The Day of Becoming You Review: So corny, but so sweet!

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Most of the small sweet drama = stupid drama has probably become a law. But there is such a light-hearted sweet drama that breaks this rule.


The Day of Becoming You, starring Zhang Xincheng and Liang Jie, has a combined score of 7.5/10 out of 100,000 people on This is already a pretty good achievement among Chinese sweet drama series.

The Day of Becoming You is set in a story of identity mismatch and gender swap. The story is about the top star Jiang Yi and entertainment reporter Yu Shengsheng who accidentally switched bodies, thus starting a "misplaced" life experience.

So routine plot.

Indeed, the story is not really new. But even if meme is not new, as long as it looks good.

He, the best female lead?

Before the exchange -

He, is a "veteran civil servant" who is soaking his feet and playing walnuts in hands at the same. The character is a cold, unsmiling Idol.

jiang yi walnuts

She, is an extroverted and lively "little sweet girl" who dances when she is excited.

yu-shengsheng little sweet girl

After the exchange, the style changed abruptly. In particular, Zhang Xincheng as the "female Jiang Yi", not only has the girl's delicate, but also the character of "Yu Shengsheng". Anyone who sees it will have to praise "too similar".

No female doctor?

No female doctor?

After the exchange

The girl’s sitting posture.

jing yi girl’s sitting posture

The unconscious act of lifting hair and closing eyes when meeting an idol for the first time.

unconscious act of lifting hair

Subconsciously avoiding physical contact with all men.

Hand gestures when talking.

All kinds of small movements and small expressions of girls are also very rich, this is clearly a girl!

small movements and small expressions of girls

In the play, the famous star Jiang Yi, played by Zhang Xincheng, after the body swap of the young girl Yu Sheng Sheng, performs vividly. He is a rare young actor can master the "girl sense". No wonder the hot search once for him to award the best "heroine".

So sweet and funny

After the body swap, will most likely have some funny plots. The Day of Becoming You is no exception.

It's rare that the funny parts in this drama come from daily life. Not deliberate, not delicate, not contrived. The corners of your mouth will unconsciously rise to reveal an aunt's smile, without feeling embarrassed.

After waking up from the exchange, Jiang Yi (Yu Sheng Sheng): Where are my breasts? Why are my breasts gone? !

Where are my breasts

I'm going to take off your clothes, but you are not allowed to take off my clothes!

take off my clothes

The expression of grief - Jiang Yi (Yu Sheng Sheng) learned that “she” smashed “star” walnuts is worth 600,000 yuan.

expression of grief

Every cell of Jiang Yi (Yu Sheng Sheng) really is is permeated with a silly air.

Every cell of Jiang Yi (Yu Sheng Sheng) really is is permeated with a silly air

I like the scene of the two in the rain the most. "You found me", so sweet, so sweet.

You found me

Coupled with a variety of magical soundtracks that fit the scene and the inner activities of the characters - either ducks or chickens, as well as sirens, barking dogs, etc., comics are also inserted in the visual presentation, which is both ornamental and interesting. Excellent.

Pure and lustful

After the exchange, the two people gradually got to know each other, and the two hearts that were once unfamiliar were slowly approaching.

Although there are misunderstandings in adult love, they can communicate rationally, and they will apologize in time for inappropriate words and actions.

You fall in love with me, and I also fall in love with you, so all kinds of beautiful scenes have appeared.

Pure and lustful

The Day of Becoming You ending: Happy? Not satisfied?

Many people did not expect that after viewing the ending, only to find that Jiang Yi and Yu Shengsheng are actually characters from Yi Jiang and Shen Yu's novel.

Many people say that they feel empty after watching the ending - Jiang Yi and Yu Shengsheng become paper people.

It always makes people feel that Jiang Yi and Yu Shengsheng's vivid life has been stolen by others, leaving only an empty shell with no memory.

Some people also say the ending is very happy.

Because it is impossible to swap bodies in real life.

But the problems that Yi Jiang and Shen Yu encountered on TV are what real-life couples are likely to encounter. Showing it in the form of body swap has sublimated the theme. It is the most humanistic, painful and irresistible real life in the whole drama.

One day in your life, you will eventually meet someone. You know each other, respect each other, love each other as if you had swapped bodies, creating a unique involvement and connection.

Do you like this kind of ending?

The Day of Becoming You ending

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