Love is Sweet Ending: A Joyful Yet Reluctant Consummation

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The ending of Love is Sweet is that Yuan Shuai's marriage proposal is successful and Jiang Jun is pregnant.

Most of the characters in the drama have a happy ending, leaving us no regrets.

Love is Sweet Ending

The Ending of Yuan Shuai and Jiang Jun

Yuan Shuai, played by Luo Yunxi, is the executive director of MH Investment Bank, the undefeated god of war in the industry. From the character introduction, Yuan Shuai is an atypical domineering president.

He and Jiang Jun, played by Bai Lu, are childhood sweethearts and a quarrelsome and loving couple.

Jiang Jun has a severe tear allergy. Every time she burst into tears, her cheeks would become red and swollen, and she couldn't breathe, but she still wanted to enter MH without hesitation.

As the director of the company, Yuan Shuai naturally knows how cruel it is here, so he doesn't want Jiang Jun to make fun of her life. Because coming to MH is equivalent to facing a lot of hardships and blows, if there is no strong enough endurance, you can't survive.

Yuan Shuai and Jiang Jun used to be neighbors and classmates. Yuan Shuai has a secret crush on Jiang Jun, but Jiang Jun thinks that Yuan Shuai is only with her because of the money, and often creates pranks to fix her. In fact, Jiang Jun always misunderstood Yuan Shuai.

Yuan Shuai advised Jiang Jun not to think about entering MH, which is for her own good. But Jiang Jun felt that Yuan Shuai looked down on her, so the more Yuan Shuai didn't let her do anything, the more she would do. In the end, Jiang Jun was able to join MH as she wished.

After joining MH, Jiang Jun gradually realized that she was not suitable for investment banking. She was not only sensitive inside, but also had poor tolerance, and she couldn't even shed tears to vent her frustration. Fortunately, with Yuan Shuai around, Jiang Jun was not so embarrassed and helpless.

Yuan Shuai wished Jiang Jun well, but what he said always made her misunderstand that he had bad intentions.

Jiang Jun gradually trusted Yuan Shuai from being hostile. This process is long but sweet, and the relationship between the two is moving in a good direction.

Looking at Yuan Shuai's ascetic face, those who didn't know really thought he was a gentleman. After falling in love with Jiang Jun, Yuan Shuai's true colors were revealed. He kissed eight times in one episode, and directly staged a home run on the night of the confession.

If Yuan Shuai is an invincible general in front of outsiders, then when he is with Jiang Jun, he is like a small wolf dog that can't get enough to feed.

After going through various difficulties and trials, Yuan Shuai and Jiang Jun also reaped happiness.

In the end of last episode, Yuan Shuai proposed to Jiang Jun for the fourth time and finally succeeded. Jiang Jun is also pregnant with a baby.

The love between Yuan Shuai and Jiang Jun is the envy and desire of many people, with both career and love, and a harmonious relationship.

Of course, Yuan Shuai and Jiang Jun's love may only appear in the drama, the reality of such a beautiful love is difficult to encounter. However, another pair of CP's love is something we may have the opportunity to experience. They are Li Xiaochuan and Xu Li.

The ending of Li Xiaochuan and Xu Li: a typical case of women chasing men successfully

Li Xiaochuan and Xu Li this pair of CP is also the most special pair of the whole drama, because it is "female chasing male" mode.

Xu Li fell in love with Li Xiaochuan at first sight, and her love was defiant and fearless, without considering the consequences. Xu Li never thought about what she would become after the failed pursuit.

But it is this fearless and courageous character that made this pair of CP.

Xu Li went to work at a convenience store for Li Xiaochuan, just to get along with him. When Li Xiaochuan's game development was frustrated, Xu Li always supported and encouraged him.

Li Xiaochuan is a typical straight man who is fond of his career. He is not very sensitive to such things as love, so in the process of Xu Li's hard pursuit, Li Xiaochuan has been treating Xu Li as a brother, which would make most people give up.

The good thing is that Xu Li is strong-willed and has identified Li Xiaochuan. And there is no rival, so although Li Xiaochuan is dull, he will see the heart for a long time, the wooden head will be enlightened.

In Xu Li's efforts, Li Xiaochuan was moved and he accepted Xu Li. Although there is a little episode, but the ending is very happy.

In the last episode, Xu Li and Li Xiaochuan went to Jiang Jun and Yuan Shuai early in the morning to tell them the news of their pregnancy.

The ending of Qiao Na and Jia Yuanji: Cradle-snatcher Love

Qiao Na originally liked Yuan Shuai, but after her confession was rejected, she devoted herself to her career. Qiao Na was thought to be alone, but unexpectedly a "little puppy" Jia Yuanji jumped out halfway.

Although Jia Yuanji is young, he has a delicate mind. He does not like people of his age, but has fallen for the strong woman Qiao Na.

After being rejected by Yuan Shuai, Qiao Na could not resist Jia Yuanji's fierce pursuit and finally moved and chose to get together with Jia Yuanji.

In the last episode, Jia Yuanji sent Qiao Na home and Qiao Na had something to say to him. Jia Yuanji said that no matter what she said, he was sure of her for the rest of his life. Qiao Na showed a shy smile and hinted that Jia Yuanji could send her to and from get off work. Jia Yuanji was very excited to hear that.

This pair of cradle-snatcher love is probably an interesting pair of CPs.

The ending of Xiang Ding and Shen Xin

Xiang Ding and Shen Xin are supporting characters, but their love is also a pair that everyone envies.

When they were forced to leave their jobs, they went together, and then returned with the help of Jiang Jun. Their feelings are even stronger.

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