Sweet Sweet Review: Is Ice Cream Really That Delicious?

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I believe that for most people, ice cream is not a rare thing. Even for those with a non-sweet tooth, they may not pay attention to the changing flavors of ice cream all year round.

However, in the urban sweet drama Sweet Sweet, the ice cream made by the heroine successfully attracts the attention of many viewers. Everyone starts to discuss, how delicious is this ice cream?

su mu eats ice cream first time


Sweet Sweet tells the story of the aircraft designer Su Mu with aphasia and the ice cream girl Tian Tiande, who meet because of ice cream, which leads to a series of dreamy and sweet stories.

In a summer encounter, Tian Tiande, an ice cream girl, meets her "nemesis" - Su Mu, a "stinky" young man with aphasia. If Tian Tiande wants to get rid of Mercury retrograde, she must obey Su Mu, and Su Mu also needs Tian Tiande's ice cream to cure his aphasia.

The two young people thus reach a sweet contract that only belongs to them. And in this sweet interaction, the two gradually discover that they are not born to resist each other, but are destined to love each other. In the process, the neighbors change into cohabitation, secret love became passionate love. They spend an unforgettable summer with all kinds of young people around them, performing a sweet summer love story.

Ice cream and character setting

Obviously, in this drama, ice cream has become a key prop, the key to the encounter between the hero and heroine. Such a unique and interesting setting is naturally a big wave of ridicule. But aside from the funny and romantic plot, we can see how Chinese sweet dramas have changed in recent years in response to the market.

The audience find that the fastest change is the male protagonist's character. Since Taiwanese idol dramas have taken over the mainland screen, domineering president-style male protagonists have emerged one after another. After all, the character of a rich and pet girlfriend is indeed very eye-catching.

However, with the changing tastes of female audiences - the main audience of sweet dramas, and the rise of feminist ideology, those male protagonists who are in love and know various routines have been criticized for being greasy and macho. So that many drama teams dare not engage in such tricks, and the innocent and silly boy-style male protagonist who has never been in love like a blank sheet of paper has risen again.

In Sweet Sweet, the male protagonist can't even speak when he sees a woman. When he is nervous, he needs to rely on ice cream to relieve himself. That's why he meets the female owner of a dessert shop. This setting not only promotes the development of the plot, but also gives the audience a sense of security that he will not cheat, so it cannot be said that it is not novel.

Some behind the scenes

For actor Zhao Yiqin, joining the crew of Sweet Sweet is not an easy job.

On the one hand, although Su Mu is set to suffer from aphasia and doesn't need too many emotional changes, even if his acting skills are not very good, he can control it, but how to make a silly boy feel “charming” has become a big problem.

From the softness of helping Tian Tiande tie her hair, and the sudden sharpness of his words when relieving her, it can be seen that the actor does put some effort into it.

On the other hand, Zhao Yiqin also reveals that when filming the kissing scene, he does not feel as good as the picture presented. Because the water from the shower will enter the eyes and mouth, causing discomfort.

Another scene of confession with fireworks, after 18 hours of continuous shooting, it has to withstand the pressure of physical fatigue, showing love and sweetness. It has to say that shooting low-cost sweet dramas is not as easy as the audience thinks.


Sweet Sweet is a small budget sweet drama, and the main creative team's priority is not behavioral logic or closeness to reality. Instead, it is how to attract the audience to watch as quickly as possible with low publicity, using the common ice cream in life as a lead-in to expand the plot.

After all, it is too harsh to demand Sweet Sweet by the standard of a big production drama. If you lower the standard and simply feel the love process of the hero and heroine, this drama still passes the passing line.

Of course, in the past few years, the audience's aesthetic requirements have been continuously improved, and even a little too demanding. Instead of madly ridiculing that it is suspended above reality, it is better to feel whether the love scene in the whole drama brings you a different feeling. 

Perhaps, that is the beauty you once hoped for.

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