Review of Moonlight: a Love Story of Provocative and Pure Between a Writer and an Editor, Perfect Ending

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Moonlight: A Story of Pure Desire between a Writer and an Editor

Moonlight has attracted a lot of attention since its broadcast, and Yu Shuxin has gained a group of fans with her quirky acting skills.

Although this drama is too different from reality in many plots, it is quite satisfactory as a sweet drama.

Moonlight is adapted from the novel of the same name by author Qing Mei. Although the novel is a sweet romance, it is also a light workplace novel.

Of course, the Moonlight ending of such a sweet drama is bound to be perfect. Even if it's not perfect, it's because the sweetness of the feeling is different for each person.


The professions of the male and female protagonists are relatively new in sweet dramas.

chu-li zhou-chuan both lovers and a writer-editor relationship

The male protagonist is a popular cyberspace writer, and the female protagonist is an editor of a traditional publishing house.

The two two are both lovers and a writer-editor relationship.

Of course, there have been enough romantic dramas over the years, so don't be too surprised at what kind of bizarre career pairings appear.

Zhou Chuan

Zhou Chuan (played by Ding Yuxi) is a blockbuster and popular writer.

zhou-chuan-popular writer

In terms of the persona, he is a slightly improved version of the traditional overbearing president. In front of the fledgling Chu Li, he occupies a psychologically dominant position. He has a domineering and arrogant side, often taking various opportunities to give orders to Chu Li.

Like many domineering presidents, he has a little kid in his heart - scheming, playful, vicious tongue, childish.

Zhou Chuan domineering president

He is obviously in love first, but is not aware of his own love to Chu Li.

The inner monologue is very full, and the love in the eyes cannot be hidden. The childish behavior caused by all kinds of jealousy is constant, with a light comedy effect.

Ding Yuxi's many micro expressions are quite accurate.

Ding Yuxi's many micro expressions are quite accurate.

Chu Li

Chu Li (played by Yu Shuxin) is a fresh graduate of the Department of Finance, but her career ideal is to become an editor of her favorite publishing house, Yuan Yue.

chu li

To do so, she leaves her hometown to become a "Shanghai drifter", contrary to her parents' wishes.

Chu Li is passionate about her career and has the courage to make her own choices.

She is soft and cute, has tenacity, and is full of vitality. She is an optimist who is not easy to be defeated.

Yu Shuxin's performance is still a bit "pretentious" (not objectionable), but she is "not stupid".

She has a passion for editing and has the professionalism of an editor. She can also play a role in guiding and protecting authors in the relationship between editors and authors.

She has a passion for editing and has the professionalism of an editor

In other words, although she is also cared for by the hero's love, the relationship between the two is actually a mutual achievement.

Is Moonlight good?

The Moonlight is basically a sweet drama based on the basic law of coincidences and routines.

When Chu Li was visiting a bookstore, she happened to meet the two great gods of the Internet literature, Zhou Chuan and Jiang Yucheng (played by Yang Shize). . .
Chu Li was a book fan of Zhou Chuan at first, and later became his editor...
The two are netizens who have been chatting on the internet for three years but have not yet appeared. . .
Chu L lived in Zhou Chuan's villa for free, and the two became roommates and began a happy "cohabitation" life. . .

zhou chuan and chu li chat on the internet

Where Moonlight is more watchable is its workplace part.

The workplace is not the embellishment of the sweet scene, it is also a very important branch of the show.

In so many sweet dramas, the workplace scene of Moonlight can barely be called "not silly".

Zhou Chuan's Efforts

There is a dream world in Zhou Chuan's pen.

zhou chuan efforts

However, this romantic writing style was not recognized by his father.

In the eyes of Zhou Chuan's father, every sentence in the article should not be illusory to readers, but should be the most genuine feeling.

But most readers in the market still like the way Zhou Chuan writes.

After becoming popular, Zhou Chuan does not become an "independent" writer. He has always been influenced by his father's label. In the eyes of others, his talent for writing is based on his father's influence.

But only Zhou Chuan knows that it is all his own efforts.

He has not mentioned how much pressure he has endured since becoming popular.

Regarding the outside world's label of "second generation", he also tried to change the public's opinion through his works.

In the past, Zhou Chuan was very lonely, no one really understood him, and no one could enter his heart. He even thought about giving up writing to get rid of the shadow brought to him by his father.

zhou chuan sadness

The first book written by Zhou Chuan was a romance novel. This book was finished in the high school stage.

At that time, he asked the teacher to evaluate the novel, but he did not read it seriously and instead made fun of this kind of romance literature.

This time, Zhou Chuan was hit hard. He dared not face the book again. Although "Ming Fan Tao Hua Yu Jian" is the first sound of his entry into the writing world, it is also the past that he was reluctant to mention.

Later, Zhou Chuan won a big award for his independent creation of "Luo He Shen Shu".

The scandal also followed. Many media and readers said that it was not his strength to win the award, and that his father worked behind to help him, and even his father participated in the writing of the new book.

For a while, public opinion online was flying all over the sky. Zhou Chuan had to face everyone's doubts, and he had no choice but to come up with his first book "Ming Fan Tao Hua Yu Jian" to clarify.

In this way, it was announced to the world that his writing style was not inspired by his father, but formed by his independent creation from a young age.

Although many fans like Zhou Chuan, they have never been able to feel his sadness and helplessness in his words.

Only Chu Li read him in his words.

Only Chu Li read Zhou Chuan in his words.

The love between Chu Li and Zhou Chuan is more about mutual understanding and tolerance. If Chu Li is just like other fans, there will be no future for them.

Chu Li's Ideal

Chu Li was not in love with Zhou Chuan at first, but simply liked his writing style.

writer editor

She could feel the charm of different worlds in Zhou Chuan's writing, so she also aspired to become an editor.

Even though she studied finance in college, which was incompatible with the editor, Chu Li secretly came to Yuan Yue Press for an interview, hiding from her parents.

Chu Li's major was beaten by the editor-in-chief from the first round. But she did not give up, and seized every opportunity to impress the editor-in-chief, and was finally admitted by exception.

As an intern editor who was not a professional, Chu Li just had a very low salary. At the beginning, the place where she rented was "old, small and broken".

There are all kinds of people in the workplace.

There are leaders who are picky, colleagues who have connections, and newcomers who are good at shirking their responsibilities...

Fortunately, Chu Li is "not stupid", not to carry all the pots and to suffer all the grievances.

Although she is easy to talk, she will clear the aggrieved, fight for her own rights, and she will bluntly refuse when facing colleagues who want to be the "shopkeeper"...

For example,

another intern knew that Chu Li was familiar with Jiang Yucheng's works, and asked her to help make Jiang Yucheng's PPT.

Seeing this, the audience is really afraid that Chu Li will directly agree. Workers really don't want to see "honest people" in the workplace who are submissive!

The plot didn't go the way.

chu li refuse colleague

Chu Li tentatively asked if a certain book by Jiang Yucheng was good. Her colleague said seriously that she had read it. Then Chu Li correct her that this book was not Jiang Yucheng's work at all.

Chu Li explained that it was not that she was unwilling to help, but that "understanding his work is your job, and it is also the minimum respect for the author. I'm really sorry, I can't help you with this."

After saying that, she left straight away, which was a great relief.

Later, in exchange, Chu Li agreed to help make a PPT.

But the deputy editor and intern failed to sign Jiang Yucheng. Then, these two scheming people began to throw the blame for Chu Li again.

Chu Li stood up and argued: "How can I be blamed for this? I wrote a PPT, but the content was all approved by you, and the meeting was also held by you."

In a word, as long as she is reasonable, even in the face of the leader, she does not hesitate to oppose.

In most sweet dramas, the presence of the male protagonist is far greater than that of the female protagonist. But in Moonlight, Chu Li is an independent existence.

Chu Li is an independent existence

She has professional ability, career aspirations, and her own career line.

In the context of the sluggish print media, do traditional publishing houses blindly cater to the market, or do they respect authors’ interests, willing to take more market risks and try to lead the market with high-quality works?

As an idealist, if Chu Li wants to stick to the latter, she will inevitably face various challenges in the future.

The Mutual Achievements of Zhou Chuan and Chu Li

Chu Li has been very interested in writing since high school, and it was at that time that she met Zhou Chuan.

From Zhou Chuan's works, she saw the pressure behind the words. Every seemingly imaginative and romantic paragraph is actually a loud declaration of the author's heart.

After entering the Yuan Yue Press, the first task of Chu Li was to get Zhou Chuan.

Chu Li was to get Zhou Chuan

Originally, she was very happy when she knew that the writer she was facing was Zhou Chuan, but she didn't expect that Zhou Chuan's biggest hobby was to procrastinate, which also prevented Chu Li from completing her work.

In order to stay in the Yuan Yue Press smoothly, Chu Li could only come up with various tricks for Zhou Chuan to submit the manuscript, and Zhou Chuan also used his own sharp tongue to attack Chu Li.

Zhou Chuan also used his own sharp tongue to attack Chu Li

One thing led to another, two people sparked a romance.

Many times, Zhou Chuan used various ways to make fun of Chu Li, which was actually an expression of boys liking girls. He wanted to get Chu Li's attention in this way.

But every time Chu Li encountered difficulties, Zhou Chuan would help her behind to let her get out of the predicament as soon as possible.

Through the help time and again, Chu Li also gradually developed a favorable impression of Zhou Chuan.


In fact, from the very beginning, Zhou Chuan knew that Chu Li was the one he often chatted with online. But he didn't tell her his true identity in time.

When Zhou Chuan was sure that he had fallen in love with Chu Li, he confessed.

And Chu Li was very happy after learning about it. She didn't expect that her idol was still a confidant.

zhou chuan and chu li

In the sweet part, although Zhou Chuan protected Chu Li more, in the workplace, as an editor, Chu Li had also been helping and protecting the author.

Writing is a lonely business.

Writers like Zhou Chuan and Jiang Yucheng, who are already famous but need new works to further prove themselves, are actually very fragile at heart.

Facing the questioning and testing of the market, they often doubt themselves.

Editors are a barrier between authors and the market.

Is it to let the author cater to the market, or to protect the author's characteristics and self-esteem, to become an editor who really understands the author?

Chu Li will make her choice in the cruel test.


First of all, when watching the Mary Sue drama, it is to be happy, and it is the exciting interactive moment of the hero and heroine together. Other plots have to pass by, and should not be delved into.

zhou chuan and chu li sweet kiss

After all, if you really look into it, the heroine should go home from the first episode, and there will be no later.

However, I still hope that similar dramas can be more down-to-earth, and do not give graduates too many unrealistic fantasies, thereby increasing the chances of being exploited by capitalists.

Haha, here won't talk about the specific slot details, you can find them yourself ^_^

Moonlight Ending

In the plot of the finale, Zhou Chuan successfully got rid of his father's shadow and became an independent writer recognized by everyone.

Previous rumors about him and his father were also successfully resolved.

People no longer labeled him, but regarded him as a up-and-coming writer relying on himself.

Chu Li was also getting better and better in the Yuan Yue Press. Along the way, she not only supported the writing of Zhou Chuan, but also made great help to the Yuan Yue Press.

Her efforts were recognized by all.

Eventually, Chu Li also became the youngest editor-in-chief in the history of the Yuan Yue Press, and signed a number of popular writers.

With the help of Chu Li, Zhou Chuan also stepped into a position similar to his father. No one would take Zhou Chuan as his father's shadow, but look at works of different styles with different eyes.

On the night of New Year's Eve, Chu Li and Zhou Chuan met at the Bund.

The moment Chu Li threw herself into Zhou Chuan's arms, the New Year's bell also rang.

Zhou Chuan put an engagement ring on Chu Li's finger and formally proposed to her.

Two years later, Chu Li and Zhou Chuan gave birth to a lovely baby girl, bathed in happiness every day.

zhou chuan and chu li baby

A’Gui wrote the love story of Chu Li and Zhou Chuan into a novel, titled "Moonlight".


At last

There are few dramas with the theme of the publishing industry in China. Although Moonlight is mainly about sweet, it can be regarded as an industry profile.

Among the many current sweet dramas, in addition to "sugar water", Moonlight still has a bit "content".

In particular,

By the end, you will really like -

lovely, tender, considerate,
brave, straightforward,
Understanding angel girl -

Chu Li.

Tasting the bitterness of life always makes you want to eat some sugar.

So, don't think too much, just follow the drama.

perfect chu li

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