Who is Calling Wei Ying at the End of The Untamed?

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It is Lan Zhan (Lan Wangji) who calls Wei Ying(魏婴) at the end of the Chinese drama The Untamed.

Who is Calling Wei Ying at the End of the Untamed?

Although the two goes their separate ways in the ending because they choose different paths, in the end, Lan Wangji couldn't let go of Wei Wuxian (Wei Ying) and comes back to find him.

The two like-minded brothers can wander the world together again.

Why do you say that person who calls Wei Ying is Lan Zhan in the ending?

In the ending of The Untamed, Jin Guangyao gets what he deserves for his bad deeds, and once he dies, the position of the Immortal Governor is left hanging, and what everyone doesn't expect is that Lan Wangji takes over this position.

Wei Wuxian regains his innocence after the matter is resolved. Wen Ning also returns to the Wen family Ancestral Hall with Lan Sizhui.

At this time, Wei Wu Xian is going to take "Little Apple" to wander the world, and Lan Wangji can not accompany him because of his duty as an Immortal Governor.

Wei Wuxian bids farewell to Lan Zhan

Wei Wuxian bids farewell to Lan Zhan and takes his Little Apple to the top of the mountain, taking out his bamboo flute and playing it. Suddenly, Wei Wuxian is interrupted by the sound of "Wei Ying".

Wei Wu Xian could not believe his ears. He slowly turns his head, first his eyes widen in surprise, and then his face blossoms into the brightest happy smile.

wei ying happy smile

Reason one

In The Untamed, only Lan Wangji calls him "Wei Ying". And Wei Wuxian calls him "Lan Zhan".

In addition to Lan Wangji, Wen Ning usually calls him "Mr. Wei". Jiang Cheng generally calls him "Wei Wuxian", while others call him Mr. Wei more often.

Therefore, only Lan Zhan can make such an affectionate voice.

Reason two

In fact, when Wei Wuxian is playing the flute, Lan Wangji is already standing behind him.

wei ying clothes reflecting light

When we zoom in on the photo of him playing the flute, we will find that there is a person in white behind him. And Lan Wangji is dressed in white all day long.

(Obviously that's the effect of the clothes reflecting light.)

Reason three

Zooming in on Wei Wuxian looking back

Zooming in on Wei Wuxian looking back at the other person, we can see that there is a man in white in his eyes, which is naturally Lan Zhan.

Reason four

Wei Wuxian's smile is unusual. He will only look like this when he sees Lan Zhan.

He sees Wen Ning more as doting, and when he sees Jiang Cheng, he will not be like this.

His expression is obviously excited and happy from the heart, which only Lan Zhan can give in the world.

The Untamed Ending


So Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji are finally together.

It's just that the The Untamed is shot conservatively.

Throughout the entire drama, the "Wang - Xian" group do not act out of line. There is a touch of excitement in the aesthetic, which should also be a kind of artistic beauty!

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