The Young Doctor (2014)

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It tells about the dreams and growth of young doctors, who do their best to remove human diseases, help perfect health, and uphold the holiness and honor of medical profession.

Cheng Jun has seen his parents' hard work as a doctor since he was a child, but he loves medicine and resolutely chooses to become an emergency medicine doctor.

The doctor is under great pressure at work, but the happy-go-lucky Cheng Jun can still find happiness. When the grandmother who grew up with him is suddenly diagnosed with advanced liver cancer, Cheng Jun is in pain, but as a doctor, he cannot save his grandmother's life.

Cheng Jun likes Ouyang Yulu, a doctor in the same department. Shen Qingchuan, who returned from studying in the United States, joins the Department of Cardiac Surgery at Xihua Hospital and launches a strong courtship on Ouyang at the same time. The addition of Shen Qingchuan plunges both Ouyang and Cheng Jun into a whirlpool of feelings.

The three interns newly assigned to the emergency department also bring a lot of trouble, and at the same time add a lot of stories to the group.

Cheng Jun and the small group of the emergency room have overcome difficulties. In the process of treating patients, they have constantly explored themselves, refining their medical ethics, and persist in exploring and guarding on the road of their profession, and find the meaning of guarding life in the emergency room.

Main Cast

Ren Zhong as Cheng Jun
Zhang Li as Ou Yang Yu Lu
Zhang Duo as Shen Qingchuan
Wang Yang as Wang Bo

Supporting Cast

Zhang Jianing as Ai Xiaotian
Du Jiang as Zhao Chong
Fang Anna as Tian Li
Zhou Fang as Zou Yimeng
Li Hua as Rong Rong
Shi Ke as Lin Si
Chen He as Zhang Jun
Wen Zhang as Sun Junbao
Yao Di as Xia Kexin
Sun Honglei as Liu Yibai
Ma Su as Qin Lu
Du Chun as Feng Lei

One thought on “The Young Doctor”

  1. Solomon Gamachu says:

    Is it finished here or Season 2 will follow? I am a medical student about to join my final (6th) year Internship; I learned a lot ….. No words to express!
    I am very very very happy if Season 2 follows.
    Thank you!

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