The Night of the Comet 2 (2020)

The Night of the Comet 2 Cover

Where to Watch The Night of the Comet 2


A post-80s generation boss who has been hailed as a magic child in the business world since he was a child, and a post-00s quirky girl who is full of drama - The two people with huge differences, change the trajectory of their lives because of the coming of a comet, fall in love with each other, and understand the providence of love in the changing time and space.


Main Cast

Zhang Yujian as Lin Senhe
Lu Zhaohua as Bai Xiaoxin

Supporting Cast

Yu Yijie as You Qingze
Huang Siqi as Qin Zhiyun
Qin Chuming as You Zhongshu
He Yujun as You Zimo
Yu Lei as Huang Weide

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