My Amazing Boyfriend (2016)

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The drama tells the fantasy story of a mutant who is accidentally awakened after sleeping for a hundred years and starts to investigate the cause of his death.

Xue Lingqiao, a mutant, is accidentally awakened by the unlucky actress Tian Jingzhi in a car accident after a hundred years of sleep. With a weird background and extraordinary ability, he moves into Tian Jingzhi's house with both soft and hard tactics. Tian Jingzhi pretends not to care, but secretly tries to get rid of this "monster". Unexpectedly, such mutual torture has caused the relationship between the two to heat up, and the ambiguous feelings have quietly spread. However, it is not only the love of Xue Lingqiao and Tian Jingzhi that has gradually become clear, but also a great conspiracy that spans a century of history has slowly surfaced.

Main Cast

Kim Tae Hwan as Xue Lingqiao
Wu Qian as Tian Jingzhi
Shen Mengchen as Zhang Xuanxuan
Li Xinliang as Hong Shiguang
Yang Yifei as Feng Dongdong
Fu Jia as Li Yanzhi

Supporting Cast

Xu Ke as Xie Chen
Dai Chao as You Yu Zai (You Peng)
Huang Zhiyu as Xiao Guai
Tian Li as Tian Mu
Zhang Liwei as Tian Fu
Qiao Shan as Bao An
Wang Ning as Zhang Shensuan
Yu Beibei as Shui Jing
Sun Peng as Li Jiaoshou
Li Honglei as Zhang Zhentan
Song Yixing as Ling Ling
Li Dong as Dao Yan
Xie Qilei as Xi Zhong Xi Nan Zhu
Zhou Jianan as Lai Bao


Bu Pa (不怕) by Just
My Love by Just
Deng Ni Kai Kou (等你开口) by Cao Lu (曹璐)
Pian Zi Ji (骗自己) by Wu Qian (吴倩)

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