Review of Crush Ending: Resolving Misunderstanding, Getting Married, Having Child

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The final ending of Crush Chinese drama is still very happy, Su Nianqin and Sang Wuyan are happily together.

Crush Chinese drama cover

Adapted from the novel of the same name written by Mu Fusheng, the drama tells the love story of radio host Sang Wuyan and songwriter Su Nianqin.

Sang Wuyan (Wan Peng), a graduating senior, dreams of becoming a broadcaster, working as an anchor assistant at a radio station, and likes a mysterious songwriter with the pen name "Yi Jin". She falls in love at first sight with Su Nianqin(Lin Yanjun), a visually impaired man she meets by chance. Sang Wuyan gradually peeled off Su Nianqin's aloof and indifferent shell, until she finds that Su Nianqin is"Yi Jin", and they fall in love, but later break up due to the pressure of reality and misunderstanding.

Three years later, Sang Wuyan became a radio host, Su Nianqin also cured his eyes and took up family responsibilities to learn to manage the business. The two who met again finally resolved the misunderstanding and overcame difficulties to come together.

Lovers get married, happy ending.

crush Su Nianqin marry Sang Wuyan

Su Nianqin and Sang Wuyan

Su Nianqin is a very talented songwriter and composer. He is indifferent and acts as he pleases, full of arrogance but humble to the bone.

crush Su Nianqin

He came from a wealthy background, but was thrown into an orphanage by his father because of his visual impairment and later taken back home because his father had no other children. He refused the help of others and acted like a normal person as much as possible.

In the past, because of Su Nianqin's utter despair for family and affection, he closed himself up firmly, and only music accompanied him after his mother died. It wasn't until later that the closed heart was slowly opened because of Sang Wuyan.

Sang Wuyan works in a radio station and looks lively and cheerful, but in fact suffers from hypochondria because of the departure of her best friend.

crush Sang Wuyan

She fell in love with Su Nianqin at first sight, and later went to the special education school for an internship, met Su Nianqin again, and pursued him.

After Sang Wuyan and Su Nianqin got together, they encountered many obstacles in their love and career, and finally broke up due to misunderstanding.

crush together

Three years later, Sang Wuyan succeeded in pursuing her dream and became a radio host. And Su Nianqin had also been cured of his eyes and became the head of the family business. The two met again and solved their misunderstanding and finally became a couple.

After the marriage, they had a daughter.

After the marriage, they had a daughter.

Wei Hao and Xu Qian

Xu Qian, Sang Wuyan and Wei Hao have been a close trio since high school.

Xu Qian, Sang Wuyan and Wei Hao have been a close trio since high school

In college, Xu Qian became the lead singer of Wei Hao's band, and Wei Hao fell in love with Xu Qian. After graduating from university, due to the pressure of reality, Wei Hao went to work in a technology company and became an employee of Su Nianqin's company, and was also the assistant of Su Nianqin and Sang Wuyan's relationship.

Xu Xi resigned from her position as a lead singer to work in a radio station because of the reality and became a colleague of Sang Wuyan, and later entered a financial company as an intern.

crush Wei Hao and Xu Qian

In the end, Xu Qian was moved by Wei Hao's sincerity, accepted his marriage proposal, and returned to the band as the lead singer.

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