Review of Sweet Teeth Ending: Love of Your Own

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The ending of Sweet Teeth Chinese drama: Ai Jingchu proposed to Zeng Li.

Ai Jingchu proposed to Zeng Li

Sweet Teeth is an adaptation of the novel of the same name. It mainly tells the love story between a university librarian and a dentist.

The drama focuses on describing the psychological process of the male and female protagonists developing mutual affection. It is not necessary to do very intimate things, as long as the ambiguity that has been maintained, the sweet feeling will arise spontaneously.

Not too many exaggerated corny plots. Although every time Ai Jingchu wanted to confess, he would always be interrupted by various things, but it was closer to the reality of life, planning on a long term basis.


Ai Jingchu and Zeng Li

The female protagonist Zeng Li is a librarian in the university. Her teeth are not straight , and she has never had the courage to straighten them. Later, she was sent by her mother to straighten them.

The male protagonist, Ai Jingchu, is Zeng Li's orthodontist and a teacher at her university, handsome and highly skilled.


When Zeng Li met Ai Jingchu at the beginning, there was a misunderstanding about him.

Zeng Li thought that Ai Jingchu was a scumbag who cheated on women and disliked him very much. But later Zeng Li found out that she had misunderstood Ai Jingchu.

As Ai Jingchu helped Zeng Li to straighten her teeth, the two had more contact, and after experiencing a series of events such as walking together on a snowy night and hide-and-seek in a welfare institution, love slowly sprouted in their hearts.

Ai Jingchu was very affectionate to Zeng Li. When she is in pain, he always accompanied her, and told her the secret of his life experience, just to let his beloved get out of the pain quickly.

Zeng Li's feelings for Ai Jingchu also gradually sublimated from the initial friendship to love, and the feelings between the two became more and more clear.

At the end of the plot, Zeng Li put down her psychological burden to support Ai Jingchu's dream of going to Africa to to aid in medicine, and waited for Ai Jingchu's elaborate marriage proposal.

In the last episode 22 of Sweet Teeth:

When Zeng Li was putting away books, she accidentally knocked down a row of bookcases in pursuit of a leaf.

knocked down a row of bookcases

This is exactly the same scene as Zeng Li wrote in the novel. Zeng Li closed her eyes and walked to the other side, expecting Ai Jingchu to appear in front of her as well as the novel.

Just when Zeng Li was disappointed, Ai Jingchu got up from the stack of books, marveled like in the novel, finally finding the book.

Zeng Li was moved to hug Ai Jingchu.

Ai Jingchu and Zeng Li hug

Ai Jingchu said that he had come back long ago, but he wanted to talk to Zeng Li quietly in the library, but he still ended up in such a mess.

He said that because of Zeng Li's existence, he had an extra universe. Zeng Li cried and laughed, saying that Ai Jingchu had stolen his words.

Ai Jingchu very seriously pointed at the scene where she described kissing in the book, and did it the next second.

Ai Jingchu and Zeng Li kiss

Zeng Li opened the novel "Sweet Teeth" written by herself, and there was a ring hidden in it.

Ai Jingchu and Zeng Li kiss ring

At the place where the two met for the first time, in a library full of books, Ai Jingchu, holding a diamond ring, knelt down on one knee to propose to Zeng Li.

Zeng Li was so moved to tears and accepted Ai Jingchu's marriage proposal. She cried with tears all over her face, confirming again and again that Ai Jingchu would not leave again.

Ai-Jingchu proposed to Zeng Li-2

Wu Ying and Liu Yucheng

Wu Ying wore a wedding dress and married Liu Yucheng with a big belly.

Wu Ying and Liu Yucheng

At the wedding, Liu Yucheng said touchingly that he was very happy today, because Wu Ying finally trusted him.

Liu Yucheng knew that Wu Ying worked hard to protect herself, not wanting reality to force her to grow up. He was especially grateful to Wu Ying, who was brave enough to entrust herself and their children's future to him.


Liu Yucheng promised not to disappoint Wu Ying. Wu Ying was so moved that she responded loudly, "Liu Yucheng, I love you."

They hugged each other tightly and exchange rings of love.

Deng Haoran and Ma Yiyi

Deng Haoran worked harder to make money, giving Ma Yiyi more choices in both career and life.

Ma Yiyi had no sense of security before, so she wanted to get married quickly as a bargaining chip to tie another person.

But in the end she figured it out.

Deng Haoran and Ma Yiyi love

At the wedding of Wu Ying and Liu Yucheng, Deng Haoran said that he also wanted to give Ma Yiyi a wedding.

However, Ma Yiyi felt that the current relationship with Deng Haoran does not need to be attached to a marriage certificate, but can also have a sense of security.

She is very sure of her feelings with Deng Haoran, and the two have agreed to enjoy the present moment.

Love of Your own

Although the three couples have different love situations, they have the same happy ending.

All three kinds of love made netizens sweet to the heart.


In the drama,

Zeng Li, who is frequently urged to marry, has appearance anxiety,

Wu Ying, who is working hard for her career and is unwilling to get married,

Ma Yiyi, who is playing the world,

We will unknowingly substitute ourselves into these three of them. What they have experienced everything is what we also encounter in our daily lives.

Seeing that they do not depend on anyone, their independent, confident and brave attitude of chasing love will also give us more courage to fight against the world.

The common life in the world touch the hearts of mortals the most. The three girls' happy journey also makes netizens believe that there is always a love in the ordinary world that belongs to them.

Good love is not a mathematical equation, it has no standard answer.

Whether it is plain as water, daily life but full of surprises and moving of "clear soup " love,

Sweet and sour of "sour soup" love that seeking common ground while reserving differences,

Hot and spicy of “spicy soup” love,

They are all the most beautiful existence in the world.

As long as you find a compatible lover, you will have your own unique soup.


In life, there is always a moment that makes you believe in fairy tales.

In the dust of the world, I hope you can also find a small universe of you own.

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