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Lost You Forever Chinese drama is an ancient costume myth drama starring Yang Zi, Zhang Wanyi, Deng Wei, Tan Jianci, and others. It is adapted from the long novel of the same name by the writer Tong Hua. It is created using the "Shan Hai Jing" as its source material, making it a fantasy xianxia drama with typical Chinese local characteristics.

Lost You Forever

The series is divided into two seasons, and only the last season has been aired so far.

In ancient times, humans, immortals, and monsters lived together, and the three kingdoms of Xiyan, Chenrong, and Haoling stood in power. Ji Jiuyao (Xiao Yao), the daughter of the king of Haoling, who was living in the Dahuang, experienced a hundred years of suffering, not only losing her identity but also losing her appearance. She settled down in Qingshui Town and became Wen Xiaoliu, who had no place to go, no one to rely on, and no way to protect herself.

Xiao Yao longs for love. However, due to a strange combination of circumstances, the people she loves hurt her the most.

Everyone loves Xiao Yao, and everyone uses Xiao Yao.

The Caring and Loving Tushan Jing

In the town of Qingshui, Wen Xiaoliu rescued Tushan Jing, a member of the nine-tailed fox clan, who had been framed and imprisoned by her elder brother and was in danger of losing his life.

At this time, Xiao Yao had lost her looks, identity, and supernatural power, and turned into a man. Tushan Jing could tell at a glance that Xiao Yao was a woman, and he fell in love with her during the time they spent together thereafter.

So, after recovering from his injuries, Tushan Jing stayed with Xiao Yao as a servant. He took care of Xiao Yao by washing and cooking for her in every possible way and was obedient to her.

Xiao Yao asked him to drink poison, and he drank it without hesitation;
He mistakenly thought that Xiao Yao was being intimate with another man, and he was jealous but did not dare to get angry. He would just angrily replace the things his love rival used;
When he did something wrong, he apologized and promised never to do it again in the future;
Said to wait for Xiao Yao, he would wait forever, whether it was on the mountain of Qingshui Town or in front of the Dragon Bone Prison, even if the sea water almost drowned him, he would just stay where he was and wait;
"What if you can't find me?" "Keep looking." "Keep looking but can't find me?" "Keep looking until find you.".

Is Tushan Jing just a "simp"?

No, he is scheming and has outstanding career abilities. If he is ambitious, he could have the whole world, but he has a kind of alienation and indifference to the world.

During the years when he was tortured by his brother, the spiritual world he originally constructed had collapsed, and he had nothing to love in this world.

It was Xiao Yao who made him regain his faith and realize that the world was still beautiful. Xiao Yao was the only support for his spiritual world.

After Xiao Yao was killed, Tushan Jingg also wanted to die. This tragic song of love moved many people.

This kind of love touched many people, not only Xiao Yao but also countless viewers.

However, he did not want to be Tushan Jing, he just wanted to be Ye Xiaoqi in Qing Shui Town, and be with Xiao Yao in a simple and happy way.

But he can't just be Ye Xiaoqi, he needed to be Tu Shanjing. Only in this way can he be worthy of Xiao Yao.

He could give up his life for Xiao Yao, but while his kindness moved Xiao Yao, he also lost Xiao Yao.

In front of his family and under the pressure of his grandmother, he was a little cowardly and would only keep Xiao Yao waiting.

In the end, Xiao Yao's waiting only resulted in him marrying another woman.

Out of love comes anger, out of love comes obsession, out of love comes miss.

Cang Xuan - Childhood Sweetheart

Cang Xuan is the grandson of the King of Xiyan and lived with Xiao Yao in the Xiyan Kingdom when he was a child.

They are cousins who are not related by blood. The two had a very deep relationship.

After Cang Xuan lost his parents, it was so painful that Xiao Yao was always by his side, comforting him and enlightening him;
When Cang Xuan was being bullied, it was Xiao Yao who fought for him;
The two accompanied each other and promised that no matter what happened, they would stay together forever.

However, Xiao Yao's mother died in battle not long after, Cang Xuan and Xiao Yao became the closest people to each other.

The childhood experiences made Cang Xuan realize the importance of power. If he wanted to protect Xiao Yao, he must obtain power.

After that, Xiao Yao was sent to Wang Mu to practice, while Cang Xuan went to the Haoling Kingdom as a hostage, and the two were separated.

Not long after, Xiao Yao escaped from Wang Mu, and there was no news of her since then.

In the next three hundred years, Cang Xuan traveled all over the Dahuang in search of Xiao Yao, staying in every place for a period of time to find out about her.

Cang Xuan was very obsessed with Xiao Yao, and even during the period when Xiao Yao could not be found, he treated Xiao Yao's sister A Nian as a substitute and doted on her in every possible way.

In Qingshui Town, Wen Xiaoliu and Cang Xuan met but did not know each other. After many twists and turns, they finally recognized each other and Xiao Yao resumed her identity.

After that, Cang Xuan's feelings for Xiao Yao also gradually changed. He fell in love with Xiao Yao, but for his own throne, he used Xiao Yao again and again and pushed Xiao Yao to other men. After learning that Xiao Yao fell in love with someone else, he began to regret and be unwilling.

"Without the ability to protect Xiao Yao, there is no way to give Xiao Yao happiness." This was his value. His experiences as a boy gave him an obsession with power:

It is better to die when life is a disgrace.

Cang Xuan's heart was repeatedly struggling between his love for Xiao Yao and power, and the actor Zhang Wanyi also took this crazy feeling to the extreme.

According to the plot in the book, in the second season, in order to dominate the world, Cang Xuan even sacrificed his personal feelings to get the throne and even killed Xiao Yao's lover.

So where will their relationship go?

Xiang Liu - Unable to calm down

Xiang Liu, the nine-headed siren, is a stunning figure, with white hair, and a cold face. He is rumored to be cruel, which makes people frightened.

When he first met Xiao Yao, he knew that she was a woman, but he did not show any mercy.

When he suspected Xiao Yao was a spy, he gave her twenty lashes. Afterward, if something didn't go his way, he would throw, pinch, and hit Xiao Yao in various ways. Moreover, Xiao Yao was used as a mobile blood bag. Whenever Xiang Liu was injured, he would seek blood from Xiao Yao to replenish his spiritual power.

In the early stage, Xiang Liu was more like an emotionally unstable domestic violence man, with no empathy at all. The audience often commented on him as "a big points deduction".

Xiao Yao was afraid of him. At first, she worked hard to develop various poisons for self-protection, hoping to poison him and control him using the venomous insect.

The relationship between the two turns around when, during a heart-to-heart talk by the campfire, Xiao Yao said that she was "unable to protect herself, had no one to rely on, and had nowhere to go." She talked about every detail of when she was imprisoned by the nine-tailed fox, which was very similar to Xiang Liu's experience as a slave fighting in the death arena.

Xiang Liu had the same tragic experience as Xiao Yao, and he was the only one who was willing to listen silently to Xiao Yao's story about the past.

At that moment, he felt compassion. So, he willingly planted the love poison with Xiao Yao.

Xiang Liu was originally a unique hydra in the world. He had no father or mother. He was tricked into the death arena just after he became an adult, and became a slave who fought for his life for the pleasure of others.

Later, he was rescued by the general of the Chenrong army in Hongjiang, which changed the direction of his life.

If Xiao Yao was just Wen Xiaoliu from Qingshui Town, maybe they could become a true couple.

However, she was no longer Wen Xiaoliu, she had become the princess of Haoling, and she had become the opposite of Chenrong army that he wanted to protect with his life.

Due to different positions, Xiang Liu's love was always hidden. He never mentioned love for Xiao Yao, but love was everywhere.

Xiang Liu was unable to accompany Xiao Yao, so he changed his identity to accompany her, that is, the romantic Fangfeng Ye.

Xiang Liu had made up his mind to let Xiao Yao have someone to rely on, strength to protect herself, and a place to go. And he did it.

They had been together for 10 years, eating in all kinds of restaurants large and small, and bringing Xiao Yao a lot of happiness;
He always appeared when Xiao Yao was sad, accompanying her and comforting her;
He spent 10 years teaching Xiao Yao powerful archery skills when her spiritual power was low, giving her the ability to protect herself;
He spent 30 years to find the world's greatest treasures in this world and custom-made a bow for her;
Step by step, he pushed Xiao Yao towards Tushan Jing, who was willing and able to accompany her for life. He spent 37 years saving Xiao Yao and then saved Tushan Jing at the last moment.

Xiang Liu's love was so deep that he has nine lives, but none of them were his own.

One life to save Xiao Yao, half of the siren's blood to save Xiao Yao, one life to solve the love poison, and finally all of his life to the Chenrong army who had saved him.

And he would always seal up all his love in jokes, not wanting Xiao Yao to know.

There was always an irreconcilable and hostile political stance between them, which can only be maintained as it was and cannot be broken.

Xiang Liu seemed to be a cruel monster, but in fact, he was a soft-hearted person. In the later period, almost all of his identities revolved around Xiao Yao.

Because he had no father or mother, he longed for family affection, so for Fangfeng Ye's promise, he fed his fake mother with water, food, and medicine until her death. Even the Fangfeng family praised him highly.

For his adoptive father who saved him and taught the healing skills, he gave up his free and unfettered life, tried his best, regardless of life and death, chose a clear political stance. He knew that the army in Hongjiang had no chance, but he was willing to fight to the end.

He loved Xiao Yao, but what Xiao Yao wanted was to stay together for a long time, not to have it temporarily, so he chose to let go again.

This is Xiang Liu who makes the audience hard to calm down.

Xiang Liu has rich characters and complex emotions. The actor Tan Jianci vividly displayed Xiang Liu's contradictions, leaving a deep impression on the audience.

At Last

Lost You Forever Chinese drama is also very outstanding in creating a national aesthetic atmosphere. The plot is compact, the pace is well-grasped, the actors' acting skills are good, and the soundtrack is excellent. It is an ancient costume mythological drama worth watching.

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