Review of You Are My Destiny Ending: Gradually Growing for a Stable Marriage

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In the ending of Chinese drama You Are My Destiny, Wang Xiyi finally walked into the marriage hall with Chen Jiaxin after resolving misunderstandings.

You Are My Destiny ending cover

In the last episode, Wang Xiyi and Chen Jiaxin reorganized their wedding. Wang Xiyi also prepared a special gift for Chen Jiaxin. At that time, they started on the cruise, now Wang Xiyi hoped to continue the cruise with Chen Jiaxin.

On the cruise, Chen Jiaxin asked Wang Xiyi when he fell in love with her. In fact, Wang Yiyi couldn't understand it himself. Perhaps from the moment she helped him pick up the ring and fell into the water, Chen Jiaxin was his destiny.

Chen Jiaxin asked Wang Xiyi when he fell in love with her

Chen Jiaxin and Wang Xiyi

Wang Xiyi, a young entrepreneur and elite talent. At work, he is decisive, but he treats feelings in the opposite way. Although he never knows it, he has a deep love. He is loyal and enthusiastic to his friends and cares for his family. He is a person who is cold on the outside and warm on the inside.

Chen Jiaxin, with a mediocre appearance and simple dress, was initially just a new employee who was cautious in everything. She was diligent and hard-working, always thinking of others, and being sincere to people. No one cared about her existence except her best friend. Despite this, she never gave up on herself and was still happily busy every day.

Chen Jiaxin and Wang Xiyi

The story of Chen Jiaxin and Wang Xiyi started on a cruise ship. Wang Xiyi originally wanted to propose to Anna on the cruise ship, but Anna left him behind and went to Paris alone because she wanted to realize her dream. And Chen Jiaxin's boyfriend is having an affair.

Wang Xiyi helped Chen Jiaxin to teach her scumbag boyfriend, while Chen Jiaxin helped him to fulfill his marriage proposal. But what the two of them didn't expect was that they both got drunk at the marriage proposal party and ended up sleeping together. When they woke up early in the morning, their relationship had undergone a special change before they knew it.


When Wang Yiyi thought that this was just a dream and that there would be no intersection from now on, the finger of fate aimed at the two again. They actually got married, and even the marriage certificate had legal effect. The two almost collapsed when they found out. Well, they originally thought it was just acting, but it actually came true.

Then they were about to divorce and signed a divorce agreement, but fate didn't seem to want to let them go. Wang Xiyi came to Chen Jiaxin's hometown of Huaniao Island because of company affairs, but unfortunately, Chen Jiaxin's pregnancy vomiting was all over the Internet.

the finger of fate

Wang Xiyi had no choice but to marry Chen Jiaxin.

Wang Yiyi was very conflicted in his heart. He didn't want to meet again, but he couldn't help but get involved in Chen Jiaxin's life again. Chen Jiaxin's pregnancy had a great impact on him, but at the same time, he was still looking forward to his child.

The two signed a divorce agreement. After the child was born, they divorced and never had any relationship.

Later, the two separated because of the child's miscarriage. Chen Jiaxin also went abroad to decompress and further study.

Gradually Growing for a Stable Marriage

Although this is a story that can only be made up in the script, a diligent person always needs a chance and coincidence. Without tricks or schemes, relying on fate and her own efforts, she can prove her ability to others. At the same time, she also gradually saw herself, that timid and humble "Little Transparent", is gradually growing into a confident and strong person.


In the whole drama of You Are My Destiny, we can feel that Chen Jiaxin is particularly hardworking, she constantly absorbs nutrients and improves herself. Some people may think that she is too lucky to have a high starting point with the help of the platform, but from another perspective, if you don't work hard and don't have an open mind, even a high platform is useless.

Three years of learning pottery, that is hard, need to endure the lonely process. It is really not easy for a girl, and not everyone has that kind of patience. She did not fail to live up to her grandmother's trust and love for her. Chen Jiaxin is a treasure that can definitely shine as long as she is given enough opportunities to grow up.

And three years later, when they met again, Wang Yiyi had to re-examine Chen Jiaxin. A self-respecting and self-confident Chen Jiaxin made him less confident. The original ugly duckling was now a completely elegant white swan.

They can finally look at each other levelly, and this is the basis for a stable marriage.

Chen Jiaxin and Wang Xiyi stable-marriage

The relationship between Wang Xiyi and Chen Jiaxin can be described as twists and turns. From the initial indifference to the mutual acceptance of the two, and then because of the exchanged divorce agreement, there was a deep misunderstanding and estrangement.

Even though Chen Jiaxin escaped for three years, she still couldn't resist the heartbeat when they met again.

The two eventually resolved the misunderstanding and spent the rest of their lives together.

spent the rest of their lives together

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