Review of Professional Single: Whether she is good or not, I like her

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Professional Single Chinese drama is so sugary that it will let you experience the sweet crit every minute. The interaction between the cold-faced school hunk and the cute girlfriend is very sweet in every frame.

Review of Professional Single

Of course, for the sake of sweetness, there will always be some boring plot designs that are out of touch with reality.

This drama focuses on the campus youthful inspirational story of college students from the art department who overcome many difficulties on their way to pursue their artistic ideals, and ultimately reap the benefits of love, friendship, and approaching their dreams.

The background is set in the Sculpture Department of the Art Academy. The story revolves around two protagonists, Qin Shen, a high-cold academic overachiever who aspires to become a sculptor, and Yuan Qian, a girl who dreams of oil painting.

Professional Single Chinese Drama Review

Professional Single is a not-so-typical sweet drama. The story is set on campus, but instead of choosing the typical settings such as "childhood sweethearts", it starts from the entry point of love over time. Breaking out of the conventional routine of "the male and female protagonists are originally bound by each other", telling a story of love falling from the sky. Compared with the same type of sweet drama, it seems a little more real.

Qin Shen (Deng Chaoyuan) is a freshman in the sculpture department. He wants to be a sculptor and refuses to fall in love, thinking that falling in love will disrupt his plans. He's a man of few words but a poisonous tongue, and seldom reasons with others, but he slowly changes when he meets Yuan Qian.

Yuan Qian (Song Yiren) is cute on the outside, but strong and thoughtful in her heart. She is eager to fall in love, but she is super detail-oriented and always unconsciously picks on the other person's shortcomings.

As soon as I saw Song Yiren, I thought of Sang Sang played in Ever Night. I have to say that Song Yiren is very suitable for performing youth dramas. She looks small but has infinite explosive power.

Yuan Qian is a very thoughtful girl. Although she said that the standard for finding a boyfriend is a live man, in fact, when you really want to fall in love, you have many requirements. It is very difficult to find a suitable person.

When they meet for the first time, they confront each other and forge a rift.

Classmates, dislike each other, the rhythm of lonely life. Such two people, in daily life, actually have an intersection, and they are inexplicably sweet!

For the first time, Yuan Qian fell into the water. Qin Shen felt guilty for not pulling her back, so he gave her cold medicine.

The second time, Yuan Qian accidentally damaged Qin Shen's sculpture when she returned to the classroom at night, and she secretly repaired it all night but was caught by Qin Shen.

The third time, because of the ghost story about the female bathroom at school, Yuan Qian opened the door at the end of the female bathroom driven by her curiosity, but she didn't expect it to be the male bathroom. At the critical moment, Qin Shen covered Yuan Qian's panicked eyes with a towel.

As the frequency of contact increases, the atmosphere between the two gradually becomes ambiguous, and the feeling of a heartbeat becomes stronger and stronger...

Love permeates every little thing, but the parties don't know their liking for each other yet.

Qin Shen looks cold, but for Yuan Qian, he secretly infiltrates his heart-warming actions, fearing that she will bump into each other, and unconditionally tolerates her. Isn't this love?

The strangest thing about Qin Shen is that he clearly says he isn't in love but silently cares about Yuan Qian.

Yuan Qian is moved by him, but she doesn't know how to express her position.

The rising affection, little by little, ignites your memories of your youthful past.

The ambiguous movement between the two makes you feel the breath of youth through the screen.

The relationship between the two warms up and the way they treat each other changes. Among them, nothing attracts the audience's attention more than Qin Shen, who has transformed from a straight man into a "peerless jealous king".

He put the hand cream and red potion sent by Yuan Qian in the drawer, and won't let anyone touch them.

When Yuan Qian and the other boys are playing around in the library, he casts a disgruntled look, reminding both of them to be quiet.

The funniest thing is that before confessing, he has become a loyal dog staring at his wife. The water Yuan Qian sent is accidentally thrown into the trash can, he has to pick it up. Yuan Qian and other people together, he has to stare at all times,  not allowing any overstepping behavior to appear.

On the surface, he is a cold man, but inside he is his wife's number one peerless jealous king + loyal dog. The huge contrast makes him so cute.

From quarrelsome friends to sweet couple, they are destined to be together. The two have similar "souls" and will empathize with each other's experiences.

There are no well-known popular artists in the drama, and it can't be called a big production. However, although the actors are young, fortunately, they have a good grasp of emotions and handling of details, and the characters are very vivid.

The plot is easy, with a little bit of Mary Sue in the sweetness. Such a small-scale light-sweet comedy still suits the appetite of many young people. .

Those very simple friendship and pure love in this drama are something that everyone will definitely experience.

Its love is very direct, very steely, and very simple, and our ability is also very simple. Although our goal is to get out of the singles, we enjoy the growth process of this precious friendship and pure love.


The blunt story line, various coincidences continue, it feels like the screenwriter is relying on his own subjective consciousness to match the hero and heroine together.

A sportsman, a handsome guy with a good figure, and a girl with a good face who is occasionally confused, these two are the main characters of Professional Single.

I guess it's not because of their ability to be single, it's because the screenwriter forced them to be single, and then they ended up being paired together. Haha.

Professional Single Ending

Jia Sicheng got out of the predicament, rediscovered his creative direction, and repaired his relationship with Qin Shen.

During the holiday, Yuan Qian and Qin Shen went to Qin Shen's hometown for a trip.

Chen Qinan confessed to Luo Xinxin and became a couple.

The typhoon caused heavy rain, and Qin Shen and Yuan Qian looked for a B&B to stay in. In the single bedroom, Qin Shen and Yuan Qian had intimate contact.

Three years later, the Department of Sculpture expanded its student population due to winning the championship.

Ling Wei finally resolved her misunderstanding with Qin Shen, and she continued to study dance in graduate school.

Yuan Qian and Qin Shen graduated successfully.

Professional Single Quote

"There is no almost in my world, there is no difference between almost and rubbish."

The roommate asked Yuan Qian, why she has been single in school, and she said, "It shows that now the boys are too average", confident and straightforward, haha, how right are this girl's words?

For the warm male second, Yuan Qian says that he is good, but he is not only good to me. This explains why the male second can only be the male second.

"You can't be nice to everyone. If you are nice to everyone, I won't be able to tell if you're nice to me."

Compared to the warm man with a "central air-conditioning" persona, Yuan Qian only wants to have someone like herself.

Qin Shen wanted to care about Yuan Qian, "You are so blushing, you should go to the doctor first", it was frighteningly straightforward, but Qin Shen's different emotions toward Yuan Qian could be seen.

From the seemingly careless words, we can see the love values of Qin Shen and Yuan Qian. Love is the only one. Love is to like and then you will never look back.

Although love this kind of thing is nothing, but when you meet the right person, it will be a big difference.

At Last

Campus vitality, youthful energy, and budding emotions all give birth to a variety of different kinds of tenderness in this drama.

Watching sweet dramas can relieve stress without fear of excessive sweetness, after all, if you are tired of it, you can still find a horror film to balance it out, so let's catch up with the drama together~

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