What Is “The Flaming Heart ” About? Is It Good?

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The Flaming Heart Chinese drama: A romantic idol drama full of positive energy, the spring of people who are sensitive to the effects of beauty.

The Flaming Heart

Firefighter and Doctor

The Flaming Heart is a story about a fire fighter Huo Yan and a doctor Yan Lan who meet by coincidence, fight side by side and fall in love after experiencing life and death tests.

The play begins with an emergency. A chain of car accidents causes a fire, and a pregnant woman asks for help in a critical moment. In this way, Huo Yan and Yan Lan start their first encounter through a mobile phone conversation. The tense atmosphere instantly arouses the appetite of netizens, and also understand the main emotional line.

However, it can be seen from the unreasonable part of the pregnancy in the first episode that this part is only a pavement for the encounter between the male and female protagonists.

The characters of fire fighter and emergency doctor are very suitable for young people's tastes. The story line will be mixed with the emotional development of the two people, and naturally the "sweet sugar love" bridge is indispensable. Although it is not meticulous enough in the creation of character occupations, it can also justify itself and stray on the edge of exaggeration.

Some Details

Although there are some plots that make people complain, it is undeniable that many netizens have learned fire fighting knowledge after watching this drama.

After returned home, Huo Yan immediately turned off the stove where the soup was being boiled. He taught his mother that as long as the stove was on fire, she must not leave, otherwise it would be very likely to cause firefighting accident. In real life, there are indeed some families that cause fires because of this reason. So we should pay attention to this little detail.

In addition, in the TV series, the heroine stuck her head in the railing in order to pick up her mobile phone. This actually happens quite often in real life. Especially children often like to drill their heads out of the railings. It's true that small children can easily get their heads out of railings and their heads are smaller than adults, but that doesn't mean it's safe to do so. Therefore, it often happens that the head is stuck and cannot come out, so firefighters are called for rescue.

To Watch?

Therefore, the plot of the Chinese drama The Flaming Heart has both funny firefighters' daily life, sweet love, and serious rescue and relief scenes. It also has a certain educational significance.

But the plot as a whole serves the love of men and women, and there will be some unreasonable plots. In a word, the actors are good-looking, and the love and matching background are creative. If you are not too obsessed with the logic of the plot, just sweet love expectation, with the feeling of other different professional experiences, it is more suitable to watch.

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