My Amazing Boyfriend Ending: Keep Waiting

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The TV series My Amazing Boyfriend has an open ending: Xue Lingqiao temporarily left Tian Jingzhi. Because some foreshadowing was left, the real ending will continue in the second part of the Chinese drama.

My Amazing Boyfriend

After the storm finally calmed down, Xue Lingqiao believed that he could no longer rely on his superpowers to disturb the normal order of the human world, so he returned to settle in the old forest in the deep mountains. And Tian Jingzhi spread various scandals on the Internet, hoping that Xue Lingqiao would see it and come back.

At the end of the last episode, Tian Jing Zhi also seems to have become the same as the male protagonist, gaining the ability of immortality. Because she accidentally scratched while washing her hands, but the wound healed quickly on its own. This also implied that Tian Jing Zhi got pregnant and thus gained this ability.

This kind of open ending is also not bad, allowing the audience to have their own imagination, and everyone has their own ending. Some people think that Tian Jingzhi and Xue Lingqiao will still be together, and some think that they both just end up having a destiny. It all depends on what the audience sees. I just want to say that it is good to be happy and I don't want to be abused.

Of course, the open ending of My Amazing Boyfriend, on the other hand, also hinted that there will be a second part of the drama. Time has proven that to be true. Unfortunately, the male and female leads have changed.

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