Review of Who Rules the World Ending: The Throne and The Beauty, Perfection and Lamentation?

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The ending of Who Rules the World is that Feng Lanxi gave up the throne and returned to the woods with Bai Fengxi, living an enviable sweet life.

Of course, under the consummation, there are still many regrets.

Who Rules the World Ending cover

Feng Lanxi and Bai Fengxi: a strong combination

Hei Fengxi (Feng Lanxi)

Feng Lanxi is the son of King Yong, the heir of Feng country, the Jianghu title Hei Fengxi, and is also called Baifeng Heixi with Bai Fengxi together(白bai: white, 黑hei: black).

feng-lanxi of Who Rules the World

Feng Lanxi's appearance is peerless, his mind is quite deep, calculating. He seems to be unhurried, but in fact the chess game is already in his hands. In Jianghu, he is the god-feared Hei Fengxi. In the court, he is pretending to be a weak son. He has carefully arranged a big game, that is, to succeed the Feng country, rule the world, and end the war suffering of people, restore peace and prosperity, because this is the mission he was born with.

Bai Fengxi (Feng Xiyun)

Bai Fengxi is the daughter of King Qing, Princess Xiyun of Qing, the Jianghu title Bai Fengxi.

bai fengxi of Who Rules the World

Because of the dislike of the imperial court disputes, she is obsessed with fighting to do justice in Jianghu. Later, after the death of her father, she inherited the throne and became the Qing King.

During the period of fighting for chivalry in Jianghu, she met Feng Lanxi, who is equally famous as herself. The two also have a chivalrous heart, so although they are always bickering, they actually appreciate each other inside.

The Love in Jianghu and Court

Feng Lanxi has been in the Jianghu for many years and has known Bai Fengxi for ten years. Their feelings are the appreciation of each other's heart of righteousness, and also the ambiguity of male and female love that has never been expressed. In Jianghu, they are the Baifeng Heixi that help each other and joke each other. Back to the court, they are the son of Yong and the princesses of Feng.

During the period in Jianghu, although the two had a mutual affection, they never made it clear until Qing and Yong united by marriage, and the two were considered to come together.

bai fengxi and feng lanxi marry-o

The first half of Feng Lanxi's life was very unfortunate. His mother passed away early, his father was indifferent and ruthlessness, his stepmother was vicious, so he lived with fear and trepidation all the time, even if it is just a wrong step, that is the end of his world.

After watching episode 28, I can deeply appreciate how cold-blooded and vicious King Yong is. People say that tigers do not eat their sons, but because he is afraid of his son's powerful, he will take everything from his son's hand. Not only that, when Feng Lanxi was caned, he also specially reminded the executioner to beat him to death, even if crippled was also in his tacit approval. Looking at his blood-stained son kneeling below, he did not show any pity, but sat in a high position and looked down at Feng Lanxi, who was struggling below, with the coldness of the emperor in his eyes everywhere.

how cold-blooded and vicious King Yong is

So Feng Lanxi can meet Bai Fengxi, which is the happiest thing in his life. Only in front of Bai Fengxi can he put down all the guards and open up his heart to talk to her. At this time, he is no longer that calculating, thoughtful noble boy, but a cheerful and happy big boy.

The male and female protagonists know and understand each other, and one can guess what the other is thinking with just one look or expression. It is really difficult for people to not like this kind of high-IQ double-strength persona. From acquaintance to love, and finally to staying together in a lifetime, a person's smile is reflected in the eyes of two people, a tear is experienced by two hearts, such a beautiful love makes people envious.

bai fengxi and feng lanxi sweet

I thought this would be complete, but what people didn't expect was that in the final pacification of the world's battlefield, there was an accident.

In the last episode 40, Bai Fengxi was seriously injured in order to destroy the artillery. In order to save Bai Fengxi, Feng Lanxi sent her to the old man Tianji, using his own life expectancy in exchange for Bai Feng Xi's life, but he had only ten years of life left and a head of white hair. It was also this incident that made the two realize the importance of each other. If there is no other party, what is the use of throne.

bai fengxi and feng lanxi sweet

So in the end Feng Lanxi chose to give up the throne to Huang Chao. He wanted to accompany Bai Fengxi well in his remaining 10 years.

The two of them eventually chose to return to seclusion and live happily together, which is considered a complete success.

But how long can 10 years be?

Huang Chao Ending: The biggest winner?

After Yu Wuyuan's death, Emperor Dadong thought that he was incapable of consolidating the country and agreed to abdicate to Feng Lanxi . However, Feng Lanxi only had 10 years left in his life and he only wanted to spend the rest of his life with the person he loved, so he gave up his throne to Huang Chao. Since then, the three forces have converged, and Huang Chao has become the biggest winner.

huang chao of Who Rules the World

In fact, it has always been unexpected for Huang Chao to become emperor. He has been determined to be the king of this territory since he was a child, and is one of the four great princes with high martial arts skills and talent. At the same time, he also loves the people and does not want them to live in the chaos of war, so when the Xuanji Order reappeared and the major states were turbulent, he began to plan, and his goals and ambitions were no less than Feng Lanxi.

Yu Wuyuan Ending: The biggest villain, dying without knowing his own fault

Unexpectedly, the biggest villain in this drama is the “No. 1 childe in the world” who is “responsible”.

yu wuyuan of Who Rules the World

In the early days of the country founding, the Dadong Emperor had a group of brothers who went through fire and water togehter, including the ancestor of Yu Wuyuan. When Dadong Emperor ascended the supreme throne, he said to the world that he would be generous to the Yu family, and thanked the ancestor of the Yu family for his support and loyalty to him. But as he sat on the high seat, his mind changed. He felt that Yu family was so meritorious that it threatened his own imperial throne, so he did something shameful behind his back.

He secretly cast a blood curse on the Yu family, and finally beheaded the Yu family. At that time, Yu Wuyuan was a child less than a month old. This is indeed unfair to the Yu family and showed the ungratefulness of Emperor Dadong.

Therefore, in order to overthrow the Dadong Dynasty and regain the honor belonging to the Yu family, Yu Wuyuan regarded human life as grass. In order to provoke a war in the world and reap the benefits, he disregarded the safety of the people in the world, and even poisoned the big families in Jianghu to obtain their family heirlooms, and built a powerful army.

Although he died under the swords of Bai Fengxi and Feng Lanxi in the end, he didn't know where he went wrong.

He also became a person like Emperor Dadong, disregarding the world for his own personal desires.


While many people think it's a HE, I think there are also many people who think it's an open-ended BE.

bai fengxi and feng lanxi end

All because of the war, a lot of people were sacrificed, leaving countless regrets and sadness.

Man has grief and joy, parting and reunion; The moon has foul weather and fair, waxing and waning. Nothing is so perfect. Feng Lanxi and Bai Fengxi ended like this, also drawing a just-right end to this drama.

(Note: In the novel of the same name, Feng Lanxi's lifespan has been compensated by medicine. The ending is truly complete.)

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  1. In my mind, the special flower given by the Old Master in Wu Mountain blooms again (The Master gave it to them telling her that it’s special and to feed her inner force every day and that it blooms every two decades). At the time it was given, let’s say it’s a few years old. Bai owns it for less than a year (?) before it was fed to her when she was stabbed. Then, let’s say she kept cultivating the stem after she was healed and the plant is growing again. It’s at least another half a year before her brother and father died. Another half year of warfare. Then a year passed after her engagement with Hei before she was married. Then five years. The final battles might take another six months? Anyway, by the time it’s near another ten years when Hei’s lifespan is done, it should be close to the time for the flower/plant to rebloom! Feed the poor white hair guy the flower and hey, not only is he cured, but his hair turns black again! Heh.

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