am back."

Not liking fighting for interests, but he is still determined to return to the Zhou family's business for the rise of the national manufacturing industry. Zhou Shengchen is still Zhou Shengchen.

Generally speaking, it is okay. The character creation is also standable.

Zhou Shengchen is cute and serious, which suits his identity as a professor and a rich young master.

Although Shi Yi is in the entertainment industry, she refuses to be an actress, which matches her cool demeanor.

Her best friend Xiaoyu is careless, an enthusiastic assister, always a blockbuster when she speaks, and the king of sexy words. Every time I listen to Xiaoyu, I feel that the director really doesn't treat us viewers as outsiders.

In short, those who have not yet entered the pit can rest assured to watch it, and will not cry anymore. It's just that you have to be mentally prepared for something else because Uncle Lin's expression will be a portrayal of your entire face while watching the drama.

All the clattering tears shed in One and Only have turned into a lot of sugar in Forever and Ever.

He really came to marry her first!

Unavoidable Shortcomings

The modern story Forever and Ever has collapsed from the depth of the story to the narrative techniques, unable to carry the sense of fate and gravity from One and Only, and is barely satisfactory as a sequel.

The opening section of the airport should be a very important part, but the whole rhythm, camera movement, emotion, including Bai Lu's performance, are all flat and straightforward. Of course, there are also people who like this hazy feeling of being a bit extraordinary in its ordinariness.

Except for the male and female leading actors, Mei Xing and Hong Xiaoyu, the role shaping of some of the other supporting characters is hard to remember for those who have watched the play. A large number of gossips of passers-by, security guards, and family members interspersed in it do little to advance the plot and character creation. In One and Only, many supporting roles are not inferior to the protagonist.

Many fans of the original novel criticize the male lead's temperament as inconsistent with the original, being too pedantic and naive. The drama version has weakened the dark and deep side of Zhou Shengchen in the novel and added more bookish spirit. Whether this shortening of the sense of distance from ordinary people in reality is reasonable, and whether it conforms to the logic of the characters, also varies from person to person.

Forever and Ever Ending

Zhou Shengchen and Shi Yi Ending

Zhou Shengchen ends up marrying Shi Yi.

On the wedding night, Zhou Shengchen picks up Shi Yi's red veil with a pole, and strokes Shi Yi's hair according to the custom. In the end, Shi Yi and Zhou Shengchen drink the "cross-cupped wine", and the two express their love for each other.

Zhou Shengchen couldn't help wanting to kiss Shi Yi, but Shi Yi suddenly stops him and tells about her three-month pregnancy, and Zhou Shengchen is overjoyed.

Mei Xing and Zhou Wenxing Ending

Mei Xing is still alone in the end.

With her last breath, Zhou Wenxing tells Mei Xing to take good care of himself. Mei Xing looks at Zhou Wenxing who is breathless and sobs uncontrollably. Instead, Zhou Wenxing comforts him not to be sad, and Mei Xing promises to stay by her side all the time.

Zhou Wenxing dies peacefully in Mei Xing's arms, Mei Xing is so inconsolable. Shi Yi sees this scene through the window, and couldn't help crying.

Hong Xiaoyu and Du Feng Ending

Hong Xiaoyu ends up with Du Feng.

When Du Feng comes to see Hong Xiaoyu at Shiyi's house, leaves on the pretext of going to the supermarket, giving the two of them a chance to spend time alone.

Du Feng tries his best to please Hong Xiaoyu, repeatedly explaining that he has no choice but to conceal his identity as a policeman. But Hong Xiaoyu doesn't buy it.

Du Feng tries desperately to cheer her up before she breaks down and smiles.

Zhou Wenchuan Ending

Zhou Wenchuan dies in the end.

Zhou Wenchuan forces Mei's father to kidnap Zhou Shengchen on the pretext of seeing his grandmother before he turns himself in.

Zhou Wenchuan picks up a vase and knocks Zhou Shengchen unconscious, and continues to punch and kick him. Finally, he picks up a fruit knife and tries to stab Zhou Shengchen. Shi Yi desperately rushes up to stop, she and Zhou Wenchuan hit the railing and fall from the second floor, the audience are stunned.

Zhou Wenchuan is seriously injured and dies after medical treatment failed.

Forever and Ever Quote

After the broadcast of Forever and Ever, many people were sweetened by the interaction between Zhou Shengchen and Shi Yi. Most of the lines in it are sweet love words, and Shi Yi is a master of love words.

1. I'm sure you were born to marry me.

2. I only met him at twenty-six, and even if I’m lucky enough to live to be eighty, I would only have fifty-four years, nineteen thousand seven hundred and ten days left. As you said, he's in research and could easily leave for a few months like now, so maybe the real time together is less than 10,000 days. I have no time, no time to use my mind and skills, I have to fight against time to be with him, you know?

3. I don't mind understanding it as love at first sight.

4. You have an overly pleasant smile.

5. Regardless of past and present lives, Zhou Shengchen has never changed. He doesn't talk about love, but he can let her know that he cares about her.

6. The world's affairs are nothing more than dramas, people in the world don't have to take it seriously.

7. From the moment we are together, we will never be apart again.

8. I don't want her to be aggrieved, I can't leave her.

9. No matter how good your appearance is, there will be times when you get old and look bad. You are the best in my heart.

At Last

Whether one wants to relate to past lives or not, it is not easy for everyone to live in this world.

Zhou Shengchen and Shi Yi in Forever and Ever will still encounter all kinds of big and small things, entangled in troubles, but kindness, warmth, and perseverance are the beauty of this drama that conforms to the characteristics of the times after removing the complicated background.

And this beauty is within our reach and can feed back our lives.

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