Forever Love (2020)

Forever Love

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A story that follows two people's brave pursuit of love from their campus days to their humble beginnings as they enter the workplace to chase after their dreams together.

Xia Linxi's senior year is full of radiance while Jiang Zhenghan's is in peril. Jiang Zhenghan is doing everything he can to earn money and ends up becoming the tutor of a very unwilling Xia Linxi who still hasn't forgotten their terrible first meeting.

When the two felt love for the first time, it was sweet and pure. It's the kind of love that you want to profess to the world but it wasn't until after their gaokao exams that their feelings became more clear. Just as they wished, Xia Linxi and Jiang Zhenghan are admitted to the same university. From their youth to adulthood, from the school to the workplace, from a school uniform to a wedding dress, they have each other as a lifelong companion.


Official Trailer: Forever Love

Behind The Scenes

Main Cast

Wang Anyu as Jiang Zhenghan
Xiang Hanzhi as Xia Linxi

Supporting Cast

Chen Ze as Chen Yichuan
Cola Pan Meiye as Gu Xiaoman
Yuan Hao as Qin Yue
Zhao Haohong as Zhang Huaiwu
Fiona Fan Zhen as Chu Qiuyan
Yang Yue as Shi Ying
Tong Nian as Shen Wenyue
Miao Xilun as Duan Ning
Jiang Ruize as Zhuang Fei
Xu Lexiao as Xu Zhili

Character Introduction

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