Review of Shining For One Thing: Is Zhang Wansen Back in the Finale?

The film version of Shining For One Thing is about to be released, with the original cast starring, and the unfinished topic of Lin Beixing and Zhang Wansen has once again become a hot topic. If the drama version of Shining For One Thing hadn't been a hit, the film version wouldn't have made such a big splash before it was released, right?

Who has not been touched by the line "Zhang Wansen, it's snowing" in the drama version?

Shining For One Thing review

The Chinese drama Shining For One Thing stars Zhang Jianing and Qu Chuxiao. It tells that, Lin Beixing, who has lost both her love and career, repeatedly travels back to high school, explores the secrets of time traveling, and finally decides to save Zhang Wansen, who is related to her, thus embarking on a marvelous journey of temporal and spatial salvation.

Shining For One Thing Review

Shining For One Thing is a campus idol drama with a warm and healing story, a fantasy and romantic style, and accurately captures the youthful purity of first love on campus.

There is no kissing scene or crazy sweet show in the whole drama. It just creates the tension between the male and female protagonists. All the details of the first heartfelt love have already captivated the audience, while the heat and word of mouth have been recognized by the audience.

At the beginning of the story, Lin Beixing (played by Zhang Jianing), who had always given up herself in pursuit of love, was cheated on by her fiancé and abandoned the marriage before marriage. She was distracted and lost her job.

Lin Beixing, who had lost both her love and career, accidentally traveled to a parallel world where she was in high school when she accidentally deleted the text messages on her old mobile phone.

Lin Beixing hoped to take this opportunity to rewrite the rest of her life, but she was always dragged back to the real main world at 6:30 when she returned home from the college entrance examination.

After several explorations, Lin Beixing discovered that the opportunity for time travel was related to her high school classmate Zhang Wansen (played by Qu Chuxiao). Six-thirty was the time when Zhang Wansen jumped from the lighthouse in the suburbs. Every time Zhang Wansen successfully jumped from the tower, she would be sent back to the real main world.

In order to completely change her life, Lin Beixing was determined to save Zhang Wansen.

When she appeared in front of Zhang Wansen again, the time was advanced to the beginning of her senior year of high school. This time Lin Beixing knew about Zhang Wansen in advance and had more opportunities to pay attention to him. So after getting along again and again, she finally discovered that those moments of quiet encounters were not the arrangement of fate, but Zhang Wansen was silently guarding her.

Zhang Wansen was always careful about his secret love, fearing to bring any burden to the girl. He was Lin Beixing's shadow warrior. Unfortunately, Lin Beixing never remembered such a person appearing in her life.

When Lin Beixing traveled back in time to find the truth about Zhang Wansen's death and prevent all this from happening, she slowly realized how much this boy liked her.

If it weren't for time travel, Lin Beixing would never have known there was such a person in her life. To her, Zhang Wansen was just a name and photo in the graduation album.

She didn't know there was a Zhang Wansen, she would probably have been idle all along, not knowing what she really wanted. She might have forgotten her cheating fiancé and would have found a man who suited her to marry.

For Zhang Wansen, Lin Beixing is his North Star. If he knows that the girl he cares for with all his heart is unhappy, he must be particularly sad...

During this time travel, Lin Beixing watched the lighthouse being blown up, but she still watched Zhang Wansen fall from the tall building. Lin Beixing finally knew that Zhang Wansen did not commit suicide, but was thrown off the tower by someone else because of her.

Zhang Wansen began a secret love affair that lasted for more than ten years because of Lin Beixing's encouragement when he was a child. He guarded her silently, not daring to talk to her or get to know her. He only dared to secretly protect her and follow her in the dark.

The young man risked his precious life for a bright future for the girl he loved, but he asked for nothing in return. The girl didn't even know that such a person existed. Zhang Wansen was named the ceiling of the crush, deservedly so, after all, for which he put his life on the line.

Because Zhang Wansen fell from the building, Lin Beixing returned to the real main world.


Looking at the deleted chat messages interface, Lin Beixing could no longer go to the world with Zhang Wansen.

At this time, Lin Beixing found Zhang Wansen's good friend Maizi who existed in every world, and got Zhang Wansen's diary and mobile phone from him. Lin Beixing found two messages sent to her by Zhang Wansen from her mobile phone's "Stranger Messages".

Because of these two text messages, Lin Beixing was sent back to high school again. But both of these time travels were very short.

After a time travel, Lin Beixing immediately confessed her love to Zhang Wansen. After confessing her love, she was sent back to the main world;

Another time travel, she knocked away Zhang Wansen's cell phone and saw his "I like you" saved in the draft box, and she was sent back again.

Lin Beixing finally knew that the sentence "I like you" was the reason for the end of the parallel dimension.

It turned out that every text message that could bring Lin Beixing back to the past was a moment of regret for Zhang Wansen.

Once again, Lin Beixing returned to the main world, opened Zhang Wansen's mobile phone, found the "I like you" message, deleted it, and returned to the first year of high school.


This time, Lin Beixing thought she had enough time to make up for Zhang Wansen's regrets, but found that as long as she got close to Zhang Wansen, things that were supposed to happen later were brought forward.

As long as any one of them said "I like you", the world would end and she would return to the main world.

In order to save Zhang Wansen's life, Lin Beixing began to stay away from him and hurt him, just asking him to dislike her.

Lin Beixing did succeed, and Zhang Wansen, who had always been taciturn, also began to be sarcastic. But even so, he still surrendered for her when he thought she was related to the murder.

In this way, Lin Beixing successfully avoided all unsafe factors. All she had to do was wait quietly for Zhang Wansen to go abroad.

However, Zhang Wansen's wish to see the first snow with her had no chance to come true.

On the day of farewell, she saw her diary in Zhang Wansen's desk.

It turned out that he knew everything, knew why she came here, why she was indifferent to him, and why she was afraid of his death. Then he had been cooperating with her in this scene.

In every world, Lin Beixing would change in one way or another, but Zhang Wansen's love for her never changed. In this time, how could he give up because of the harm she had done to him?

After all, he once said in his diary: "Lin Beixing, I like you, the stars flow, and I will always like you."

Lin Beixing rushed to the airport and said "I'm sorry" through the glass. Zhang Wansen looked at her and said "I like you", ending this world and sending her back to the original world.


Back in the original world, Lin Beixing worked hard to become a person who loved herself, became a borderless veterinarian, and grew into an excellent adult. This was also Zhang Wansen’s dream.

She saw the happy life of everyone in this world and also saw the coming of the first snow.

She said: "Zhang Wansen, it's snowing, do you see it?"

When the snow started to fall, a person holding an umbrella for her appeared behind her...

Because of the blank space in the ending, many viewers picked up the eight-fold lens and concluded from various clues such as the opening, behind-the-scenes, clothing, handwriting, mobile phone number, and OST, that the umbrella man who didn't show his face was Zhang Wansen.

What do you think of this ending?

Shining For One Thing ending

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