Renascence Chinese Drama Ending: Satisfaction and Regret

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The Renascence" Chinese drama has a happy ending: Yao Moxin and Ye Junqing are married. Yao Moxin became a queen again and gave birth to a son for Ye Junqing.

Renascence Chinese Drama Ending

But there are three major regrets.

The first regret of the ending: Ting Yue was killed as a scapegoat in the wedding

In the finale, Ting Yue and Ben Lei were married before their masters. On the day of their wedding, Qian Mian mistakenly took Ting Yue as Yao Mowan and killed her. Ting Yue became her lady's scapegoat. Ben Lei lost Ting Yue, and the wedding became a funeral.

The second regret of the ending: Yao Mowan fell to the cliff with Ye Hongyi to save her sister

In the ending, younger sister Yao Mowan finally awakened with her sister Yao Moxin's body. But the two sisters were taken hostage by Ye Hongyi and came to the cliff. In order to save her sister, Yao Mowan chose to sacrifice herself and die with Ye Hongyi. The real Yao Mowan has just been resurrected and died. She was really an instrumentalist in the play. So the real Yao Mowan's sacrifice is also a great pity for the ending.

The third regret of the ending: Han Jinyi's whereabouts is a mystery

In the ending, Han Jinyi and Ye Junqing went to rescue the kidnapped sisters Yao Moxin and Yao Mowan. In the end, the real Yao Mowan chose to die with Ye Hongyi, saving her sister and protecting her sister's happiness. Since then, Han Jinyi had not reappeared, and his whereabouts were not accounted for. On the day of Ye Junqing's ascension to the throne, Han Jinyi did not appear, and his emotional line has not been explained.

Yao Mowan of the extra chapter

The most surprising thing is that the real Yao Mowan and Ye Hongyi fell off the cliff and died together.

In fact, Yao Mowan was not dead at all, but was saved by the Phoenix god Qi Canglan. Yao Mowan also encountered the man who loves her most, which also echoes the beginning of the online movie - the side story of "Renascence". So it is said that Yao Mowan's failure to fall from the cliff is the biggest surprise in the ending.

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