Be With You Review: Sweet, Warm and Healing

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If there are any dramas that are suitable for weekend entertainment, no need to use the brain and especially decompression, it is undoubtedly a sweet drama.

A sweet drama is a kind of romantic drama. The characteristics are:

Amplify the beauty and sweetness of love.

Minimize the twists and turns of the plot.

Focus on depicting the interaction of men and women caught in love.

"Low density plot, high density sugar sprinkling". Generally, watching this kind of drama will make people more comfortable, which is what we often call easy decompression, suitable for dinner. So please don't take the logic of the drama too seriously. Otherwise, you lose.

Modern life is fast-paced and stressful. In the spare time, watching a sweet and decompressing small sweet drama has become the choice of many people.

Be With You kiss cover

Be With You is such a relaxing and stress-relieving joyful sweet drama. The overall style is cheerful, but the shaping of the characters and the development of emotions are depicted in a full and delicate manner, which is also justified.

Be With You is an urban romantic comedy starring Ji Xiaobing and Zhang Yaqin. Adapted from the novel "Mei Ren Yi Xiu", it tells the sweet story of Qi Nian, a Buddhist girl cartoonist, who, in order to break through the bottleneck of creation, takes the initiative to approach Ji Yanxin, a highly cold architectural designer and visiting professor, to obtain creative materials, and eventually lovers finally got married.

Only sweet but not cruel plot

be with you male protagonist Ji Yanxin

The male protagonist Ji Yanxin is an iceberg professor who is full of ascetic temperament. He is Highly cold and at the same time sullen and arrogant. On the surface, he is indifferent, refusing people “thousands of miles away”, but in fact he sees all the good in his eyes. The family, lovers, friends, and pets are all cherished in the heart. Cold outside but hot inside, he is gentle and calm.

be with you female protagonist qi nian

And the cartoonist heroine Qi Nian is a pure and straightforward girl. Sweet when coquettish, cute when angry, she is kind and principled, and her business ability is even more outstanding. Not a silly love brain, Qi Nian is warm, bright and full of energy.

There is no cliche plot like a third party between the two of them.

The whole story is warm and healing. There are laughs and lots of sugar.

Much of what drives the plot is just personality bonding. On the surface, the female protagonist actively pursues the male protagonist, but in fact, the whole process is guided by the male protagonist to complete the strategy step by step.

The resistance of the two is also mainly focused on Ji Yanxin's overly cautious and forbearance in love, not giving Qi Nian enough sense of security, and lack of communication.

Therefore, the solution is not just to PK out a few rivals in love, but for two people to be honest with each other and trust each other. There are differences in the characters, three views, and backgrounds of the male and female protagonists. This couple is constantly testing, wrestling and friction on the road of love.

be with you testing, wrestling

He knows from the beginning of her "ulterior motives", but through her "intentions" he sees her heart and sincerity. So he indulges in her approach and careless confessions and flirtations, and willingly watch himself and her gradually fall into each other's tenderness.

She sees his warmth and affection under his cold appearance, so she also tolerates his naivety and willfulness after being jealous. She tries her best to carry him, who is 1.8 meters tall, but has to curl his legs in the small electric motorcycle rear seat, to go to work.

Qi Nian's love is direct and passionate, while Ji Yanxin's love is quiet and deep. The two have complementary personalities.

They meet because of dog Qi Bao. It seems to be a woman chasing a man, but in fact they fall in love with each other at first sight and have a two-way crush. Eventually they get married together.

Joyful style

The first shot in the opening chapter was the finale of Qi Nian's comic series. One second before, the male lead was still confessing affectionately, and the next second, he was deeply... smashed to the ground by the female lead.

be with you first shot in the opening chapter

This establishes the picture style of the whole drama.

When Qi Nian and Ji Yanxin met for the first time, one second before, they were chatting politely and awkwardly, and the next second Ji Yanxin was brought to the ground by his pet dog, the golden retriever Qi Bao.

be with you -  first speechless kiss under Qi Bao's claws

The two completed their first speechless kiss under Qi Bao's claws.

This is a love story of meeting and falling in love because of Qi Bao.

In order to make Ji Yanxin remember her name, Qi Nian's ideal operation was this:

be with you - kiss under the podium

In reality, Ji Yanxin saw her hiding under the podium from a long distance. Qi Nian, who was stunned in seconds, had to say that she was looking for something.

Be With You - looking for IQ

Deep kiss? Thinking too much, only the iceberg Ji Yanxin's ruthless roast: Looking for IQ?

For her own creative inspiration, Qi Nian planed to pursue Ji Yanxin, the original male lead in her comics. Her ideal operation was this:

be with you - well-dressed

"Be well-dressed, wear the most beautiful clothes, put on the most exquisite makeup, and then frequently appear in front of the prince in the dream to attract his attention, and then start a romantic and beautiful fairy tale love."

In reality, her prince did not look away and strode past.

be with you - strode past

Ideally, she "caught the prince's attention because she accidentally fell because she was wearing shoes that she was not used to wearing."

be with you - accidentally fell
be with you - accidentally fell

In reality, her prince stepped directly over her corpse... er, body indifferently.

be with you - stepped directly over

There are many other scenarios like this. The stupid conflict and collision of dreamy imagination and tragic reality makes the laugh of this drama naturally interesting, not raw or awkward.

Be With You Perfect Ending

The three couples in the drama all have a very perfect ending in the end.

Tsundere man vs Insensitive woman

Not much to say about the protagonists Qi Nian and Ji Yanxin, the lovers will eventually become married.

be with you protagonists Qi Nian and Ji Yanxin marry

Female president vs Little puppy

Ji Siqi and Lu Qingwu - silly and sweet little puppy being attacked by a beautiful and A sister.

Ji Siqi liked Qi Nian, but did not stalk her, nor ddi he act out the drama of sibling rivalry between two brothers who liked the same girl. Instead, he learned to let go and return to being a friend.

He had a doomed love with Lu Qingwu since they went to the amusement park together. Lu Qingwu's original intentions was to poach talent and play fun. As a result, she fell into the trap of love herself.

be with you - Ji Siqi and Lu Qingwu

Elder man vs Young girl

Ji Qiu and Shao Zui properly belong nurturing system. Yuppie elder man, creative young girl.

Shao Zui came to the Ji family to repay Ji Qiu's father for saving his life. He took care of Ji Qiu and loved Ji Qiu like a brother and a father. In the nearly ten years together, caring for Ji Qiu had been carved into his bones and blood.

be with you - Ji Qiu and Shao Zui

But he was too sober, even if he had a male and female love for Ji Qiu, he still left on the day Ji Qiu turned twenty.

Fortunately, Ji Qiu finally grew up, and the two may have HE ending.

Three pairs of six people, the characters are full, the story is smooth, watching comfortable. Sweet and sour, there is a special sense.

be with you - Three pairs

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