Love Unexpected (2021)

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A sweet love story between an emotionally detached CEO and a female bodyguard who is full of empathy.


Official Trailer: Love Unexpected
Official CP Trailer: Love Unexpected


Love Unexpected OST - Opening Song: Tiān Shēng Yī Duì (天生一对) by Cao Yang (曹杨)

Main Cast

Kris Fan Shiqi as Xu Nuo

His character is a bit yandere-ing, he is a little more pretentious than other boys, and he is a little stingy. It is such a boy who has collected a lot of shortcomings, but still gets incredible likes from Ke Siyi. In fact, he still has a lot of shining points.

Judy Qi Yandi as Ke Siyi

Her strength is much greater than that of ordinary girls, and she is called "Popeye". She is also very sharp-tongued and often refute others to the point where they have nothing to say. However, her ability to protect people is also very strong, and she is the reliance of others.

Supporting Cast

Cha Jie as Liang Zhixiao
Wang Xudong as Zhou Yanxin
Stephanie Shen Yao as Lin Wen
Zhang Chuxuan as Li Yunzhu

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