Is Ye Xiaoman Cured in You Are My Hero?

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Ye Xiaoman is cured.

Is Ye Xiaoman cured in You Are My Hero?

In You Are My Hero, Ye Xiaoman is a gentle and attentive girl who grew up with Mi Ka, the heroine. No matter if Mi Ka encounters happy or sad things, she wants to talk to Ye Xiaoman for the first time.

It can be said that Ye Xiaoman is Mi Ka's housekeeper and emotional advisor.

Unfortunately, Ye Xiaoman is terminally ill and needs to be hospitalized. In the process of treatment, Ye Xiaoman wanted to give up and rekindled her hope for life with the encouragement of Mi Ka. The two supported and encouraged each other. Later, Ye Xiaoman went abroad to get cured, returned to Mi Ka's side, and became a teacher.

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