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The mysterious beginning may have foreshadowed the constant topics about The Wolf Chinese drama series.

The following phenomenon is really rare in the current Chinese TV series with top star traffic, oh, no, only it.

Three years of pregnancy, born to grow up, three hours to a big ending, the broadcast speed is faster than a rocket!

This is "The Wolf", which did not have any previews or official announcements, but opened in the afternoon of November 19 and released the full episodes for members on the day of its launch.

Perhaps this itself is another kind of unnamable publicity?

IMDB’s high rating and China native rating from Dou Ban

douban rating of the wolf

A Quick Review of The Wolf

Side A

What is The Majesty of Wolf?

A story from a wolf boy to a “dragon” among people. (great people)

This setting is of course cool.


The lens language is used smoothly and cleanly.

The costumes are made with care, exquisitely attentive. Different characters have different costumes, presenting different personalities.

In the first two or three episodes, the character of the hero and heroine can be established.

The starring looks are all online. Three years ago, Li Qin appeared in a lively double ponytail look, but she could hold the role of an innocent girl. The heroine is courageous and resourceful and has an online IQ. It is by no means a brainless silly. Afterwards, the characters experienced ups and downs in fate, and Li Qin's acting skills hold up well.

Side B

The play is not shoddy, but the problem is that it does not tell the story very well.

The play integrates elements of ancient idols and tactics. One-third of the time is engaged in something like tactics, which is actually very naive, and two-thirds of the time is an endless sadomasochistic idol romances.

the wolf romances

The plot of tactics in the play is a relatively common battle for kingship and the murder of the father. However, this kind of ancient idols and tactical drama is fundamentally different from "Langya Bang"(Nirvana in fire). The latter can see the wisdom and strategy of struggle, and see the entanglement and game of people's hearts. However, the tactical play of the wolf is that the plot pushes the audience along, and the growth and decline of the power of the pros and the villains depends entirely on how the play can continue.

Of course, many viewers don’t watch ancient idols for the tactical drama. Tactics is just a curtain of love, and served as a plot filler.

The original love story that can be told in 20 episodes, if there is a plot of hatred by the country and the family, it can be doubled in length. The core aspect of the play is its idol romance.

The plot is old-fashioned and trite, with a flaw in its logic. The logic of several turns of the story is broken and the motivation is blurred. The core design of His Royal Highness Wolf was basically wasted by the story.

What is campy?

Absolutely beautiful love, the big ending must die one.

the wolf sad end

In any case, not to mention the other, once you like it, binge-watching the drama itself is naturally happy, but with so many 49 episodes, it is quite time-consuming.

Synopsis of The Wolf

Basic Information

Title: The Wolf / The Majesty of Wolf

Chinese Title: 狼殿下 / Lang Dian Xia

Episodes: 49

Type: Romance, Historical

Broadcast Website: iQIYI, Tencent, Youku

Broadcast Date: November 19, 2020

Synopsis  (Spoilers Alert!)

The two countries Jin and Yang are in opposition to each other, good and evil. King Yang, Chu Kui, was on a war spree and the war was raging. The loyal King Jin, failed to resist Chu Kui, so he retreated to the north and raised his troops to wait for the day to attack the enemy.

The wise and kind-hearted Ma Zhaixing befriended a wild boy on Wolf Hunting Mountain and named him Wolf Boy. The wolf boy has grown up in the mountains and forests since childhood. Although uncultured, he has a simple nature and a pure heart. Unexpectedly, on order to save the wolf cub, he was misunderstood as the murderer of the important minister and was hunted down and killed. Although Zhaixing finds out the real culprit, her brother Ma Jun makes wolf boy misunderstood that Zhaixing has betrayed him, and then falls off the cliff and disappears. The King of Yang, Chu Kui, who was passing through this place, saw the wolf boy’s extraordinary talent and secretly took him as his adopted son, and later made him the King Bo.

Eight years later, after experiencing the tragedy of the Ma family, Zhaixing and King Bo accidentally reunite. Zhaixing suspects that King Bo is Wolf Boy, but King Bo denies it because he does not want to face the painful past. In order to use Ma Zhaixing and the Ma family army to fight against the kingdom Jin, Chu Kui gives a marriage to King Bo and Zhaixing, and even makes Zhaixing mistakenly believe that her father-killing enemy is the King Jin.

During their time together, the gentle nature of Zhaixing awakens the love of King Bo. When King Bo found out the truth about the chase eight years ago and learned that Zhaixing had never abandoned him, the love he had been suppressing broke through the pretense and King Bo finally admitted that he was Wolf Boy, and Zhaixing cleared up the misunderstanding on Wolf Hunting Mountain and settled their love with a kiss.

In the end, through many trials and tribulations, with the help of the righteous men, Ji Chong and Bao Na, Zhaixing finds out that the mastermind of the Ma family tragedy is none other than Chu Kui, so all of them work together to overthrow the tyranny of Yang. However, Zhaixing was seriously wounded while retreating from the enemy, and a fragrant soul passed away. King Bo did not choose to live alone, but also chose to go with her.

Main Characters

Darren Wang Da Lu as Chu You Wen / Prince Bo

Wolf Boy has been living in the mountains since he was a child. He likes freedom and has a good nature and a sense of justice. He met and accompanies the young girl Ma Zhaixing. He was forced to fall off a cliff because of the misunderstanding of killing an important official of the court, and was later saved by Chu Kui and accepted as his rightful son to become the Prince Bo. Eight years later, he reunites with Zhaixing, but they fell in love and killed each other.

Li Qin as Ma Zhaixing

Ma Zhaixing is the beloved daughter of Ma Ying, the lord of Kui Zhou City, who is free and easy by nature and likes to make friends with people from all over the world. When she was young, she met Wolf Boy and was rescued by him when she became an adult. Zhaixing helped Wolf Boy to recover his humanity from the wolves and brought their hearts closer together. In the face of the dilemma of love and hatred, Zhaixing experienced triple love growth inside, breaks through the limits of fate, and joins hands with Prince Bo to oppose the tyranny and help the people, fighting for justice and destined love.

Sean Xiao Zhan as Ji Chong / Li Ju Yao

Ji Chong was very guilty of losing many soldiers in a war, so he left the country, becoming a bounty hunter to earn more money to take care of the widow. Ji Chong is also a smart and confident man with a seemingly carefree attitude. He uses his eagle as a scout. Ji Chong met Ma Zhaixing, saw her intelligent atmosphere, also knew her feelings with Prince Bo, so although he loved Zhaixing and married her, but willing to fulfill Zhaixing and Prince Bo together.

Xin Zhi Lei as Yao Ji

Adopted by Chu Kui at an early age, Yao Ji is a secret killer who is good at using poison and is known as the beauty of the iceberg. But behind the indifference, she also hides her unknown emotions. Yao Ji and Prince Bo are both adopted son and daughter of Chu Kui, growing up together as childhood friends. Their similar experience makes them become a special existence in each other's heart, without words as long as a look can read each other's meaning. However, they drifted apart due to the appearance of Ma Zhaixing.

Highlight Clips

This Chinese drama the wolf is really eye-catching and gimmicky. My expectations are also very high.

After all, when the drama series started shooting in 2017, the main actor Wang Dalu had a high traffic flow. During the period, the traffic was ups and downs. And the second male Xiao Zhan rose to the top, and then encountered the storm, so a top flow acting metamorphosis work, in turn, became the work of starting again.

It can be said that an ancient idol show with a rugged fate has witnessed a history of ups and downs in traffic.

Therefore, the pay has a top of the facial attractiveness and flow, an excellent historical story blueprint + accumulated three years of expectations, is simply a pair of ace bomb combination card.

Unfortunately, this bomb just blew up not much splash. When we are ready to slowly go to enjoy, only to find that after buying a lot of coke and popcorn, it was over after only a few bites, how the rest can not eat.

However, the look and picture of this drama are very reliable, so the beauty of the girls in the show is much higher than the other roles they have played.

li qin zhaixing

And the beautiful scenery -

the beautiful scenery of The Wolf

The plot of "The Wolf" is quite a headache, and the mood of watching the drama is up and down with the changes in the plot. The CP in the drama of Li Qin and Wang Dalu is sweet and abusive. Before the end of 10 episodes, the two are already like glue. Look at the situation, the drama can already has a perfect happy ending. And the audience shouted "What's the matter with the second male ah?"

cp of the wolf chinese drama

But who knows that the plot does not follow the routine, the two young sweet first love, due to misunderstanding, are separated from each other, and finally the misunderstanding is relieved, and the result is that, less than a few episodes of sweet, they start to abuse again. After a few episodes of abuse, and ushered in a turnaround, and then release sugar, and then turn against each other, and so on and so forth, and then interspersed the intervention of the two supported roles ...... The emotional line of the male and female masters twists and turns, but in the end they both die, sadly.

Compared with the male and female lead, the ending of the second supporting actor and actress is much happier. Bao Na and Ji Chong wandered the world together, romantic and chic, the two finally got a happy ending.

ji chong and ba na

Many netizens found after watching the play, Xiao Zhan as Ji Chong although lacks the male protagonist's aura, he has a lot of benefits. Giving a strong kiss to the female lead, he even held a grand wedding with Zhaixing.

ji chong and zhai xing wedding

Even in the end, in order to complete Prince Bo and Zhaixing, Ji Chong took the initiative to withdraw. However, because of the chic left, he also harvested the fan girl Bao Na.

This Chinese drama The Wolf has a family, a country and a world, as well as a love, a battle, and a palace power. Even so, it is recommended to treat it as a love idol drama.

Overall, there are many advantages and more complaints. I still want to say that more exciting things in the middle should not be missed.


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