Recap of The Untamed Ending (Episode 50): the Storm Subsides, the World Is Peaceful

The episode 50 ending of The Untamed Chinese drama.

The Untamed Ending

Last storm

Without hesitation, Lan Xichen stabbed his sword through Jin Guangyao's chest. Jin GuangYao's eyes widens in disbelief. Lan Xichen grits his teeth, heartbroken. He had clearly said that if Jin Guangyao made any more moves, he would never show mercy. Why did Jin Guangyao still knowingly do that!

Jin Guangyao is also also gnashing his teeth. He clearly didn't do anything, everything was Nie Huaisang's trick! Jin Guangyao's facial features twists into a ball of pain. He forces himself to stand up, staring at Nie Huaisang, who had an innocent face. What a good "complete ignorance", how could he hide so deeply. Jin Guangyao never thought that he would end up in Nie Huaisheng's hands!

Lan Xichen is taken aback and doesn't know whose words to believe.

Jin Guangyao says that he has harmed countless people and done countless bad things in his life, but he has never thought of harming Lan Xichen. Back then, Lan Xichen was persecuted by the Wen Clan and left outside, but Jin Guangyao kindly took him in. He also helped Lan Xichen reinvigorate the Lan Clan. But Lan Xichen, like Nie Mingjue, would not tolerate him! The more Jin Guangyao says, the more agitated he becomes. He holds the sword blade firmly in his hand, blood flowing. Now, since Lan Xichen doesn't give himself a way to survive, let all jade and stone be burned.

Saying that, Jin Guangyao endures the pain and grabs Lan Xichen's shoulders, and the two rushes out, leaning against Nie Mingjue's coffin. The blood oozing from Jin Guangyao's chest flow into the coffin, which suddenly shakes violently, and even the items in the Guanyin Temple are shaky. This temple is about to collapse.

Everyone hurriedly runs out. Jin Guangyao looks at Lan Xichen with a miserable smile, asking him to accompany him to die. Lan Xichen still couldn't kill Jin Guangyao ruthlessly. He is desperately ready to die. Unexpectedly, at the last moment, Jin Guangyao violently pushes Lan Xichen away, and he is buried in the ruins along with Nie Mingjue's coffin.

Lan Xichen sits unhappily outside the Guanyin Temple in a depressed state, looking gloomy. Previously, Lan Xichen thought he knew Jin Guangyao best, and later, knowing Jin Guangyao's true nature, he thought he had finally seen him clearly. Who knows that after this incident, Lan Xichen is not sure again. Jin Guangyao, what kind of a person is he?

Nie Huaisang sits besides Lan Xichen to comfort him, who can really see a person clearly? Lan Xichen slowly turns his head. He only wants to know, does Nie Huaisang really see Jin Guangyao about to sneak attack? There is a hint of coldness in Nie Huaisang's eyes, but he still says something he doesn't know. Beneath this seemingly innocent look, there is a hidden deep heart.

Dear old friend

Jin Guangyao is dead, and Wei Wuxian's last sacrifice wound on his arm has also healed, so he decides to leave with Lan Wangji.

Jin Ling couldn't find Wei Wuxian, and only then does he learn from Jiang Cheng that Wei Wuxian has left. He starts to play a childish temper again, complaining that his uncle didn't ask Wei Wuxian to stay. Jiang Cheng pretends to hit Jin Ling and tells Jin Ling to stop making trouble and go home. Jin Ling chases Jiang Cheng and asks him if he has something to say to Wei Wuxian. Jiang Cheng shakes his head.

Jiang Cheng recalls that when the three of them met a person of the Wen family in the town where they were fleeing, he was caught by the Wen family for Wei Wu Xian to distract his pursuers and lost his Jindan. But just like Wei Wuxian, who gave him the Jindan back and was afraid to tell the truth, there is no chance for him to say these words now. Can only silently say, take care.

At this time, Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji are holding the Little Apple ready to go on the road, but unexpectedly Si Zhui and Wen Ning catch up.

Si Zhui tells Wei WuXian that he recalls something recently. He remembers Wei Wuxian once planted himself as a radish in the field and brought himself and Lan Wangji to eat, but in the end it was Lan Wangji who paid for the meal.

Wei Wuxian's expression turns from surprise to excitement, and finally to disbelief. In his memory, Wen Yuan was already dead. Only then does Lan Wangji tell Wei Wuxian that this is something he has never said, that Si Zhui is Wen Yuan.

Si Zhui hugs Wei Wuxian excitedly. The two talks and laughs. Si Zhui squats down to hug Wei Wuxian's leg, just as he did more than ten years ago.

Wen Ning tells Wei Wuxian that he plans to go back to Qishan with Si Zhui, builds a tomb for the clansmen, and then sends Si Zhui back. In the future, he still need to walk on his own, so he won't follow Wei Wuxian. Wei Wuxian is also very happy, Wen Ning is finally going to live an independent and free life. He hope Wen Ning can be carefree forever.

Departure again

Saying goodbye to Si Zhui and Wen Ning, Wei WuXian and Lan WangJi returned to Deep Cloud Place. Lan Wangji has now taken the initiative to assume the position of Immortal Governor, which is a heavy responsibility.

The two also meet Nie Huaisang somewhere at the place. Wei Wuxian has already recognized that Nie Huaisang is the one who was guiding everything behind the scenes. He asks curiously, since he has put so much thought into it, doesn't he want to be the Immortal Governor?

Nie Huaisang leisurely waves his fan and looks at the mountains and rivers in the distance. He says that he is a person of interest, and he will not fake someone else's hand if he should do it himself, and naturally he will not be able to do what he should not do by himself. After that, Nie Huaisang leaves leisurely. Wei Wuxian doesn’t want to ask for more evidence, since everything is over, it is useless to say more.

Wei Wuxian's nature is idle and unrestrained. He decides to move on and makes his home in the world.

He says goodbye to Lan Wangji. The mountains and rivers will be long, and there will be times in the future. So, Wei Wuxian takes the Little Apple and walks towards the lush mountains, playing the flute.

As a result, before he could go too far, a familiar "Wei Ying" comes from behind. Wei Wuxian turns around in surprise, and then a delighted smile appears on his face...

wei ying happy smile

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  1. Ok, that’s rather maddening! I came here to try and learn the identity of the person who called his name to turn around…& of course, the scene is discussed, but no mention of the identity of the person!

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