Recap of The Secret Love Ending (Episode 35)

The episode 35 ending of The Secret Love Chinese drama.

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Falling from the building

Gao Mu kicks Zheng He downstairs. Fortunately, Li Jiashang finds it in time and holds onto Zheng He's hand tightly, preventing Zheng He from falling.

Li Jiashang holds Zheng He

When Gao Mu sees this brotherly love, he is so angry that he beats Li Jiashang on the back again and again with a stick. Zheng He doesn’t want Li Jiashang to die with him, so he takes the initiative to let go of Li Jiashang's hand and lets himself fall. When Xia Xiyang arrives, Zheng He happens to fall.

Gao Mu falls

Su Yi cann't pull Gao Mu, who is still beating Li Jiashang. So she has to drop the pendant downstairs to divert Gao Mu's attention. Gao Mu lifts off and grabs the pendant in the air, accidentally letting himself fall. Su Yi and Li Jiashang heave a sigh of relief.

The dust settles

Li Jiashang guards Su Yi

In the hospital, Li Jiashang guards Su Yi, who is so emotional that she passes out , but is unsure of time to wake up.

Li Jiashang tells the sleeping Su Yi that Zheng He fell on the mat with a mild concussion and would come to see her every day with Xia Xiyang.

It turns out that Su Yi told Zheng He that Gao Mu had installed a camera in Zheng Yi's office. Therefore, in order to be able to understand the cause of his father's death, Zheng He risked his life to get close to Gao Mu, so that he could unite with Su Yi to eradicate Gao Mu.

Gao Mu didn't fall to his death. Zheng He has called the police. The police arrests Gao Mu and his accomplices. Uncle Zhang is discharged from the hospital and pays for his crime.

Happy ending

Zheng He takes Xia Xiyang to the Civil Affairs Bureau

Under the slogan of grocery shopping, Zheng He takes Xia Xiyang to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get the marriage certificate.

Luo Manni wearing his engagement ring on her ring finger

Su Xiangtai has originally called a car to receive the award, but Luo Manni suddenly comes over and insists on going with him. Su Xiangtai sees Luo Manni wearing his engagement ring on her ring finger. He specially reminds Luo Manni that the engagement ring should be on the middle finger. Luo Manni still wears it on her ring finger and says that she wants to marry Su Xiangtai. Su Xiangtai hugs Luo Manni excitedly.

Li Jiashang is still talking to Su Yi. He says that his sister is very busy and will send flowers every few days. The flowers are different every time, with a small card in it. Su Yi doesn’t respond. Li Jiashang continues to say that Ding Hang stopped being a paparazzi, the boss is Chu Mo.

Li Jia Shang has been guarding Su Yi for several days in a row. But Su Yi did not wake up.

Su Yi suddenly wakes up

Just when Li Jiashang feels panic, Su Yi suddenly wakes up.

Li Jiashang and Su Yi

After Su Yi recovers, she and Li Jiashang take everyone to the beach for a trip.

Zheng He protects her at all times

Now that Xia Xiyang is carrying a big belly, Zheng He protects her at all times, not daring to let her have the slightest damage.

Su Yi is late in saying yes to Li Jia Shang's proposal, which makes Li Jiashang a little anxious. So when everyone has a barbecue, Xia Xiyang deliberately asks Zheng He how he feels about getting married. After Zheng He finishes speaking, Xia Xiyang adds that marriage is about tolerating each other's shortcomings and making them better people. Zheng He praises what Xia Xiyang said in depth. Xia Xiyang explains that Su Yi told her these when she got the certificate last time.

Li Jia Shang rushed to give Su Yi a look. Su Yi says she thinks just that. Zheng He asks why Su Yi doesn’t get married? Su Yi says, get married then! Li Jiashang is surprised and before he could react, Su Yi takes out a pair of rings. Luo Manni pats Li Jiashang on the shoulder, showing off that it is from the jewelry store she introduced.

Li Jiashang quickly puts the ring on Su Yi before she repents

Li Jiashang quickly puts the ring on Su Yi before she repents.

Ding Hang suggests that everyone stand up and have a drink to celebrate this moment. Suddenly Xia Xiyang has a stomachache. They see that Xia Xiyang is about to give birth, and immediately carry her to the hospital.

Sweetness continues

Li Jiashang is the waiter recruited by Su Yi

Five years later, Su Yi is famously behind the artwork. Li Jiashang waits on Su Yi at any time, which makes people mistakenly think that Li Jiashang is the waiter recruited by Su Yi.

Li Xiatian comes uninvited

When Chu Mo is writing "The Secret Love: The Curtain Call", Li Xiatian comes uninvited. She sits opposite Chu Mo. Chu Mo says that there will be someone in the position. Li Xiatian says that Chu Mo is alone, so what would she do to hide from the paparazzi?

Chu Mo accuses Li Xiatian of being rude. Li Xiatian says that if it is someone else, he will be very honored. Chu Mo says he is not someone else, and Li Xiatian is very satisfied.

Little Zheng He sticks his tongue out at Su Yi

In the evening, Su Yi is reading in the convenience store. Li Jiashang buys a bottle of water and lets the little Zheng He sleep. Little Zheng He sticks his tongue out at Su Yi, and syas that his godfather Li Jiashang is really annoying.

Su Yi sighs little Zheng He inherits Zheng He's rogue. Li Jiashang says he inherits Xia Xiyang's unreasonableness.

Li Jiashang tells Su Yi all his secrets. Su Yi says to Li Jiashang seriously that she has one last secret.

Li Jiashang is very happy that he is going to be a father

Li Jiashang is curious what it is. Su Yi puts Li Jiashang's hand on her stomach. Li Jiashang is very happy that he is going to be a father.

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