Review of Parallel Love Ending: Parting Only to Meet Again

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Parallel Love Chinese drama ending: Time makes them regretfully separated. But still time, again, let them continue to be happy.

happy ending cover

Jiao Yang and Lin Miao

The chaotic time and space are about to be corrected. Even if Jiao Yang is reluctant to leave Lin Miao, he has to face the separation.


Lin Miao's health is getting worse and worse, and confesses to Jiao Yang that she hid her health condition. Jiao Yang promises to become the president as soon as possible, so that she can go back quickly.

Jiao Yang promises Lin Miao to live every day happily before leaving.

They go to a bridal shop and paint their old age makeup. Jiao Yang wants to spend his life with Lin Miao in this way, remembering how she accompanied him to the end of her life. No matter where Lin Miao is in the future, he will never forget her.

Jiao Yang and Lin Miao old age makeup

On the bridge at night, when fireworks start, Jiao Yang takes out his diamond ring and proposed to Lin Miao. Lin Miao chokes slightly and say I do. The two vow to keep loving each other no matter where they are, until the end of time. This is what Lin Miao thinks is the most beautiful day in her life. She has said I DO thousands of times in her heart, really hoping that she can always...always be with Jiao Yang.

Jiao Yang and Lin Miao kiss

This plot can be said to have earned enough tears from netizens.

In the end, time eventually returns to the original point, and the misalignment will eventually be corrected. The light rises at first, Lin Miao disappears, and everything becomes the way as before, as if Lin Miao had never appeared, and only the DV left behind reminds that happy memory.

Lin Miao tears

Of course, as a sweet drama, the story must end with a perfect ending: after learning that someone wants buy the Apartment 001, Jiao Yang runs out quickly and sees Lin Miao appear with a smile.

Lin Miao appear with a smile

Lin Miao has written a book about her experiences, called "Parallel Love". The book is a sweet love story of two people. In reality, they will also continue their happy life.

their happy life

Other People

Lin Weijun calls Lin Miao but couldn't get through, so she leaves a message telling her that she has quit her job. In fact, she doesn't hate Lin Miao for a long time, instead she likes her a lot, and even wants to become a person like Lin Miao. She will work hard in Lin Miao's direction. As soon as Lin Weijun is about to leave the law firm, it starts to rain heavily. Attorney Gu suddenly appears with an umbrella and says that he would take her home. The spark of love begins to germinate.

gu and Lin Weijun

Jiao Yang gives everyone a vacation, and Secretary Yan and Zhao Yan go abroad on vacation together. Zhao Yan feels that Secretary Yan is the person she can trust for life, and the two are happily together.

Secretary Yan and Zhao Yan

Xiao Rou and Ying Jun also get together. Ying Jun brings Xiao Rou to meet her parents and realizes that Cao Hua is Ying Jun's sister.

Final Words

Sometimes, after nirvana and rebirth, only to really understand that all these pain, are growing, let yourself mature.

There is no smooth sailing on the road of life. Those hardships that cannot defeat us will eventually become stepping stones on the road to success.

Time lives up to the rush, let's cherish the present moment.

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