Put Your Head On My Shoulder Ending: A Sweet Perfection

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The ending of Put Your Head On My Shoulder Chinese drama: In the last episode, the plot seems to be on a rocket. Needless to say, the outcome of the reunion, getting the marriage certificate, and having a baby are all settled, and then, our little friend Gu Weimo comes online.

Put Your Head On My Shoulder Ending: A Sweet Perfection

While watching the show, many people lamented that the relationship between the hero and heroine was so sweet. Of course, Put Your Head On My Shoulder is not just a romance drama, it also contains many comedy elements. The funny scenes between Situ Mo and Gu Weiyi in the drama also made people laugh out loud, and Gu Weiyi's character was particularly popular. Many female viewers wanted to fall in love with a boy like Gu Weiyi in their student days.

What are the highlights of the finale of Put Your Head On My Shoulder?

Put Your Head On My Shoulder Ending

The Ending of Gu Weiyi and Situ Mo

Gu Weiyi and Situ Mo got married. After the marriage, they gave birth to a lovely baby, whose name was Gu Mowei, named exactly from one of the characters in the names of the two people.

The sweet relationship between Situ Mo and Gu Weiyi is inseparable from outside assistance, including Teacher Xu and both mothers.

Their journey together went through many tests and was not so smooth, because the person Situ Mo liked at first was Fu Pei, but Fu Pei was self-centered and never acknowledged her.

Later on, Situ Mo rented a house that happened to be Gu Weiyi's home. After the two rented together, Situ Mo gradually fell in love with Gu Weiyi, who had already liked her. They learned during their time together that both parties are the most important people in their lives.

There are no major twists and turns in the love between the two. Although there are constant small frictions, it is still simple and beautiful, and it develops very quickly. Getting married, getting a marriage certificate, and having a baby were all done in one go. It was so exciting to watch, and you couldn't stop laughing the whole time.

In the last few episodes, Gu Weiyi and Situ Mo also had a lot of laughs.

For example, the part where the two have sex.

Situ Mo hesitated and wrapped herself in the quilt in embarrassment, which made Gu Weiyi feel turbulent inside. Just when he was about to turn off the lights and sleep normally, Situ Mo suddenly asked him if he really liked her. Of course, Gu Weiyi admitted without hesitation that he loved Situ Mo very much. Under this dreamy atmosphere of love, the two began to kiss.

The scene is so innocent, and soon a shot comes to the scene where they are wrapped in quilts and talking.

Situ Mo: It's okay, it's normal to not be able to do it the first time.

Gu Weiyi turned away angrily.

Gu Weiyi got up early to study and watch Harvard's public sex classes and carefully wrote them down in a small notebook. When Situ Mo came over and asked what he was doing, he also shared his video with Situ Mo. Whatever a pure person does will make people feel upright, and Gu Weiyi is such a person.

After not succeeding the first time, Gu Weiyi worked hard to learn this knowledge but never had the opportunity to practice it himself.

Until half a year later, in a rental house in Germany.

They just got married in the church, but Gu Weiyi didn't prepare a wedding ring for Situ Mo, so Situ Mo was angry. Suddenly, playful, the two people were very close to each other for a while. At this time, Gu Weiyi asked a rogue and gentlemanly words: can I?

The little heart was touched by Gu Wei Yi's soft words.

In such words, Situ Mo actually replied a more rogue words: I have long wanted to ask can I?

So they had an unspeakable physical contact. Finally had sex successfully!

In the final episode 24, Gu Weiyi and Situ Mo returned to China together. The two received their marriage certificate and took wedding photos. Seeing Situ Mo in a wedding dress, Gu Weiyi felt very happy.

Moreover, when taking wedding photos, Gu Weiyi also asked Situ Mo, who had just obtained her driver's license, to drive him. The scene was very thrilling.

Gu Weiyi thought of every detail of their acquaintance. When he met Situ Mo, he would become irrational and his IQ would seriously drop. Maybe this is the magic of love.

The whole screen is overflowing with happiness between them.

Although maintaining a marriage is more complicated than falling in love, they have the courage to face it together. Soon, they had a lively and clever son - Gu Weimo.

The Ending of Fu Pei and Wang Shan

In the end, Fu Pei and Wang Shan got together.

Fu Pei was Situ Mo's boyfriend at first, but he didn't know how to love someone and ended up losing Situ Mo. It wasn't until Situ Mo actually left Fu Pei that he realized how important Situ Mo was to him, but Situ Mo would never return to Fu Pei.

Wang Shan is Situ Mo's roommate, and the two are also good friends.

Wang Shan is a very sensible girl. She is very beautiful but does not wear makeup. She focuses on her studies and completes her planned life step by step.

Wang Shan did not allow anything to go wrong in her life, but the appearance of Fu Pei disrupted all her rationality.

When Wang Shan found out that she liked Fu Pei, she began to pursue him. Fu Pei was very indifferent to her at first, but she did not back down and still pursued her own happiness bravely.

Wang Shan will not let go easily when she has chosen someone. She has always been very kind to Fu Pei.

Hard work won't let you down, Wang Shan finally moved Fu Pei, and the two came together.

Xie Yuyin Ending

In fact, there is another person in the drama who is also very popular. She is Gu Weiyi's senior sister apprentice Xie Yuyin.

Xie Yuyin is a woman who can truly be called both talented and beautiful, and she is also the person most worthy of Gu Weiyi in the eyes of the public.

Because both Xie Yuyin and Gu Weiyi belong to the "high IQ group", and they happen to study the same major and share common topics. Situ Mo couldn't understand the professional terms Gu Weiyi usually spoke, but Xie Yuyin could.

They were really destined to study in the same laboratory, and even the place to go abroad was obtained by the two of them. According to general thinking, the two best people should come together.

The person who has the best opportunity and the best conditions to accompany Gu Weiyi all the time is Xie Yuyin.

When Xie Yuyin first appeared, many people were worried that she would ruin the relationship between the male and female protagonists. But it wasn't until the finale that it was realized that Xie Yuyin's scale was very good.

When Gu Weiyi didn't have a girlfriend, she would come to find him and care about Gu Weiyi. But when Gu Weiyi got a girlfriend, Xie Yuyin would keep her distance.

When Xie Yuyin heard that Gu Weiyi and Situ Mo were getting married in Germany, she was disappointed and sad at first, but after turning around and leaving, Xie Yuyin had a hint of joy on her face and looked back. Seeing Gu Weiyi's happy look, she smiled sincerely again.

She sincerely wished Gu Weiyi, because the boy she liked finally had his beloved girl.

At Last

The warmest little moments are walking the right path and doing the right things with the right people - Put Your Head On My Shoulder.

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