Renascence (2020)

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  • Chinese Title: 凤唳九天 / Feng Li Jiu Tian
  • Also Known As: Phoenix Day, Phoenix Humming in the Sky, The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven
  • Genres: , , ,
  • Director: Liu Haibo, Shen Yang
  • Screenwriter: Chou Xing
  • Broadcast Date: September 22,
  • Episodes: 36
  • Duration: 45 min
  • Original Network: ,
  • Source: Adapted from a novel of the same name by Xiao Yun

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The drama tells the story of Yao Moxin, the Empress of Great Chu, who is murdered by a traitor and reborn into her younger sister Yao Mowan. Then she fights side by side with Prince Su, Ye Junqing, step by step to find the truth and solve the mystery, growing and gaining friendship and true love.

When Yao Moxin's soul enters her sister Yao Mowan, who is chased by the enemy at the moment, she falls off the cliff at a time of crisis and loses her memory.

Yao Mowan and Prince Su of Da Chu, Ye Junqing, gradually fall in love with each other under a series of accidents, but just when they both want to express their feelings for each other, Yao Mowan know the fact that she is Yao Moxin and that she has been murdered by an enemy. In order to take revenge, Yao Moxin re-enters the palace with the body of his younger sister Yao Mowan.

When she first enters the palace, Yao Mowan finds the enemy who killed her sister Yao Moxin among several concubines, and realizes the nature of Emperor Ye Hongyi, and is determined to take back the kingdom for Ye Junqing. In the process, Yao Mowan has met Chu Mobei and Han Jinyi successively, and owed countless love debts.

In the end, Yao Mowan finally fulfills her promise to avenge her bloody feud and return her beloved, Ye Junqing, beautiful rivers and mountains.

Main Cast

Chen Zheyuan as Ye Junqing
Li Mozhi as Yao Mowan
Zhang Junning as Ye Hongyi
Chang Yanqiu as Yao Moxin
Yan Zidong as Han Jinyi
Zhang Xuan as Yao Suluan

Supporting Cast

Xu Ke as Xie Chen
Dai Chao as You Yu Zai (You Peng)
Huang Zhiyu as Xiao Guai

Zhang Chenguang as Dou Shiming
Xu Rongzhen as Dou Xianglan
Yang Xinming as Yao Zhenting
Zhang Yanyan as Mo Chi
Wang Jinsong as Han Yu
Xue Yilun as An Bingshan

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