Never Say Goodbye: Who Is the Ghost? Who Is Lin Youyou?

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Lin Youyou is the "Ghost".

lin youyou

Many viewers have also guessed for a long time, but they did not expect that this very late character, Lin Youyou, is the ultimate behind-the-scenes instigator - the leader of an international drug trafficking organization, the "Ghost" that everyone is looking for. She disguises her voice and appearance in order not to be discovered. Arranging herself to be a "ghost" is also to achieve cooperation with Mr. Ou, making whom feel that she is not simple.

"Ghost" never shows the real face, and the voice is also processed by voice change. So no one has seen "his" real appearance. There are also many people who imagine him as a man based on their own subjective assumptions. Previously, viewers could see a man with gray hair in the play. He claims to be the "Ghost" and met people from the villain camp. He is the fake sent by Lin Youyou to test Song Ben.

What is the ending of Lin Youyou?

In this Never Say Goodbye Chinese drama, Lin Youyou, codenamed "Ghost", whenever comes into contact with others, will dresses up in disguise first. Even the voice will be changed to a certain extent. It is a very treacherous role. She brings great obstacles and difficulties to the police action.

In the end, Li Ruosheng takes the explosive and dies together with Mu Qing. Lin Youyou, who is brought to the scene by Li Ruosheng's subordinates, could not escape either. She is arrested by the police. Eventually this huge drug cartel is liquidated. The criminals pay the price.

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