The Wind Blows from Longxi: The Dream Legend of Two “Insignificant” People

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In the finale of The Wind Blows from Longxi Chinese drama, Chen Gong died. In fact, Chen Gong has long been dead. The Wei army failed to kill him, the Sect of Five Immortals failed to kill him, and he died of disillusionment with his ideals. “Restoring the Han Dynasty”, this initial good wish to make the … Continue reading “The Wind Blows from Longxi: The Dream Legend of Two “Insignificant” People”

What’s The Wolf Chinese Drama Ending?

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The broadcast of The Wolf Chinese really attracted enough topics. Long overdue, unique opening, dazzling actors, and tangled love are worth seeing. However, what the little friends are most concerned about is definitely the final ending. What is the trend of the leading actors in the play? How about the feelings belonging? The fact is that you can find … Continue reading “What’s The Wolf Chinese Drama Ending?”