Who Rules the World (2022)

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Hei Fengxi is handsome and elegant while Bai Fengxi is majestic and unrestrained. They are opposites like black and white and unrivalled in skill. Caught in the warfare and chaos of the martial arts world, the flowers of love begin to bloom amidst the blood that has been sacrificed in the last ten years.


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Main Cast

Yang Yang as Feng Lanxi / Hei Fengxi
Rosy Zhao Lusi as Feng Xiyun / Bai Fengxi

Supporting Cast

Zhang Fengyi as Yong Wang
Carman Lee Yeuk-tung (Li Ruotong) as Bai Lishi
Xuan Lu as Feng Qiwu
Leon Lai Yi as Huang Chao
Wayne Liu Ruilin as Feng Ju
Zhang Tianyang as Feng Chang
Jiang Tao as Ren Rusong
Jiang Kai as Bai Jiande
He Kailang as Yan Yingzhou

Character Introduction

Hei Fengxi (Feng Lanxi)

Feng Lanxi is the son of King Yong, the heir of Feng country, the Jianghu title Hei Fengxi, and is also called Baifeng Heixi with Bai Fengxi together(白bai: white, 黑hei: black).

Feng Lanxi's appearance is peerless, his mind is quite deep, calculating. He seems to be unhurried, but in fact the chess game is already in his hands. In Jianghu, he is the god-feared Hei Fengxi. In the court, he is pretending to be a weak son. He has carefully arranged a big game, that is, to succeed the Feng country, rule the world, and end the war suffering of people, restore peace and prosperity, because this is the mission he was born with.

Bai Fengxi (Feng Xiyun)

Bai Fengxi is the daughter of King Qing, Princess Xiyun of Qing, the Jianghu title Bai Fengxi.

Because of the dislike of the imperial court disputes, she is obsessed with fighting to do justice in Jianghu. Later, after the death of her father, she inherited the throne and became the Qing King.

During the period of fighting for chivalry in Jianghu, she met Feng Lanxi, who is equally famous as herself. The two also have a chivalrous heart, so although they are always bickering, they actually appreciate each other inside.

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