Rattan Ending: Happy or Bad

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The Chinese drama Rattan has two endings.

One is the ending in the feature drama, in which Si Teng and Qin Fang return to the deep forests and turn back into a vine and a tree respectively.

The other is the ending in the extra episode. Si Teng and Qin Fang live in seclusion deep in the Cangcheng Mountain, living happily together in an enviable way.

Rattan Chinese drama Ending

Rattan Ending - Si Teng and Qin Fang

Si Teng was originally a white vine living in a deep forest. If it wasn't for Qiu Shan forcing her to mutate, Si Teng would have continued to live here. In fact, Si Teng didn't want to mutate into a human, and her memories after becoming a human were not good.

Si Teng was abused by Qiu Shan growing up, and then killed by her own fission Bai Ying.

After she was finally resurrected, she met Qin Fang and felt a little bit of beauty and warmth in the world, but Qiu Shan and Bai Ying reappeared in her life, and even threatened Qin Fang's life.

This made Si Teng very angry. She loves Qin Fang deeply, and doesn't want him to be hurt because of herself, while Qin Fang also loves Si Teng very much, and can do anything for Si Teng, including giving up his own life.

Fortunately, the two finally end up together.

But there are two ways of being together here.

Ending One

In the 27th episode of the drama, Bai Ying and Si Teng fought against Qiu Shan, and the three of them died together.

Of course, Si Teng won't die here, there are still two episodes left, haha.

Si Teng appeared in Qin Fang's dream. She wanted to go back to be a vine in peace, and persuaded Qin Fang to go back to live a good life.

Qin Fang heard that Si Teng actually wanted to mutate and be with him, but mutation was not that easy. Qin Fang said that he would definitely find a way to mutate her and let her return to him.

Five years later, a child named Xi Zhu came online in the kindergarten.

This girl looks exactly like Si Teng when she was a child, and as you can see, this girl is actually Si Teng.

The way she was opposed her teachers at school and fought with her adoptive mother at home all revealed Si Teng's original queenly temperament.

However, Si Teng mutated again in a very short period of time, which was very dangerous.

In the last episode 30, Qin Fang used the power of Bai Ying in his body to save Si Teng, and he himself fell into a deep sleep.

Xi Zhu grows up and recovers that part of Si Teng's memory, and she remembers the things Qin Fang and herself went through.

Si Teng gave Bai Ying's power to Qin Fang, but Qin Fang gave it back to her, allowing her to experience the warmth and cold of the world. They loved each other.

Although Si Teng likes this world very much, without Qin Fang's company, this is an imperfect life.

Si Teng didn't want to be separated from Qin Fang anymore, so she decided to take the sleeping Qin Fang back to the deep forest.

The two became a tree and a vine again respectively, relying on each other for life and death.

Extra Ending

In the extra (episode 31), Si Teng chooses to fission again.

Xi Zhu is just like Bai Ying, another Si Teng. Xi Zhu lives as an ordinary person.

More than ten years later, the grown-up Xi Zhu goes to the depths of Cangcheng Mountain and meets Si Teng and Qin Fang.

After going through so many things, the two of them finally get together and live a happy life.

How did Si Teng come back to life after the big battle?

Or it can be said that Rattan can end in episode 27 as well.

Because of Qiu Shan's obsession, Bai Ying goes offline without any worries, and Si Teng can also let go of her obsession with Qin Fang's wardrobe, and from then on return to be a vine, bask in the sun, never be sad or happy, and her feelings only stay in the moment when Qin Fang loves her the most.

After all, anyone who has experienced daily necessities knows that no matter how good a love relationship is, marriage may be a crematorium, right?

After Qiu Shan and Bai Ying went offline without regret, it was finally Si Teng's turn to line up.

She stretched out her beautiful hands, waiting to see Qin Fang for the last time, but finally she couldn't hold on any longer. When Qin Fang finally arrived, disillusioned into countless white flowers at the moment Qin Fang finally arrived.

After that, the white flowers also decreased little by little. Qin Fang screamed heartbreakingly, spitting out a mouthful of blood, and then fell to the ground.

We know that Qin Fang's blood can resurrect Si Teng, so the last mouthful of blood happened to be on a piece of white flower.

There was also a close-up of the white flower, which foreshadowed Si Teng's future resurrection.

Si Teng transformed into Xi Zhu as soon as she died. The details are the finishing touch, so brilliant!

At Last

I am particularly curious about whether the child born by Si Teng and Qin Fang has super powers. I guess he does, but the fact that Qin Fang does not have super powers is still a bit weird.

Forget it, as long as they are happy.

Finally, I wish everyone can find an elegant and beautiful Si Teng, or Qin Fang who has endless money to spend.

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