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Sunshine of My Life Chinese drama ending is that the hero and heroine, despite the ups and downs, always stick to their dreams, eventually fall in love and get married.

Sunshine of My Life Chinese drama ending cover

Tang Mingxuan and Mo Fei

The male lead Tang Mingxuan is a workaholic and quite ambitious in his career. His identity is the general manager of Mingyuan Group.

The female lead Mo Fei is a lively and cheerful girl. She is beautiful and is a very talented fashion designer.

Tang Mingxuan and Mo Fei

In the last episode 45 of Sunshine of My Life,

Mo Fei held the first personal design exhibition in her life and won the love of Tang Mingxuan's father Tang Qiren and mother Lu Dan.

Tang Mingxuan and Mo Fei's wedding venue was chosen at the place where he and Mo Fei first met as children.

Tang Mingxuan told a story about his childhood,

There was a little girl holding a small fox doll, telling him a fairy tale of a little prince.

Tang Mingxuan told a story about his childhood

Mo Fei then knew that the little boy she met here at the age of five was Tang Mingxuan.

Tang Mingxuan and Mo Fei, after 20 years, went from a dream to reality and walked to each other's side.

This is a wonderful fate, they are destined to be together.

they are destined to be together

Cheng Yang and Mi Duoduo

Cheng Yang proposed to Mi Duoduo.

Cheng Yang proposed to Mi Duoduo

Mo Fei and Mi Duoduo's joint small store finally opened officially. There were limited-edition clothes made by Mo Fei stitch by stitch, and they were soon in demand.

Cheng Yang also took advantage of this opportunity, in the blessing of the crowd, formally proposed to Mi Duoduo.

Mi Duoduo didn't wait for Cheng Yang to say something from his heart, even more eager than Cheng Yang, and hastily agreed to this surprise marriage proposal.

Fang Xiaoyu

The relationship between Fang Xiaoyu and Fang Weiguo was reconciled, and naturally he would no longer hate Zhuang Yuerong.

Fang Qian's illness was completely recovered, and everything seemed to be getting better.

However, deep inside, Fang Xiaoyu still couldn't let go of Mo Fei. He could only choose to call Xia Xueling for a drink, but he was unwilling to reveal his thoughts.

In his mind, the scenes of his acquaintance with Mo Fei flashed like a movie.

Fang Xiaoyu

Fang Xiaoyu thought back to his past with Mo Fei, and thought of Xia Xueling's understanding, perhaps time would teach him to let go.

Xia Xueling

Xia Xueling found that she had never forgotten her love for painting. Only painting could bring her back to her true inner self.

Xia Xueling ending

She resigned to Tang Mingxuan.

Xia Xueling completely let go of Tang Mingxuan in her heart. She needs to find herself again, to find the way of following herself.

Bai Xiaoman and Shen Jiaxi

Shen Jiaxi's story has spread in the industry, and she has not found a job for half a year. She decided to leave Shanghai for a new city, or go to a mountain village to teach.

Bai Xiaoman also put down everything in the past. She has changed the industry and decided to start afresh.

Bai Xiaoman and Shen Jiaxi ending

These two similar people woke up at the same time, walked away from each other and chose the life they should take.

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